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44Metamorphosis -as adapted by Berkoff

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  • cryinghawke
    Jan 25, 2002
      Hi there,

      I'm a drama student studying Metamorphosis for an upcoming exam (I've
      been cast as Grete (Greta)who will be my first female role).

      Firstly i'd like to say that what i don't want is a simple "term-
      paper solution."

      I really appreciate Kafka's original but i'm having a bit of trouble
      identifying what "period" the piece is exactly set in. I can get
      general ideas from the costume-descriptions but unfortunately i'm a
      lousy judge of fashion.
      Mr Samsa is described (Berkoff) as appearing in the "costume of mid-
      European lower middle-class tradesman -- trousers in socks --braces
      no jacket, looking like Hindenburg." now that's all well and good but
      is does that mean it's the 1940's or am i way out with my guess?

      Thanks - Markk