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116Kafkaesque Movies

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  • eu_main
    Aug 30, 2003
      I just joined this group and would like to share my favourite
      kafkaesque movies with you:

      "The Trial", a B&W wonder from the fifties or so, directed by Mr
      Orson Wells, and starred by Anthony Perkins.

      "The Audience", a funny Italian movie from the sixties/seventies
      about an Italian country side man who goes to the Vatican with the
      only purpose of having a meeting with the Pope to discuss an
      important matter. He waits for days at the door of the Pope´s
      office, days that become weeks, and weeks that become years. During
      this patience exercise he will meet a wonderful woman, will have
      children but will continue dedicated to pursue his vital goal.
      Probably Italy´s top actor, Vittorio Gassman is the protagonist, his
      partner is nice and friendly Monica Vitti.

      "Brazil", just the most Kafkaesque of all movies that I have ever
      seen. Set in a nightmirish future, Jonathan Price tries to make his
      dreams become true in bureaucratic existence. This movie was
      directed by Terry Gilliam (Monty Python) in 1982 and has an
      excellent soundtrack.

      "I hired a contract killer", set in London in the 1990´s and
      directed by Finnish Aki Kaurismaki, this movie is the funniest of
      the Kafkaesque commedies about one of those moments that we all fear
      because after them Death can come some other day: Being asked by
      your manager to accept early retirement. The movie was shot in Black
      and White annd it inspired Cohen Brother´s "The Man Who Wasn´t

      "Kafka" is an interesting movie. Jeremy Irons plays Kafka both as
      Kafka himself and as the actor of Kafka´s works. The result is just
      awesome, in which Kafka´s life is interwoven with bureacracy, fears,
      threats and anxiety.

      Those above are my favourite movies inspired by our favourite
      author. I am sure that the other members of this group will help me
      enrich it.

      Best regards!

      P.S. I just moved to Brussels, and I found by chance a bar
      called "Kafka". In case you pass by, it is behind the UGC cinemas at
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