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From: Sandy Mondro

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  • Tom VanderMel
    From Tom VanderMel KB8VEE Home Page http://www.qsl.net/kb8vee/ E Mail kb8vee@attbi.com or kb8vee@arrl.net Home Phone is (231) 865-1558 Cell phone is (231)
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 21, 2003
      From Tom VanderMel KB8VEE Home Page http://www.qsl.net/kb8vee/ E Mail
      kb8vee@... or kb8vee@...
      Home Phone is (231) 865-1558 Cell phone is (231) 206-0422

      See you at the Michigan State ARRL Convention and Super Swap in Holland Mi.
      Oct 31- Nov 1 2003

      Dear Newsletter Editor,

      If you have any questions, please let me know. This information is being
      sent to all clubs in the Great Lakes Division.

      Sandy Mondro, KG8HM
      Affiliated Clubs Coordinator
      ARRL, Michigan Section

      Imagine if ARRL could double in size in a few short years! Imagine the
      projects that we could take on! It is possible, and it's all up to those of
      us that believe in Our League, the Affiliated Clubs and the membership that
      is the heart and pulse of our clubs and ARRL.
      Make no mistake about it, when we speak of ARRL or The League, we are
      talking about a national membership association specifically for amateur
      radio operators, for all of us. We are the ARRL and our support makes it
      what it is.
      Founded in 1914 by Hiram Percy Maxim, today ARRL is the largest
      of radio amateurs in the United States. ARRL is a "not for profit"
      organization that promotes interest in amateur radio operation and
      experimentation, but also represents radio amateurs in legislative matters
      affecting our very existence.
      ARRL Headquarters employs a staff of 120 people to provide us with needed
      services. I have been a member for over forty years and I had no idea of
      professionalism and dedication that exists in the headquarters complex. I
      was amazed when I was able to see, with my own eyes, the work being done
      all of us within those walls. It is truly awe inspiring and you must really
      see it to understand the passion with which these men and women put forth
      for our benefit.
      Many of our clubs and other membership organizations have been losing
      members recently. We are dis-associating ourselves with others. More and
      more, as a society and as individuals, we are missing out on the
      and a sense of pride in belonging to an organization that is unique to us
      individuals and based on our skills and interests.
      How can we correct that? We can start with the first step, getting involved
      in service to the public. It takes more than simply joining to make us a
      part of Amateur Radio's public service team. Belonging requires action such
      as commitment and training.
      Let's take a look at the Basis and Purpose of Part 97, that regulates the
      amateur radio service. The very first item states, "Recognition and
      enhancement of the values of the amateur radio service to the public as a
      voluntary noncommercial communications service, particularly with respect
      providing emergency communications."
      These words tell me that, as a condition of my license, I am responsible to
      the public, the citizens of my community, state and nation, to provide my
      voluntary services by providing communications when needed. Most of us are
      blessed to have a very unique talent in our ability to provide
      communications. We can best do that by volunteering our skills to the
      amateur radio emergency service. To provide this service, we must first
      a basic understanding of what is expected of us and how to effectively
      provide a much needed service. To gain this understanding we must first be
      trained in the types of services and procedures to be used as well as
      understanding the organization itself.
      If you act soon the second step, training, won't cost you anything but your
      time thanks to the grant to the ARRL from the Corporation for National and
      Community Service (CNCS). This federal grant to enhance homeland security
      already has funded the training and certification of hundreds of amateurs
      through the ARRL's Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course. As a
      result, the Amateur Radio community is better prepared than ever to heed
      call whenever and wherever a natural disaster or other catastrophe may
      strike. This grant is tangible evidence that the federal government sees us
      as partners in the effort to ensure the security of our nation and its
      There is another step that you can use to explain to others why you are
      volunteering your time to public service. It is a short, six minute video
      entitled "Amateur Radio Today", produced by ARRL. This should be used in
      promoting Amateur Radio to non-amateur audiences throughout the country.
      Take the time to watch it. (Check the ARRL Web site for availability.) You
      will swell with pride as you watch and hear one of the most respected and
      recognized Americans of all time extol the virtues of Amateur Radio, which
      means so much to all of us.
      But don't stop there. In the words of Dave Sumner K1ZZ, ARRL Executive Vice
      President, "As you watch the sailboat in the closing scene, imagine that it
      represents Amateur Radio and think about where you are on the screen. Are
      you helping trim the sails? Are you helping maintain a steady hand on the
      tiller? Or are you out of sight beneath the surface, perhaps a barnacle,
      impeding progress very much but just along for the ride while others do the
      We have been blessed with many talents and skills and now is the time to
      them in the service to our communities. Let's not just go along for the
      ride, but instead provide direction and purpose to our served agencies
      through ARES. Keep your local radio clubs strong by providing support and
      While we are at it, with all the pride in being involved in the only
      failsafe communication service in the world, let us all look to a friend or
      colleague and convince them that League membership is important to keep the
      wheels in motion and to keep amateur radio safe for our posterity. We
      afford any more cuts in services provided to us due to lack of funding. It
      is up to us to provide for amateur radio, so that it's future is insured in
      the years to come.
      Promoting ARRL and amateur radio is not the sole responsibility of the
      Headquarters Staff. They do a fine job from all aspects but that is not
      enough. We must all accept responsibility to sell ARRL Membership and
      promote all the good that we have all derived from ARRL, The National
      Organization for Amateur Radio. Please join me in getting the message out.
      73, Dick Mondro W8FQT
      Vice Director, ARRL Great Lakes Division.
    • John Bok
      March 24, 2003 A reminder to all hams that today is the emergency test in Ottawa County. Hams will be at Holland Hospital, and Zeeland Hospital along with
      Message 2 of 3 , Mar 24, 2003
        March 24, 2003

        A reminder to all hams that today is the emergency test in Ottawa County.
        Hams will be at Holland Hospital, and Zeeland Hospital along with other
        locations. Please extent courtesy to them by limiting repeater usage during
        the disaster simulation to emergency-only traffic. The primary repeater to
        be used will be the 147.06 machine. The test will begin at 1500 or 3:00 PM
        with traffic starting about 15 minutes after that.

        Thanks for your cooperation!

        John Bok N8WVN
      • John Bok
        As most members have probably heard by now, on Monday(24th) an Emergency Exercise was held within Ottawa County. A message from Ken Groom ZR5AAD: I would like
        Message 3 of 3 , Mar 25, 2003
          As most members have probably heard by now, on Monday(24th) an
          Emergency Exercise was held within Ottawa County.
          A message from Ken Groom ZR5AAD:

          I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following Holland
          Amateur Radio Club members, who volunteered their time and
          contributed greatly to it's success;-

          John Seidelman - WD8BWK
          Chuck Rich - W8GCW
          Phil Van Huis - KC8QXY
          Larryn Lohman - K8TVZ
          John Hanse - KC8QDE
          Ernie Lloyd - W8EL
          Ken Groom - ZR5AAD/W8
          Kim Lobert - KC8QDD
          Charlie Gregory - N8QEM
          John Bok - N8WVN
          Robert Holton - KC8USP
          Brian Brethauer - KC8NPH
          & students from Allendale High School

          Thanks very much chaps. Your efforts were greatly appreciated!

          KEN GROOM - ZR5AAD/W8
          H.A.R.C President
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