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December meeting minutes

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  • Ed & Mary Heyboer
    HOLLAND AMATEUR RADIO CLUB Minutes for December 10, 2002 Our President, Rick Ellushik, N8GGO called the meeting to order at 7: 19 pm. By welcoming our guest
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2003

      Minutes for December 10, 2002

      Our President, Rick Ellushik, N8GGO called the meeting to order at 7: 19 pm. By welcoming our guest speaker, Debby Kirkbride, WA8YKK and all others gathered in the conference room of the Zeeland Community Hospital. A round of individual introductions revealed 26 persons present.

      Chuck Rich, W8GCW introduced Debby Kirkbride, WA8YKK who is the ARRL Section Manager of Michigan. Chuck contacted her as the chairman of our Ham Fest committee when he realized she was looking for a site to hold the state convention.

      Debby explained to us what it would involve to take on this huge project. She explained the needs of the convention and the fact that Wendy Link, Holland's tour and convention person, would be helping to arrange meeting rooms and over night accommodations. She also told us that our club swap would get a lot of promotion from the state level. The convention would begin on Friday October 31 with a banquet and some other meetings that evening. A special presentation of the Wolffong will also be held later that night.

      On Saturday the convention continues with the swap and several forums at the Zeeland High School.

      Many members had good questions about the advantages and disadvantages of holding the event. It was decided with a unanimous vote of support that the convention and swap will take place next Fall in Holland.

      After the presentation by Debby, other issues of concern to the club were discussed. Chris Dandrea, KC8RQT suggested the idea of printing up membership cards. It would have the club logo, member name, call sign etc. on the front. The back side could contain repeater frequencies, pl numbers, or repeater commands etc. A friend of Chris is willing to produce this card for the cost of the materials. This cost would be about 45 cents per paid member. The membership voted unanimously to accept this idea and to have the ID cards printed.

      The roster of HAMS in the west Michigan area is ready for the printer. Discussion about keeping the cost of printing and distributing this roster ensued. Some of these were to put it on a cd, floppy disc, on the club web site or just on paper. The idea of sending a copy to all HAMS in the area would mean a lot of money because there are about 299 HAMS around here. A suggestion was made by JohnHanse, KC8QDE to have the Ottawa Area Tech Center print them. This would drastically reduce the cost. A motion was made to allow no more than $350 to print 150 copies on the first run. The club encouraged Chuck, W8GCW to get the lowest price for the best quality. Thanks Chuck Rich, W8GCW for all the work done on this project.

      Ernie Lloyd, W8EL the chairman of the Field Day event, reported that our club placed second within the 4A division of radio competition. We had a total of 3620 station contacts and that means we have improved every year for the last four years. The club also thanked Ernie, Jon Bok, N8WVN and committee for all the hardwork put into this event.

      Our treasurer, Jim Lamberts, KC8KE report that we have roughly $1100 and all bills are paid. He reminds us that dues are to be collected in January and are $20 per member at this point. This can be paid at the next meeting or by mailing it to HARC Box 2104 Holland, Michigan 49464. Jim also expressed his appreciation to the club for the flowers he received due to the death of his mother. A motion was made and passed to accept the treasure's report.

      The floor was next opened for the nomination of new officers to serve during the 2003 year. Ken Groom, ZR5AAD was nominated to the office of president. Chris Dandrea, KC8RQT was nominated to the vice president office. For secretary, Phil Van Huis, KC8QXY was nominated. Jim Lamberts, KC8KE volunteered to remain in the office of treasurer. A vote was held for each office and each passed unanimously. The club appreciates the new leadership for the next yearand puts its support behind our officers.

      Ernie Lloyd, W8EL has been sending cw practice out on the air for those who want it. He will continue as requests come to him. He is flexible and will send code at varying speeds and times. This topic is tabled until the January meeting.

      The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm.

      Respectfully submitted,

      Ed Heyboer, KF8EV


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