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Sunday Dec 4, 2005 - Latest HARC club house update.

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  • rafaviator
    Sunday December 4, 2005 - Latest HARC club house update. Greetings all. To keep everyone appraised of our building s present situation and progress, latest
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      Sunday December 4, 2005 - Latest HARC club house update.

      Greetings all. To keep everyone appraised of our building's present
      situation and progress, latest details are as follows;-

      (1) This Friday past we had final insurance paperwork details ironed
      out and confirmation of this was faxed through to City Council. Sue
      KC8RQS was finally handed our door keys.

      (2) Again on Friday I went down to our building and we had electrical
      turned on! Although water could have been turned on as well right then
      I was advised by service agent whom we met on site, to hold off until
      gas (heat) was connected. Otherwise we could end up with frozen pipes
      plus a flooded basement. Not wishing to add a "/ MM" to the clubs call
      sign (maritime mobile) we've held off for now.

      (3) Friday I simply ran out of time however Monday the alarm company
      will be contacted to see how quickly they can proceed with reinstating
      their existing system.

      (4) As soon as that alarm system is operational we can begin bringing
      items to that building.

      (5) For some strange reason every internal door was removed off its
      hinges and left next to the door frame. I found a box which has all
      original hinges and some screws. Some of these will need to be
      refitted and realigned.

      (6) I'd like to appeal to all those club members who pledged donations
      of various equipment to start gathering everything up and getting
      ready for possible delivery on site later this week. By the way, we've
      had a donation of 40 (nice) stack chairs from American Red Cross, with
      an option of 10 more (50 total).

      (7) Anyone within the club who's gifted with suggesting / donating /
      arranging curtains plus drapes (or blinds) and has surplus material
      laying around at home not being used, we certainly could do with some
      a/s/a/p! The house has many windows and considering what electrical
      contents will eventually be placed inside it would be a good idea to
      keep any possible outside temptation, at bay.

      (8) We also need carpeting (rejects / blems ) and /or carpet tiles, to
      cover one of the large rooms (20 x 13 feet) plus extra carpeting to
      cover main entrance hallway (approx 30 feet x 8 feet). Anyone who has
      a contact in this area please approach them soonest (or let me know).

      Having a closer inspection on Friday I found the building is in very
      good condition considering it's age and has obviously been well
      maintained by past occupants. We have been very fortunate indeed to
      acquire such premises, and in such a prime location as well.

      Keep watching this reflector for further information, and thanks to
      everyone for their interest.

      73's and 88's,

      Ken ZR5AAD/W8.
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