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125The trial ???

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  • jenna_dw
    Mar 7, 2004
      Hi Everyone,

      I have been studying Kafka's The trial as part of an English Lit
      module and I have been coping with it quite well as I was very
      unsure of it in the beginning, as I had read so many conflicting
      interruptations and ideas.

      What I am wondering is if anyone who has read the book a couple of
      times( which i intend to do again in the future) or done an indepth
      study of Kafka's work could tell me if they feel that Kafka took the
      reader on an imaginative journey throughout Josef K entire story.
      Part of my study is to explore other readers feelings on the journey

      Any input would be greatly appreciated.

      I must say that Kafka's work in this book has had me thinking and
      exploring many different ideals and concepts.

      I have really enjoyed it and so glad to be introduced to Kafka's

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