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Minutes of February 12, 2002

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  • Ed heyboer
    HOLLAND AMATEUR RADIO CLUB Minutes for February 12, 2002 The meeting was brought to order by Rick, N8GGO at 7:02 PM. In the Parkway Electric meeting room.
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      Minutes for February 12, 2002

      The meeting was brought to order by Rick, N8GGO at 7:02 PM. In the Parkway
      Electric meeting room. After self introductions by the 25 people, Rick
      welcomed everyone. A list of contact numbers and e-mail addresses for the
      officers was distributed. The minutes of the January meeting were read and
      approved. Jim, KC8KE gave the treasure's report and it also was approved.
      At present the club has 40 members and a balance of $2185.33. All bills are
      paid except the telephone bill for this month.

      Old business
      The club is looking for a person or committee to put together a printed
      newsletter to be sent out about three times a year. Rob, W8YRB has the
      software and headings ready to go. We just need persons to put it together
      for the club. If you are interested, please contact Rick, N8GGO, president.

      We are also looking for a committee to put together a proposal for logo
      hats, T-shirts and/or jackets. Would you please contact Rick, N8GGO if you
      are willing to serve on this committee.

      Dave Lamer, WA8RSA is looking for some assistance on the pre-Tulip Time
      organizing of volunteers for the parades. Please contact him for more

      Field Day will be headed up by Ernie, W8EL and John, N8WVN. They are
      looking for a simple, straight forward logging program which will work with
      a screen reader voice. A suggestion was made for them to look on the ARRL
      web site.

      The new back up repeater is now functional. It will be running continuously
      in receive mode. The transmit side can be turned n by remote when
      necessary. The cost came in under the $400 allocated. The club thanks
      Laryn, WA8TVZ for his work on this project.

      Due to the fact that it is harder to get into Parkway Electric meeting room
      on meeting nights, we wish to hold the monthly meetings at the Zeeland
      Hospital. We first checked the Holland Hospital if a room would be
      available, but their rooms are all booked for use on the second Tuesday of
      the month. Zeeland Hospital welcomes us and said they will even provide
      coffee and cookies. The club voted unanimously in support of this move.
      The next club meeting will be held in conference room A which is just to the
      left of the emergency entrance. .

      The technician "crash" course will be held on March 9 in the Parkway
      Electric meeting room. It will start at 8:00 am. And run through the late
      afternoon. ARRL videos will be used, supplemented with instruction by Rob,
      W8YRB. VE testing will be held after the study time that day or possibly a
      couple of days later. It is suggested that participants take a sack lunch.
      For more information, contact Rob Underwood, W8YRB

      New Business
      A motion to change the meeting starting time to 7:15 PM. Was made by Larry,
      KA8TEY. It was supported and passed unanimously.

      Ed, KF8EV announced that he has given several ARRL videos to the Howard
      Miller Public Library in Zeeland. They are general Ham Radio introduction
      information type videos. Anyone may borrow them for use with prospective
      Hams or for presentation at meetings of other organizations.

      Pete, N9SSA will be running his QRP contest again this year. The person
      getting the most miles per watt will get the grand prize. It will be ?????
      Watch the e-mail reflector for more information. He also announced that he
      has a gps tracking device for the water rescue buoy set to go. Many members
      were interested in seeing this up close.

      After a ten minute coffee and eyeball break, Rob, W8YRB made a presentation
      on using the DX cluster. First he demonstrated for us how the software
      works to locate DX stations on the various bands. Then he showed us how he
      connected to the W9ZRX cluster. There are other clusters to use, but this
      one has a lot of activity.

      This software system has many other functions i.e. message sending and
      logging. Rob makes many contacts via this system and would be happy to
      demonstrate it in more detail if you wish to visit his shack. The club
      thanked Rob with a round of applause.

      The next club meeting will be held at the Zeeland Community Hospital in
      conference room A on March 12 at 7:15 PM. The meeting was adjourned at 9:03

      Respectfully submitted,

      Ed Heyboer, KF8EV
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