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February minutes

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  • Phil Van Huis
    To all club members; Following are the minutes from the February meeting of the H.A.R.C. Minutes for monthly H.A.R.C. meeting: February 11, 2003 The meeting
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2003
      To all club members;

      Following are the minutes from the February meeting of the H.A.R.C.

      Minutes for monthly H.A.R.C. meeting:

      February 11, 2003

      The meeting was called to order by our President, Ken Groom, ZR5AAD/W8 around 7:20 PM.

      Visitors were welcomed and introductions made around the room.

      The sign in sheet was filled in by 29 people.

      Apologies for non-attendance were made from Brian, KC8NPH.

      There were three new people at the meeting who signed up for membership in the club. They are:

      Robert Holton, KC8USP

      Betty Gorton, KC5IIN

      Drew Robinson, N8UXP

      There were also two people who became new members at the January meeting, which we missed in the minutes. They are:

      Mike Koetje, N8XPQ

      Rick Campbell, KC8CVH

      We would like to welcome these new members to our club. We hope to see you often at our meetings and we hope you become active members. NOTE: If I have made any mistakes in the spelling of your name and/or your call sign, please let me know and I will correct it. Also, if there are any other new members that I may have missed, I would like to hear from you so we can acknowledge your membership.

      The minutes of the previous meeting were read by the Secretary, Phil Van Huis, KC8QXY. The minutes were accepted by the membership.

      The secretary reported that no correspondence was sent out.

      A letter was received by Jim Lamberts from the Zeeland Hospital and was read to the group by Phil Van Huis and then filed with the club records.

      The Treasurer, Jim Lamberts, KC8KE, reported that we presently have a Total of $1,596.07 in the checkbook. The treasurer's report was accepted by the membership.

      Ron, KC8RTX, told us about the membership cards he was making for the club's members. He had many of them done and would pass them out during the break. Members that do not have a card, should contact Ron to have one made.

      President Ken, ZR5AAD/W8, told us about an upcoming disaster exercise that is supposed to take place on March 24, 2003. Eight radio operators and a backup operator are needed for the exercise. The following people volunteered from the floor:

      Ken Groom - ZR5AAD/W8

      Chuck Rich - W8GCW

      Kim Lobert - KC8QDD

      Phil Van Huis - KC8QXY

      Larryn Lohman - K8TVZ

      John Hanse - KC8QDE

      Ernie Lloyd - W8EL

      John Seidelman - WD8BWK

      Robert Holton - KC8USP - reserve

      President Ken then announced that we have three open slots for meeting topics in August, September and October. Suggestions from the floor included:

      Speaker from Ottawa County Emergency Services (Rick Elushik, N8GGO)

      Plant tour at Gentex (Chris Dandrea, KC8RQT)

      ARRL videos on Ham topics (Chuck, W8GCW, will look into this).

      Kim Lobert, KC8QDD, told us about classes that are available from the American Red Cross on the subject of Disaster Services. He has literature for anyone that is interested.

      Chuck Rich updated us on the upcoming State convention and Super Swap. The next committee meeting for that will be the last Thursday in March. An interesting item that Chuck suggested was that H.A.R.C. might consider the possibility of a "Club Ham Radio" float for the Tulip Time Parades. Feedback on this idea would be appreciated.

      Jack Tiggleman, KA8FQS, the co-chairman for the super swap presented some information and ideas for that event.

      A new Tulip Time communications coordinator is needed to replace Dave Lamer, WA8RSA. Dave will do it for one more year and will need someone to work with him to learn the ropes.

      Scott Hansen, AB8JS, is working on the next newsletter. He expects it to be ready in March. If anyone has anything to contribute to the newsletter, please let Scott know. He can be e-mailed at AB8JS@....

      Ernie Lloyd, W8EL, brought in his prototype for a six meter beam antenna to show to the group. Mike Koetje, N8XPQ, also brought in an antenna that he made for portable operations.

      Ken Groom told us about a low power beacon (100 micro watts) that is operating in South Africa and has been heard in the USA.

      Our treasurer, Jim Lambert, KC8KE, made an announcement that the Grand Haven radio club will be conducting VE testing on March 17. Jim has further details for those that are interested.

      The group took a five minute break for coffee and cookies. A 50/50 raffle was conducted. Tom Buis, N8HYW, won the cash prize and several other prizes were also drawn for.

      The speaker for the evening was Rick Elushik, N8GGO. He spoke to us about the Ottawa County Skywarn program. Rick also told us about the annual Skywarn training program which will be conducted at the Fillmore Street complex on March 27, 2003 at 7:00 PM.

      The meeting was adjourned around 9:20 PM.

      Submitted by:

      Phil Van Huis, KC8QXY

      H.A.R.C. secretary

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