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  • Tom VanderMel
    From Tom VanderMel KB8VEE New e mail kb8vee@attbi.com or kb8vee@arrl.net New Home Phone is (231) 865-1558 Cell phone is (231) 206-0422 Here is an excerpt from
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2002
      From Tom VanderMel KB8VEE New e mail kb8vee@... or kb8vee@...
      New Home Phone is (231) 865-1558 Cell phone is (231) 206-0422

      Here is an excerpt from the ARRL Newsletter:


      Rob Underwood, W8YRB, says RFI complaints have him at his wit's end. The
      Wyoming, Michigan, ARRL member says his efforts to resolve some neighbors'
      complaints of stubborn interference are at an impasse. To add to his
      frustration, the Wyoming City Council now has asked the FCC to step in, and
      the situation has erupted into a media spectacle that, he says, hasn't done
      much for ham radio's image.

      The FCC's position with respect to RFI to consumer devices is that the
      consumer device--telephone, stereo, TV or other appliance--most often is to
      blame, and that consumers need to deal with appliance manufacturers.

      Underwood says he's gone the extra mile to resolve interference complaints,
      but one neighbor a half block away has become especially intractable,
      pinning blame for interference to her telephone and touch lamp squarely on
      him. The woman ultimately complained to the city council, which met January
      21 and unanimously agreed to contact the FCC.

      Underwood said city council members "threw their hands in the air, and most
      of them said it was my station that needed to be 'filtered' and didn't want
      to hear what my solutions were." Twenty one amateurs reportedly attended
      council meeting on Underwood's behalf, and one Council member praised
      Underwood's attempts to assist and to educate everyone.

      Underwood said, however, that several other neighbors turned up at the
      session with new RFI complaints he hadn't heard before. He's volunteered to
      assist them. Underwood says media coverage has focused on the neighbors'
      complaints rather than on his efforts to respond to them.

      The neighbor's touch lamp seems especially susceptible to RFI and even
      flickers when he keys his 100-W mobile transmitter while driving by her
      house, Underwood said. Although he installed some ferrite chokes on the
      lamp's power cord, the problem persisted. The neighbor has refused further
      offers of help.

      Underwood reports that his own home is essentially free of RFI problems,
      with the exception of his cordless telephones when he runs his amplifier.
      said he installed RF chokes on telephone equipment for his immediate
      neighbors who had complained of problems, and they have not reported any
      interference since.

      Underwood has the full support of ARRL Michigan Section Manager Dick
      W8FQT, who noted that the FCC Detroit Field Office was also aware of the
      problem and has been cooperating in resolving the issue.

      ARRL provides information and resources to deal with RFI problems on the
      ARRL Web site's RFI pages <http://www.arrl.org/tis/info/rfigen.html>.
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