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  • Bryan Leenheer
    I know I use the Link System all the time. If you have the ability to help these guys out, please do so! Bryan Leenheer, KD8LDX ... From: Michael Smith
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2013
      I know I use the Link System all the time.  If you have the ability to help these guys out, please do so!

      Bryan Leenheer, KD8LDX

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      From: Michael Smith <jamelar@...>
      Date: Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 9:57 AM
      Subject: [WestMichiganHams] IRA Work Days _ Need Help [1 Attachment]
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      [Attachment(s) from Michael Smith included below]

      Fellow hams,

      The IRA is in need of help. We have a serious roof issues.
      We are in need of personal to help reroof and work site cleanup, donations
      of material for the roofing project or donations to help cover the cost.

      The main transmitter building needs:

      Rotted out plywood replaced

      New high wind rated shingles.

      Specialized flashing around tower leg structure that
      penetrates the roof.

      Cost Approx. $400 - $600 in materials

      Middle Building - nearly a flat roof.

      Replacement of rotted decking plywood, fascia and soffits.

      Counter flashing to meet lower building

      Replace the roll tar roofing with new EMD solid rubber
      roofing - this would provide for the longest life time and easy maintenance

      Cost Approx. - $2000 in materials


      Remove old insulation & repair Roof penetration of Tower

      Cost Approx. - $175 in materials

      How can you help:

      We need personal to help with the roofing job. If you have
      no experience, we can teach. Also need to whack weeds, clear back some
      brush, etc.

      Tearing off the old roofing

      Repair water damage


      If we have the personal - Mow, Weed whack, Paint main gate, etc.

      Material donation:

      If you have any of the following or know someone that does -
      we could use donations of:



      Tools - Borrow / bring



      4x8x 1/2 OSB



      1-1/2" Ring shank Nail - Decking

      Cordless Screw Gun

      Hard Hat

      10 lbs

      2" Ext. Screws or = decking screws

      Caulk Gun - larger & Small

      Safety Glasses

      Ice & Damn Shield - Rolls

      Pry Bars

      sun screen


      AL Drip Edging 10'

      5 lbs

      AL finishing Nails

      Shingle Removal Tools - assort.

      1" Coil Roofing Nails

      Trim / Aluminum Brake


      1x6 x 8' Pine

      Tin Snips

      AL Fascia Flashing

      Nail Set

      Roof Caulk - PL

      circular saw

      Black Jack - Large Tube

      Nail Biter Blades Saw blade ( 7 1/4)



      Jig saw & Blades


      1/2 Plywood (CDX) - For Soffits & Fac.

      Tape Measure

      Roofing Square


      High wind (100+ Mph rated) Shingles Per Sq

      Chalk line

      Soffit Vents _ round

      wheel barrow

      Soffit Vents Sq

      sawzall & Blades


      1/2 Plywood - Treated

      Aluminum Coil Stock 4, 12 , 24" - White

      Weed Whacker / string Trimmer

      AL Trim Finish Nails

      brush cutter

      EDM Roof Roll - 12' x 36

      AL Step Flashing

      Finical assistance: Anything we can't get donated we will have to buy. I
      have lined up a roofing distributor that will give us a great discount on

      Currently we do not have anywhere the needed funds to cover this expense -
      so anything will help.

      When: - September 14th. (15th if extra time is needed)

      September 21 - rain day.


      Grand Rapids Main transmitter sites - 92nd, just west of
      eastern. - talk in on 147.160 pl 94.

      Please Pass this e-mail on to all the hams and friends that maybe able to

      If you can help with any of this and / or can make the work party - please
      RSVP to any board member (on the air, or in person) or e-mail -

      Thank you for your continuing support.

      Michael W. Smith, KC8WJA

      President, Independent Repeater Association - W8IRA


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