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Re: [HARC] Re: Absentee ballot for HARC election

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  • Charles Rich
    Y know, we have a lot of very good people in the club.  It takes little time and work to contribute a lot to keep it running smoothly.   It amazes me that
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      Y'know, we have a lot of very good people in the club.  It takes little time and work to contribute a lot to keep it running smoothly.
      It amazes me that getting four people to run for office is such a difficult chore. How well we know the problems getting someone to chair a hamfest or field day.
      This is nothing new, of course, and it is quite common in all orginizations
      Amateur radio is not only a hobby, but is a service to our community.  We are a part of everything in our community.
      We mainly support in the background.  BUT, we are the Police, Fire, Emergency Services,
      Message Handlers, the eyes on the storms....and what keeps TULIP TIME, one of the largest and popular annual events in the United States, safe and secure -- It's the Hams of HARC.
      Is it all that difficult to keep a few notes of a meeting, or to collect dues and pay bills and know where the money goes???   I don't think so.
      I trust that someone will step up.
      I have been in your shoes for over 60 years, serving in nearly every office and committee.
      How about it, kids - Not just let Jim, Phil, Ike, Phil, Rick ot Tom do it ---- I want to see a couple of NEW faces getting invilved
      What keeps us together is a STRONG organization with CAPABLE  leaders.
      We don't need Rocket Scientists -- Just a couple of good guys who want to get involved..
      Chuck, W8GCW
      Be sure to check out my Ham Radio Page AT http://chuckrich.net/radio.htm
      Licensed by the FCC since 1950

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      From: Rick Elushik <richarde_97@...>
      Subject: [HARC] Re: Absentee ballot for HARC election
      To: "Nathan Silva" <nsilva1979@...>
      Cc: "HARC" <k8daa@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2011, 12:40 PM

      Hi Nathan,
      I'm sorry to say that there were not enough members accepting their nominations to be able to put an absentee ballot together. I opened the nominations back up for one week in an attempt to fill the ballot for Vice President and for Treasurer, but got zero nominations during that time.
      Currently, we have two nominees for President (Chuck Rich, W8GCW and Ivan DeWitt, K8EMU)and one nominee for Secretary (Tom Bosscher, K8TB). I thank these members for accepting their nominations.
      As a result of all of this, we will have to go back to requesting nominations from the floor during our December meeting and hope that someone will step forward and fill the vacant positions.
      My appologies that we do not have an absentee ballot, and I hope that this can be rectified in the new Club year.
      Rick, N8GGO.

      From: Nathan Silva <nsilva1979@...>
      To: n8ggo@...
      Sent: Wed, December 7, 2011 12:39:33 AM
      Subject: Absentee ballot for HARC election

      Hello Rick. This is Nathan Silva, WO8C. I would like to request an absentee ballot for the upcoming HARC election on Dec. 12. I have a final exam that night so I won’t be able to make it to the club meeting. Thanks so much. 73




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