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Posting from N1TUP [CTFoxhunter] Foxhunt Reminder

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    Fox hunters, you may be interested in this posting by Paul Gibson, N1TUP, manager of the annual New Years Day Foxhunt near Manchester, Connecticut. In the
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      Fox hunters,
       you may be interested in this posting by Paul Gibson, N1TUP, manager of the annual New Years Day Foxhunt near Manchester, Connecticut.   In the past, their New Years Day Hunts have been very successful.  You can see pictures of past hunts on their Yahoo Page at:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ctfoxhunter/
      This is the group that first brought my attention to the "FoxBox" built into an ammo box.  They are also doing an interesting "2-week" hunt in the summer that we may try.
      Another interesting thing they are doing is having the fox transmit on the input frequency of their local repeater.  That way it is easy for everyone to listen-in and follow the hunt.  (Good PR for the next time.)
      The following is their posting about tomorrow's Annual New Years Day Hunt.  Paul is very helpful in promoting out fox hunting efforts.  I am sure he would answer any questions you have.
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      Subject: [CTFoxhunter] Foxhunt Reminder


      Hello Foxhunters,

      Just a reminder of the annual New Years Day foxhunt to be held beginning
      at 1 pm, January 1, 2011.

      We will gather at the Wapping Elementary School, 91 Ayers Road, South
      Windsor, CT. The roll call of foxhunters will begin at 1 pm. Most
      hunters arrive in advance of the starting time to allow for set-up and
      getting acquainted with each other. The fox will not be transmitting
      prior to the start time but hunters will be on the 145.11 MHz repeater,
      PL 77.0 Hz if anyone needs assistance.

      The fox will be making all transmissions on the repeater listed above.
      Please listen to the input frequency 144.51 MHz while taking your
      headings. Listening to the output frequency will just lead you to the
      repeater location, and the fox will not be there. The same repeater is
      used for information sharing between hunters and any fixed based
      stations which may choose to participate.

      Sharing of information is encouraged but not required. We do ask that
      once you have spotted the fox, you discontinue all further
      transmissions. Listen carefully to the communications as much of it
      will prove helpful. If someone says they are going to checkout say a
      particular school and you never hear from them again, they either found
      the fox, or drove off the edge of the earth. Foxes frequently lie or
      provide meaningless information, it is unusual for the hunters who are
      functioning as a team to mislead the rest of the team.

      The actual hunt time is usually about an hour so dress to be comfortable
      during the driving part of the hunt. We then socialized outdoors at the
      foxes den for about an hour so. This may include standing on packed
      snow, given the recent weather event, so please dress to be comfortable
      for this part of the hunt as well.

      This is a fun event, please drive carefully. Experience has shown that
      the winner (first one in) usually has driven the fewest miles. Working
      carefully and following the signal is a better approach than running
      around checking out spots you "think" the fox might be. The fox may ask
      for your starting odometer reading during initial check-in. The last
      three digits including tenths is sufficient or zero if you are resetting
      a trip odometer.

      Have fun, be safe, and we will see you at the den with some nice hot
      soup and other refreshments.

      Good Luck,
      Paul, N1TUP

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