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251Re: Met my fiance here, hehe

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  • maddrb
    Nov 1, 2005
      I doubt Kafka would have used online dating services, given they had
      existed 80+ years ago.

      I picked up a couple of books about Kafka's love life recently, used
      books which I found hiding on the shelves of a book store and were
      marked for a reasonable price, but I haven't read any of them--was
      there a particular interest in this part of his life a few years
      back? I've been busy reading new translations into English of much of
      his original work these last few years and have generally been
      avoiding those biographies and critical studies of his love life
      (although I still buy anything with Kafka in the title, it seems).
      Does anyone have a suggestion of a good biography which doesn't paint
      the man as some cultural icon? Actually, I'd be interested to read
      more about his family and sisters rather than more speculation about
      his sexual potency--I enjoyed reading the letters to his family and
      wonder how much more might be out there.
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