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Update - HARC - help needed "ART-IN-THE-PARK" event!

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  • The Aviator
    (1) Per my original message below, we are still THREE people short to effectively run this event Sat 5th August. If you can help, even for only an hour or
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2006
      (1) Per my original message below, we are still THREE people short to
      effectively run this event Sat 5th August. If you can help, even for only
      an hour or two, please contact me.

      (2) MANY THANKS to those who have volunteered already. HARC building / Club
      House will be opened up at 05h30 tomorrow (Saturday) from where net control
      will be operated all day on 146.550 simplex.

      (3) We will all meet up at Stadium Parking lot 05h45 for event briefing.
      Drive in from Fairbanks Avenue (the park is just behind HARC's building off
      8th Street). Plenty of free parking will be available on site.

      73's and thanks to everyone,

      KEN ZR5AAD/W8

      =============<ORIGINAL MESSAGE>=================
      >10 people needed for this Saturday, HARC is responding to a call for help
      >/assistance from Holland Friends Of Art Group (HFOAG) for their annual
      >Remember because Coast Guard event starts much later, volunteers can help
      >out initially with this HFOAG community event first, and still be able to
      >get up to Grand Haven later as our start time is 05h45! So far the
      >have indicated being able to help:-
      >* Net Control from HARC T&T center - Ernie W8EL
      >(Net Control Relief - Chuck W8GCW)
      >* Operations / Parking - Ken ZR5AAD/W8
      >* Event Organiser "shadow" - Sue KC8RQS
      >* Directions - Laryn K8TVZ
      >* Directions - Don KD8DAG
      >* Directions - Josh KD8DQC
      >* Gate 1 - ( HARC member needed !!)
      >* Gate 2 - ( HARC member needed !!)
      >* Gate 3 - ( HARC member needed !!)
      >* Gate 4 - (HARC member needed !!)
      >* Midmorning relief swop out : Chris KC8WYS
      >* Midmorning relief swop out : ( HARC Member needed)
      >* Midmorning relief swop out : ( HARC Member needed)
      >To recap, success of their event hinges on us smoothly assisting exhibitors
      >and vendors vehicles safely inside, vendors offload and then are guided to
      >their parking bays at rear of stadium (public and vendors would be parking
      >inside these grounds). NO traffic control is required on any Holland
      >streets, flow control is only required inside the park show grounds itself.
      >As this event starts from 06h00 and runs through most of the day we need 10
      >members to help, in staggered shifts, most help would be required from
      >until noon, a second support group "shift" of 2-3 members would be needed
      >from before Noon to close (+/- 16h00).
      >Details then are as follows:-
      >** HARC Volunteers needed : 10 (plus 1 or 2 extra relief reserves )
      >** DATE : August 5th, 2006 Saturday
      >** TIMES : 05H40 for start at 06h00 SHARP!! (Ends late afternoon)
      >** VENUE : SMALLENBURG PARK (cnr Fairbanks and 16th Street, just across
      >Hope Colleges new Stadium)
      >** VOLUNTEERS who wish to help please contact KEN ZR5AAD/W8 either by
      >e-mail :RAFAVIATOR@... or via cell phone : 1(616)726-3929
      >** EQUIPMENT NEEDS : Some mobiles in cars we can park/use at strategic
      >locations, others require personnel to have an HT on their person.
      >reflective vests where possible and spare battery packs.
      >** All volunteers I am told, will receive free hydration and be provided
      >with free meal
      >** HFOAG, in appreciation of our support on this important busy day, will
      >giving HARC a donation / gift.
      >Art-In-The-Park is an event which is very much enjoyed by our community and
      >other counties. With your help I'm sure HARC will make this a great day for
      >all visitors to remember.
      >Thanks again for your support!
      >Ken - ZR5AAD/W8
      >HARC Building manager.
      >Visit http://www.hollandarc.org for the latest Holland Amateur Radio Club
      >News, Information and Fellowship!
      >Yahoo! Groups Links
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