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Pete's QRP Challenge - Week 1

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  • Pete Hoffswell
    Pete #9 s Third Annual QRP Challenge! And we re off! Dale Pausinga, w8vbv hit Japan with 2 WATTS PSK 31! JI1ANI 3-1-02 at 23:30 28.120.15 PSK31 at 6305
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2002
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      Pete's QRP Challenge - Week 1

      Pete #9's Third Annual QRP Challenge!

      And we're off!

      Dale Pausinga, w8vbv hit Japan with 2 WATTS PSK 31! 
      JI1ANI 3-1-02 at 23:30   28.120.15  PSK31  at 6305 miles per watt!  Dale didn't think that was so great of a report, but I beg to differ.  It's better than I've ever heard before, being the first PSK31 contact in the challenge.  A personal best for Dale, I'd wager, and a good bar set.  Who's going to lower it!

      The bar has been set for PSK31!.  All you digital guys should consider yourself challenged.

      Scott, AB8JS, has much fun, with many many QRP contacts.  He reports
        An awesome QSO with Jiri, OK2RZ, in the Czech Republic on 1/2 watt SSB, 21.286  for 8872 miles per watt!

      So the SSB bar has been set pretty nicely right out of the gate.  Watch it creep up to 10,000 miles per watt!

      Remember, your personal bar is set to infinity.  Send me a report.  Get on the list.  Maybe you won't be on top, but if you are on the QSO report, then you are a winner in my book!  Those that participate should be proud of any achievement.  They are a winner!

      Common!  Turn that rig on, and make a contact, friends!

      For more info


      I really hope you will consider sending me an email, qso report. We've had great fun in the past challenges, and it will be even better if you play too!

      Keep the reports coming in, please!  I'll be out of town for the next week, and unable to keep the website up to date.  Expect all reports to be published the week of March 18.  Until then, I'll try to report to the list here.

      Thanks and 73!

      Pete Hoffswell - N9SSA
      Holland, Michigan

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