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Fw: Good story

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  • Charles Gregory
    Subject: Fw: Good story ... atrocities ... and ... to ... up ... Is ... said ... but ... one ... dollars ... suggested ... guess ... you
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2001
      Subject: Fw: Good story

      > Subject: Fw: Good story
      > This came off the Special Ops Net, I thought you would enjoy it. It is
      > amazing how true the statement, "Once a Marine, always a Marine!" seems to
      > always ring true. Here's yet another example:
      > S/F-Ironman0311
      > Best Western) and went to dinner at Best Western.
      > About 85-100 people were in the Restaurant. I'm at a table for about 5
      > minutes when this "Group" comes in (20 people). They have Anti-War
      > Picket Signs with them. It appears that two of these demonstrators are
      > Professors.They all sit at a large round table behind me and begin to talk
      > very loudly about US atrocities in Afghanistan. One of the "Professors"
      > stands up and gives a brief talk about how the "US is famous for
      > and Afghanistan will be no different. One of the students asked a question
      > about Viet Nam POW's. The "Professor" makes a comment about how that was
      > only US propaganda about poor treatment of POW's.OK - I'm really mad now
      > I jump up and go over to their table. (In retrospect - Over the entrance
      > the Restaurant is a huge American Flag. On each table is an American Flag
      > and a small hand painted sign "United We Stand")
      > I excuse myself and ask the Professor if I can ask him a question. He
      > says yes. I said that he appears to be of age to have served in Viet Nam,
      > and asked him if he had served.
      > His answer was, "NO - I defended this Campus and told the truth to the
      > students."
      > I then asked if he remembered what he was doing on February 16, 1969.
      > When he answered, "Of course not -- that was too long ago," I
      > responded,
      > "Really, I remember what I was doing. That was the second day of my
      > capture and I had been standing in a bamboo cage for 24 hours with water
      > to my chest."
      > I then said "Sir, your comments about how POW's in Nam were treated are a
      > lie and I personally say to you, you are a ******* liar, as you never were
      > there.
      > I was a POW and they did not treat our POWs humanly. The only other
      > person I have ever heard make the statements like you have is Jane Fonda.
      > she telling the truth and not me?"
      > He stood up and after about 10 seconds said, "Jane is a great patriot
      > and I cannot visualize her lying."
      > With that, I reached over and grabbed the small American Flag and
      > United We Stand sign and said, "I'm taking this back to my table where it
      > can be appreciated."
      > No one said a word to me as I started to walk back.
      > However after a few seconds, people started standing up and applauding all
      > around the restaurant. Two men got up from a table across the room and
      > walked over to me. The first identified himself as former US Marine
      > Lieutenant Flynn and the other man was former Gunnery Sergeant Graboski.
      > In a loud voice after introducing themselves, Lt. Flynn said they were
      > former Marine Guards at a US Embassy. He then said, "We are over at this
      > table to defend the US Flag from all foes, both foreign and domestic".
      > They then sat down and asked their Waitress to bring their meals over
      > to my table. A few more minutes went by with loud comments from the
      > "Anti-War"table.
      > All of a sudden, "Gunny" Sergeant Graboski stood up and in a loud voice
      > "All of you heard what the President said the other night. You are either
      > with the United States or you are with the terrorists."
      > He then said, "Please stand and join me in God Bless America." As he
      > started singing, people all around the restaurant stood up and joined in.
      > Several of the students at the "Anti-War" table also stood up half way
      > through the song and joined in. Both Professors and the majority of the
      > students remained seated and refused to sing. At the end there was a great
      > ovation. The Manager came up to my table. (He and his staff came out from
      > the kitchen and sang.)
      > He thanked me for what I started and then went over to the Anti-War
      > table and asked them to leave. "I will pay for what you have had so far
      > I cannot in good conscience serve you -- get out now!!"
      > One of the Professors then made a remark "Well, we are not going to pay
      > dime for how shabbily we have been treated." As they were leaving, one
      > customer stood up and said, "Manager, here is $5 towards their bill,
      > anyoneelse willing to chip in to get this scum out of here?"
      > All over the restaurant, people stood up reaching for their wallet and
      > saying, "I'll chip in" The Manager, in tears said, "My family is from
      > Poland,
      > I am now a citizen and am so proud of what I see tonight." He started
      > crying and a couple of the waitresses helped him into the kitchen.
      > The two Marines and I were there for about another 20 minutes and
      > finished our meal. The Hostess came up and showed us more than $100
      > that all the other tables had told their Waitresses to give towards our
      > bill. I thanked her but said I could not take the money. Lt. Flynn
      > donating it in the Restaurant's name to the New York Relief Fund, so I
      > that's what will happen.
      > I just can't believe how Americans are coming together now. Just thought
      > would like to hear how the rest of the country is reacting to what
      > happened!!!
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