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Equipment for Sale - Partial List

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  • Tom VanderMel
    From: Vance J Stringham Greetings! Well, Cadillac is behind us and if you didn t get what you wanted (probaby didn t even go) then
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2004
      From: "Vance J Stringham" <vancenjeannie@...>


      Well, Cadillac is behind us and if you didn't get what you wanted
      (probaby didn't even go) then here is the majority of the equipment. I
      have a few pieces that I want to double check before putting them
      officially on the market. All prices listed have some flexability.
      Please pass the info on to others as well. Thanks!
      Vance - N8UGV

      Yaesue FT-1500M 2m 50 watt Mobile $110 - Very good shape. Less than
      100 hours actual operation and about 2 years in the mobile.
      MFJ - 945E HF/6M Mobile Antenna Tuner - $85 - Near new shape. Operates
      flawlessly, minor scratches on bottom of case.
      MFJ - 969 HF Antenna Tuner 300 watt Max - $100 - Very good shape.
      Operates per manufacture specs. Case has some scratches
      *Astron RS-20M 20 amp peak power supply - $60 Oldie but a goodie. In
      great shape. No excess hum from the transformer, etc
      *Todd Engineering Sale PC40B 40 amp peak power supply - $80 In good
      shape and excellent operating condition. No excess hum - This one came
      out of a motor home - don't know much beyond - I have used it without
      the slightest problem.
      ***** I will part with only one of the power supplies at this time.*****

      That is the equipment that is available now. The following equipment is
      not ready but will be soon OR I haven't fully decided whether or not to
      part with it. Prices are tenative but likely to be the same if not
      close. If you have a strong interest in any of the following equipment,
      feel free to contact me.

      Yaesu FT-840 HF Transiever w/accessories listed below - $500 Excellent
      shape. Great/user friendly radio. External power supply necessary.
      Near new Shape.
      - Matching Yaesu Desk Mike
      - MFJ External Keyer (will sell separately if buyer of radio
      doesn't wish to receive it - will adjust price accordingly)
      - If you are interested - I will include one of the above power
      supplies for an appropriately/reasonably adjusted price

      MAHA MH-A103 2m amplifier - $???? 5 watt in 50 watt out - Scratched
      and dinged but operates as it did fresh out of the box. Haven't
      determined price.

      Realistic TRC-438 40 Channel Chicken Band Radio - no microphone - $5
      unseen - hasn't been tested out and doesn't have a microphone - Probably
      closer to $20 if it tests out fine - checking into a microphone.

      LaFayette TELSAT-924 23 Channel CB - THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!!! This radio
      is is in EXCELLENT/DARN NEAR NEW condition, circa '70s but not sure
      when exactly. It has the original owner's CB license still taped to
      the side. This is a collectors piece to be sure - WRONG BAND but still a
      10+. It powers up and receives but I don't have an antenna/etc to really
      put it
      to the test. It has not been operated in 15+ years and was never used
      heavily. You just plain have GOT to see it if you have any interest.
      Serious offers
      accepted now.

      Ok - that is it for now. Off hand I cannot think of anything else I am
      willing to sell. If you do not wish to received the updated list (when I
      price the other items and relist items that don't sell immediately) let
      me know and I will NOT send you any more. This is a one time sale and I
      don't anticipate inundating anyone with e-mails. PLEASE FORWARD THIS

      Vance - N8UGVB

      Vance, Jeannie, Samantha, Tabatha, and Tjaden

      I John 5:4: For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and
      this is the
      VICTORY that overcometh the world, even our faith!
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