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October meeting minutes

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  • Ed & Mary Heyboer
    Holland Amateur Radio Club Minutes for October 8, 2002 President, Rick Elushik, N8GGO in conference room A of the Zeeland Community Hospital called the meeting
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2002
      Holland Amateur Radio Club

      Minutes for October 8, 2002

      President, Rick Elushik, N8GGO in conference room A of the Zeeland Community Hospital called the meeting to order. Introductions revealed 36 Hams and visitors present.

      Club treasurer, Jim Lamberts, KC8KE, reported a balance of about $$1500.00 with all bills paid. Rick, N8GGO said the Zeeland Hospital has given the club $50 for our help at the Pumpkin Fest bike ride. Secretary Ed Heyboer, KF8EV, read the minutes of the September meeting. Both reports were accepted by a unanimous voice vote of the membership.

      Chris Dandrea, KC8RQT, displayed the new "logoware" and distributed the orders to those who purchased hats, coats, and shirts. He said orders would be submitted again when there is a significant number to warrant it. For example, 12 orders must be made for hats before they will be produced. Contact Chris if you want to order items in the future so the lists can be started.

      Rick asked that we be thinking about the nominations of new officers for the December election. Nominations can be submitted to any current club officer.

      The next topic of discussion was the club banquette in November. Several places were suggested, but the club voted on Beachwood Inn. The meal will be served at 7:00 p.m. with a program to follow. A count was taken for the number of people who intended to attend. If you were not at this meeting and want to attend the banquet contact Charley, N8QEM before November 9. A motion to have the club pay $4 of each meal was made and passed unanimously. Be sure to get your Ham of the Year nominations to Rick, N8GGO, as soon as possible.

      A reminder was made to all members that the club net meets each Monday night at 7:30 p.m. on 147.060 mHz. It is an informal net and anyone is welcome to be the net control.

      John Bok, N8WVN, reported that the work done by our club members at the Pumpkin Fest bike ride was a great success. Over 350 bikers participated with no casualties. All communication post were manned, radios worked great and all had a good time. The police and a DNR officer were in pursuit of one ham at one point, but that turned out to be a four legged pig in the Benthime area. A great laugh was had by all over that one.

      For those interested in cw practice, a practice session is held each Monday night at 8:00 p.m. on 147.00 MHz. Code speed starts at 5 wpm. And goes up to about 10 wpm. Ernie, W8EL, SAID all are welcome.

      Brian, KC8NPH, told us he had 34 students who will be taking the test at the end of October.

      A break for coffee, cookies and "eye-balls" was followed by a presentation on QRP. Pete, N9SSA, told us all about communicating and building rigs that operate at real low power. He He showed and explained several of the rigs he has built over the last few years. Pete did a nice job of raising the interest among the membership concerning construction of these types of rigs. He said you don't need a great deal of in-depth knowledge in order to follow directions for assembly of QRP rigs

      The meeting was adjourned at about 9:10 p.m.

      Respectfully submitted,

      Ed Heyboer, KF8EV


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