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  • Putrescent Stench of Death
    Sep 15, 2004
      No, not at all. In fact, as I said, he never used the
      actual word "insect," which sounds more scientific
      than the word Kafka used - "vermin," a word with a
      much dirtier and creepier feel to it. The story of
      course describes Gregor having multiple legs and a
      hard back etc. like a bug, but is never specific to
      what kind of creature Gregor has actually turned into.
      The cleaning lady called him a "dung beetle," but
      that's not necessarily what he was - some say think he
      was cockroach.


      --- brianhho@... wrote:

      > Really? That's interesting..he never never was
      > specific what kind of
      > insect it was?
      > B

      For the most part the phenomenology of the world is a nightmarish excrescence.

      All these buildings. What did Talbert want to do--sodomize the Festival Hall?

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