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  • Cady godess
    Jan 6, 2005
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      I really like the idea of Kafka defnding his father
      agianst the world or maybe trying to understand him.
      Espcially as the father in the Judgement is so crazzy.
      And I know from past experience in literture it does
      not always have to be literal relationship between
      father and son. So the Uncle and nephew relationship
      could work as well.

      --- Putrescent Stench of Death
      <putrescent_stench@...> wrote:

      > "The Stoker," which is actually now placed as the
      > first chapter of the novel _Amerika_ (although
      > sometimes appearing by itself), does not directly
      > involve a father-son relationship (nor does the rest
      > of _Amerika_), yet Kafka wanted to include it in
      > _The
      > Sons_. I've never quite understood this. Karl
      > Rossmann, the main protagonist of the story, is
      > kicked
      > out of his house (coincidentally located in
      > Prague..hmm) by his parents for having had relations
      > with a servant and getting her pregnant. Not much
      > more
      > is said of his parents, other than that he values
      > the
      > picture of them he carries around very much.
      > The story does, though only slightly, deal with the
      > relationship between a boy and his uncle (which is
      > expanded upon by the rest of the novel); the same
      > boy
      > also has somewhat of an attachment to the eponymous
      > character, and seeks to defend him. Could it be that
      > Kafka wanted to defend his father against his own
      > accusations that he leveled against the old man? Or
      > could it be that I've got it wrong -- that the boy
      > is
      > the father, and the stoker Kafka, his father
      > defending
      > him, instead of accusing him?
      > Andrew
      > --- Cady godess <cady_godess@...> wrote:
      > > I would think the ovious reason would be that they
      > > all
      > > relate to fathers and sons but I have only read
      > > metamorphis and Judgement but family relations are
      > > important in both stories and also the fact that
      > > they
      > > are sons and the pressure that it puts on them
      > > relates
      > > to the story but I dont know what the secret
      > reason
      > > could be.
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