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253Re: [kafka-list] Re: Met my fiance here, hehe

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  • Putrescent Stench of Death
    Nov 1 8:22 PM
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      Although his relationships were signficantly based on
      communication via letters--especially with Felice,
      they seem to take up more of the relationship than
      actual personal interaction....

      I still think that Ernst Pawell's "Nightmare of
      Reason" is the most engaging bio of Kafka. I began
      reading Murray's book but lost interest, as it seemed
      most of it had already been covered by previous
      commentators (although he does do a tad bit of
      critical analysis of Kafka's stories which are


      --- maddrb <maddrb@...> wrote:

      > I doubt Kafka would have used online dating
      > services, given they had
      > existed 80+ years ago.
      > I picked up a couple of books about Kafka's love
      > life recently, used
      > books which I found hiding on the shelves of a book
      > store and were
      > marked for a reasonable price, but I haven't read
      > any of them--was
      > there a particular interest in this part of his life
      > a few years
      > back? I've been busy reading new translations into
      > English of much of
      > his original work these last few years and have
      > generally been
      > avoiding those biographies and critical studies of
      > his love life
      > (although I still buy anything with Kafka in the
      > title, it seems).
      > Does anyone have a suggestion of a good biography
      > which doesn't paint
      > the man as some cultural icon? Actually, I'd be
      > interested to read
      > more about his family and sisters rather than more
      > speculation about
      > his sexual potency--I enjoyed reading the letters to
      > his family and
      > wonder how much more might be out there.

      Often times the cruellest lies are those told in silence.--Robert Louis Stevenson

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