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305Help with Kafka

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  • Talya Korb
    Feb 21, 2009
      Hi everyone,
      I have some essay questions which are extremely vague - can you help me out?
      The stories are as follows: Prometheus; Arriving at the next village; The burrow; The building of the chinese wall; first chapter of The trial.
      The questions are a bit confusing - I'm not sure exactly what is wanted! Or where to begin. I have some vague ideas but too vague to write down!
      Here they are:
      1. Compare the stories “The great wall of China” and “The Burrow” in terms of structures without use.
      2. Discuss the subject of “not arriving” in the Literature of Kafka which we read in the course of the lessons
      3. What are the uses of “breached space” in the Literature of Kafka – refer to all works
      4. Discuss the implications of the theatrical space of Kafka – especially in “The Trial” but also use other works.
      5. Discuss the implications of the location of libel/deed of Kafka in structural passage

      I don't even remotely understand the last one. The structures/places without use, I was thinking that the burrow and all the intricate tunnels are are there to protect the protagonist from his own fear and paranoia - and therefore don't have any benefit. the only benefit is to soothe his mind. beyond that, the burrow, a place of safety and refuge, loses its use, its benefit through his paranoia. it loses it's safety, its "homeliness" and therefore is a space without benefit. or use...does that seem on the right path?

      now the "not arriving" - should that be discussed in terms of the fact that kafka's stories don't have an ending ending - where all questions are answered and the reader is satisfied. or in terms that the characters are running around like Mr K in the trial, looking and searching and never actually arriving to any answers or conclusions.

      the breached space - I sort of see it as the sacred private places of our lives that become public, or sullied in some way. Like the burrow - through his fear etc. and i think this also connects with the theatrical space - that in the Trial, he is always being watched, his private life a show for all to see and crtisize.

      and 5 - well, i have no idea! am i on the right path? Or am I talking utter bull?

      Your help and opinions are greatly appreciated
      Thank you



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