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  • Putrescent Stench of Death
    Sep 14, 2004
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      I always wondered if it would work better in play form
      if they just had Gregor played by an actor without any
      insect costume, still acting like an insect of course,
      but just without any of the "appearance." And then
      perhaps giving monologues to echo Kafka's narration of
      Gregor's feelings.

      Still, I'm glad you enjoyed the play.

      If you do look for an English translation, try to find
      one that renders the 1st sentence of The Metamorphosis
      as "One morning Gregor Samsa woke from uneasy dreams
      to find himself transformed into a monstrous vermin."
      This is more accurate to the original German than the
      versions that say "transformed into a giant insect" or
      even "giant bettle/cockroach." Kafka was never that


      --- brianhho@... wrote:

      > Thanks for the great information and advice!
      > I hope in the future there will be more English
      > translations available.
      > Regarding the play.. Gregor was unfortunately
      > shown...but the appearance
      > of the insect was left to our imagination. Not a
      > bad bit of acting by
      > the guy who played Gregor... There were a couple
      > beautiful flash back
      > scenes showing Gregor remembering his life when he
      > was not an insect.
      > But there was not enough of Gregor's painful
      > internal dialogue (just my
      > opinion, of course).
      > B

      For the most part the phenomenology of the world is a nightmarish excrescence.

      All these buildings. What did Talbert want to do--sodomize the Festival Hall?

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