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Rules for Field Day

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  • Dave Lamer
    = ARRL FIELD DAY, AFFILIATED CLUB COMPETITION CHANGES ANNOUNCED The ARRL has adopted rule changes affecting Field Day and the ARRL Affiliated Club Competition
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2002



      The ARRL has adopted rule changes affecting Field Day and the ARRL

      Affiliated Club Competition program. The primary Field Day change--effective

      with this year's event June 22-23--phases out the Novice-Technician station

      and replaces it with a new station category, the "Get-On-The-Air"--or



      A GOTA station is intended for operation by  Novice and Technician operators

      or by generally inexperienced or inactive amateurs as well as by

      as-yet-unlicensed or "under-licensed" operators working under the privileges

      of a licensed control operator (third-party traffic rules apply--see the

      International Third Party Traffic page on the ARRL Web site

      <http://www.arrl.org/FandES/field/regulations/io/3rdparty.html>). Under the

      revised rules, any Class A Field Day entry operating at least two

      transmitters may include a GOTA station, which will not count as an

      additional transmitter for the purpose of entry category.


      The GOTA station may operate on any Field Day band and mode, but only one

      GOTA transmitter may be in use at any given time. The GOTA station may

      complete up to 400 QSOs to be counted toward the group's total Field Day

      score. A Field Day group can claim 100 bonus points if its GOTA station

      successfully completes 400 QSOs. The GOTA station does not affect the

      additional VHF/UHF station provided under Field Day rule 4.1.2.


      Field Day 2002 will mark the first in which stations throughout the Americas

      have been invited to participate. As approved at the July 2001 ARRL Board of

      Directors' meeting, all International Amateur Radio Union Region 2

      countries--North and South America--may take part in Field Day starting this



      Complete Field Day rules and information packet will be available on the

      ARRL Web Contest Forms and Rules page <http://www.arrl.org/contests/forms>

      in early February. Field Day 2002 pins and T-shirt may be ordered now via

      the ARRL Web catalog



      Changes to the ARRL Affiliated Club Competition program also were included

      in the report of the Membership Services Committee (MSC), presented to the

      ARRL Board of Directors at its January meeting. In accordance with the

      advice of the ARRL Contest Advisory Committee, five specific affiliated club

      competition changes will go into effect November 1. Under the revised rules:


      * The requirement that a member must attend at least two club meetings a

      year in order to be allowed to submit a score for a club in the unlimited

      and medium categories has been altered. The new rules will allow

      participation by "a member in good standing, as defined by the club."


      * Medium and unlimited clubs now may define their club service area either

      as a 175-mile radius circle or as an entire ARRL section. This change will

      allow clubs from larger states that encompass entire ARRL sections to

      compete with each other.


      * The percentage of operators who must be members of a club in order for the

      club to claim a score from a multioperator station has been reduced from 66%

      to 50%.


      * A station owner no longer must be a member of a club in order for a guest

      operator at the station to claim the score for that club.


      * Canadian clubs that are full Radio Amateurs of Canada affiliates now may

      participate in the ARRL Affiliated Clubs Competition.


      These changes affect ARRL contests that include a club competition--January

      VHF Sweepstakes, the ARRL International DX Contest, the September VHF Party,

      the ARRL November Sweepstakes, the ARRL 160-Meter Contest and the ARRL

      10-Meter Contest.


      Complete rules for all ARRL-sponsored operating events are available on the

      ARRL Web site <http://www.arrl.org/contests/announcements/>. For more

      information, contact ARRL Contest Branch Manager Dan Henderson, N1ND,




      73   wa8rsa

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