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Re: [HARC] Re: Peanut Alert -- FDA PAGE NOT FOUND ! ! ! !

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  • Ernest Lloyd
    You reallly do not want that space in the URL, Chuck. Any decent security package will reject it, or give a warning about a spurious site. Try removing that
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 9, 2009
      You reallly do not want that space in the URL, Chuck. Any decent security package will reject it, or give a warning about a spurious site. Try removing that blank!
      73, Ernie, W8EL

      From: Charles Rich <chucksvideo@...>
      Subject: [HARC] Re: Peanut Alert -- FDA PAGE NOT FOUND ! ! ! !
      To: k8daa@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, March 9, 2009, 11:45 AM


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      Sent: Monday, March 9, 2009 10:09:52 AM
      Subject: [HARC] Citizen Corps News: Does your Emergency Preparedness Kit contain recalled or expired items?

      Currently the United States is in the midst of one of the largest food
      recalls in American history. As Americans dig through their cabinets and
      refrigerators to remove potentially contaminated food associated with
      the recent peanut recall, we would like to also remind citizens to open
      and check their Emergency Preparedness Kits to remove any potentially
      harmful items from these also.

      Because peanut products are often recommended as staples in Emergency
      Preparedness Kits due to their long shell life and because they are a
      good source of protein, we encourage all kit owners to look at their
      kits to ensure food products are not on the peanut recall list. Please
      keep in mind that the peanut product recall extends beyond
      peanut-flavored products. The following are some examples of foods also
      included in the recall that may contain peanuts:

      * Granola

      * Snack bars

      * Crackers

      * Cereal

      * Trail Mix

      * Cookies

      * Noodles

      * Dog treats

      A full list of recalled peanut products and what individuals should do
      with recalled items can be found on the Food and Drug Administration' s
      Web site,
      http://www.accessda ta.fda.gov/ scripts/peanutbu tterrecall/ index.cfm.

      In addition to checking for peanut-related items, please be sure to
      check for other items in your kit that may have expired, including
      medications, food and pet food, water, and other recalled items. The
      U.S. government provides information on unsafe, hazardous, or defective
      products ranging from consumer products, food, medicine, and cosmetics
      at www.recalls. gov <http://www.recalls gov/> .

      Ensuring family and neighbors are prepared is an essential step in
      helping communities during and after an emergency. Families should have
      an Emergency Preparedness Kit in all locations that are frequented
      often, including homes, offices, schools, cars and day care facilities.
      These kits should hold a variety of essential items that are needed
      during a disaster, such as a flashlight, radio, cash, clothing,
      protective equipment, medicines, and of course food and water. For a
      complete list of Emergency Preparedness Kit recommended items, please
      visit http://www.fema gov/plan/ prepare/supplyki t.shtm.

      Citizen Corps Councils and Partners: Councils and partners should remind
      their communities about the importance of maintaining and constructing
      an Emergency Preparedness Kit and consider hosting public preparedness
      training sessions to ensure that information about kits is reaching the
      community. In addition, Councils and partners should consider adding a
      link to the FDA Web sites along with information on the recall on peanut
      products to any Web pages or documents that refer to community
      preparedness or Emergency Preparedness Kit preparation.

      This news story and other Community Preparedness news, including Citizen
      Corps Bulletins, can be found on our website at
      http://www.citizenc orps.gov/ .


      The National Office of Citizen Corps
      FEMA Community Preparedness Division

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