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  • Steve Vanderhill
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      Subject: Volunteer news


      To all Ottawa County Emergency Management Volunteers:

      Wow, do I have a lot to share with you! I have been waiting until several puzzle pieces were in place so that I can share the big picture with you. As of yesterday the picture is completed and I am excited to tell you about how we have been working to support you and your  work in Emergency Management.

      As you can remember, I told you several months ago about a Steering Committee that we put together with Public Health, Emergency Management, Red Cross, and representatives from Holland, Grand Haven, and the Sheriff's Office. The subject we have been discussing is how to ensure that, in a large disaster, volunteer services within Ottawa County can work together effectively and without duplication of services. With the economy the way it is, the buzz word today is "COLLABORATION".

      Fortunately for Emergency Management Volunteers this is nothing new! We have been collaborating with many organizations in Ottawa for years! So we began to look at how we could better collaborate with each other by defining what we have (volunteer groups), what we know (volunteer training), what our capabilities are and what our future looks like.

      On April 23 we have an Emergency Management ALL VOLUNTEER meeting scheduled and we would like YOUR input and ideas!  "Input on what?" you're probably asking. Well, let me share, as attachments, what our EM Volunteer Organization looks like and introduce to you some people that are volunteering as Coordinator to provide support in our efforts.

      I hope you will help me welcome 4 new coordinators that I would like to introduce to you (and in person on April 23!).

      EM Volunteer Coordinator: Jim Simmons  Email: mjamessimmons@....
      Jim comes to us with a desire to work with people from all walks of life and support them in their capacity to serve others.
      He will be coordinating training, exercises, and other opportunities for the volunteer groups within Emergency Management and working with Chris Saddler on volunteer administration.

      Citizen Corps Coordinator: Lisa Fischer  Email: lfischer@...
      Citizen Corps is a national program and CERT training has been given in Ottawa County for the past few years, however not as part of the Emergency Management organization. We also have a Medical Reserve Corps that we will be including in the EM Volunteer Organization under Citizen Corps. Lisa has just said "Yes" this week and we are looking forward to working with her to help form a future for Citizens Corps in Ottawa County.

      CERT Team Leader:  Sindee Maxwell  Email: smaxwell26@...
      Sindee comes to this position with a wealth of experience in volunteerism and genuine enthusiasm for emergency management and disaster services. Ask her sometime about her experiences, she has some great stories!

      OCEC Emergency Coordinator:  Don Meyer  Email: kb8odb@...
      Don has stepped up to the plate to fill the void that Jason left. He too comes with much experience and is committed to cohesiveness and the growth of OCEC.

      Because we have brought in the Citizen Corps and intend to grow it in Ottawa County, I am convinced that there will be opportunities for all of our groups to train and exercise together within Ottawa as well as in the region. While creating this structure (see attached) we looked for shared benefit in collaboration between the groups and saw plenty! I am excited to share this with you on April 23 (7pm).

      We are also in the process of creating Damage Assessment Field Teams and have training for these team members scheduled for April 24 and 25. I will attach the training flyer to this email too.
      If you wish to become part of the Damage Assessment Team and attend the training please contact Marv Hoekstra (mhoek@...) for participation on the team, and Chris Saddler (616-738-4052) to register for training.

      Please welcome our new Coordinators and come and meet them at our scheduled meetings. I am confident you'll help them feel welcome and teach them while they get to know you and the Emergency Management Volunteer Organization.

      Please note that I have changed some of the training and the EM Volunteer Meeting time (see schedule).

      I know this is a lot of changes so please do not hesitate to call me with any questions and I hope to see you on April 23 !


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