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60unidentified project

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  • m k
    Aug 12, 2002
      some sort of project about anything/everything

      I am compiling material for installation I am planning to do in the
      future. Send me rawmaterial: tapes / videos / photos. It can be
      anything. You talking, found material, conversations, some recordings from
      the childhood, field recordings, writings, photos from your house, tape you
      found from the street, anything... It's an experiment, it's a research, it
      deals with distances / communication / language / reality / dreams /
      'everyday life' / memories... There isn't a complete picture in my head of
      what this will become. I know there will be a long video piece, with found
      and received video footage / sounds and text.

      I will heavily manipulate received material, cut it, use it in videos, put
      it in gallery, maybe release out it on a record... If i use your material
      you will be credited of course and i will send some sort of documentation of
      the work when it's finished.

      also I am looking for a native english speaker person to read my text
      on minidisc and send it to me. I will use the speech on a video piece.

      Contact me privately and i'll give more info:

      Mikko from Finland

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