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Re: [HARC] ILLW-2013 / Sunday Cancellation Notice

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  • Bill Miller
    Glad the activity was a big success. I just couldn t justify being with you all as Deb and I are spending virtually every minute packing up - the house here
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 18, 2013
      Glad the activity was a big success. I just couldn't justify being with you all as Deb and I are spending virtually every minute packing up - the house here has been sold and the Florida place has roof on and coming along. I have even skipped the CQ RTTY test that I finished 4th in the US in a year ago.
      vy 73,
      Bill K9HXO

      From: kb8qap <kb8qap@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2013 11:19 AM
      Subject: [HARC] ILLW-2013 / Sunday Cancellation Notice

      Thanks Phil for the great pics!

      We hope all of you who participated in activating BIG RED this year had a great time and enjoyed the day with your fellow club members! We are in the process of crunching the numbers for the QSO totals from the four field stations that were up and running for our BIG RED lighthouse activation of US-0158! Great job everyone!

      Many HARC club members were put to the test this year by aiding us in logistics for event set up and tear down, manning the 3 HF stations, fielding question from beach goers, passing out flyers for our next HAM IN A DAY class, and trying out a new mode for some using VOIP connections on Echolink and IRLP with our VHF/UHF dual band field station. Ed KF8EV did a great job on the Alaskan net drumming up folks on the West Coast to stop by and work our remote station.

      Overall, I believe the field operators made a great impression with our remote station this year as our site along the channel was a hub of activity for ham radio and generated interest with passers by. The portable HF antennas and various rigs and equipment used at the event really sported our abilities to the public as effective emergency communicators. I am proud of all of you who took the time to show your skills, man the stations, and set examples for others to follow.

      Hats off to our field operators! Phil K8PVH, ED KF8EV, Kim N8KAL, Byran KD8LDX, John AC8HZ, Allen WB0STV, Hank K8HLD, Gordon KD8DOD?, Jeff KB8QAP, and others who helped to log and man the stations and said hello.

      We wish to thank Ed & Mary for the supply of doughnuts, and Phil's wife who made the best pot of baked beans I have had in a long time.

      Also noted was a great effort from our take down crew who helped us with remote station tear down. Thanks to Tom K8TB, Sheila (the vixen), Nick KD8GBG, Phil KD8TEW, and others who helped us on this important detail. Thank-You!

      For those of you hoping to drop by on Sunday, we apologize for not activating the field station today. The HF bands were marginal and most of our field operators felt we had made a good showing on Saturday with the lighthouse and are resting up today!

      We hope all you had a great time & enjoyed the event!

      73 Jeff KB8QAP

      > Hello to all,
      > See attached pictures taken at the 2013 International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend yesterday (Saturday).
      > The event took place at Holland State Park with The "Big Red" lighthouse in view.
      > We had lots of visitors from the club and lots of people who wanted to know what was going on.
      > A good time was had by all.
      > I'm sure that Jeff, KB8QAP (who organized this event) will have more to add later.
      > Thanks to all of you who stopped by to see how it was going.
      > Phil, K8PVH

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