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Re: [HARC] 2 meter Simplex Frequencies

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  • Laryn Lohman
    ... operate 2 meter FM until the middle 1970 s. I think it was in the 80 s that the old 30 KHZ spacing was changed to 20 in some places and 15 in others. The
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 11, 2006
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      --- In k8daa@yahoogroups.com, Ernest Lloyd <w8el@...> wrote:
      > Actually, Chuck could give better info for this region. I did not
      operate 2 meter FM until the middle 1970's. I think it was in the 80's
      that the old 30 KHZ spacing was changed to 20 in some places and 15 in
      others. The older commercial equipment was not designed for the
      narrower channel width, which made a lot of obsolete wide channel
      commercial equipment available cheaply to amateurs. I don't remember
      the year that the newer narrower (15 KHZ?) equipment was mandated for
      commercial VHF service. Laren lived through that era also, so he
      could fill us in on more history. How about it, Chuck and Laren?
      > 73, Ernie, W8EL
      > "John Wehmer (WB9JSR)" <wb9jsr@...> wrote:

      Hmmm.... Well, I don't know when the commercial people went to 15kc
      spacing. And the spacing depends on which band you are talking about.
      VHF (commercial) went the 60/30/15kc route and now they are splitting
      again, for more channels. I'm not sure how UHF went. It was spaced
      for many years at 25kc with 12.5kc used for lower power operations. I
      think they are also splitting that again, too.

      The 2M band slso started with the 60/30/15kc route as more channels
      were needed and technology improved. Michigan went from 30 to 20kc
      spacing for repeaters between 146 and 148mc I think in the early 80s.
      The coordinators in office at that time saw a way to fit existing
      repeaters more easily into the band, while also, sort of, existing
      with other states and Canada. It doesn't always work so well. For
      instance, 147.160 is just 5kc away from other states' 147.165 channel.
      There are a bunch of other similar spacings as the 20 vs 15kc
      channels go in and out of sync. We're lucky here in Holland bacause
      7.06 is 15kc away from the nearest channel. So we don't hear someone
      5kc off frequency, which usually sounds horrible. (Skip can be
      annoying; distorted skip is downright awful.) Although with CTCSS in
      place and operating on your radio, it's not so much a problem anymore.

      Don't know if that ramble answered your questions....

      Laryn K8TVZ
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