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Muskegon Air Fair help needed

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  • Tom VanderMel
    All We are looking for help for the Muskegon Air Fair on July2,3,4 If you can help call or email Mark KB8UFF below. Thanks Tom KB8VEE Hello Everyone, We still
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2004
      We are looking for help for the Muskegon Air Fair on July2,3,4 If you can help call or email Mark KB8UFF below. Thanks Tom KB8VEE

      Hello Everyone,

      We still need help for our upcoming events.

      Muskegon County Air Fair
      Fourth of July Weekend

      We really need to look at the Air Fair as the premier ARES / RACES training event. This event is as close to a real emergency as it gets. We will be working directly with public service officials at an event that is known to be hectic and is constantly throwing new situations at us. It is the best test of our organization that I have ever seen.

      We (ARES / RACES) exist to provide support to first responders in the event of an emergency of such magnitude that it overwhelms the day to day structure of the first response system. If we never work an event the size of the Air Fair, we will never get to experience the demands of anything that rivals a real emergency. The nature of those demands may surprise you. All the round table nets and preparing of jump bags will never get you prepared for working with people that have authority, are tired, don't understand exactly what is going on and are expected to perform in an authoritative manner. They won't prepare you for working with a parent that can't find their child. They won't prepare you for passing accurate traffic in a hot, noisy and hectic environment. They won't expose you to ideas outside your own group. They won't expose you to what happens when Fire, Police, FAA, DPW and ARES / RACES groups from different counties are all forced to work together. The Air Fair incorporates all of those elements. In addition to an event of such intensity that it in itself rivals an emergency, the chances of a real disaster exist at any air show. Should we, as emergency amateur radio communicators, not take the opportunity to do the best we can to prepare an event with 30,000 people attending it for an emergency situation?

      We have learned from last year that the event, just like a real emergency, can place some substantial stress on our operators. We are putting into place the means to correct those issues this year. Those corrections will not only come into play at the Air Fair, but will be a part of our overall emergency planning. We need everyone that can to participate this year to test our corrective measures and give us input to make proper decisions for the future.

      I don't want to downplay any of the other events that we work, but being a part of the volunteer effort of the Muskegon Air Fair is something to be proud of. Just working the event provides a service to the Muskegon area that is extremely important. If you get the opportunity to work Child Watch you will see how important our work is through the emotions of parents that have lost their children in a crowd the size of a small American city.

      Feel free to print out this message and pass it on to ARES / RACES members that are not on the discussion list.

      Thanks everyone,


      Contact Information:
      Home Telephone 231-798-3852
      e-mail earthling@...
      Mark A. Derby
      Amateur Call Sign KB8UFF
      Event Coordinator MCARES
      Electrician, C.C.S.T. G3 Electric

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