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List of Air Fair Requirements

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  • Tom VanderMel
    Hello All, Below is a list of requirements for the Muskegon County Air Fair which will have positions throughout the day July 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you can comply
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2003
      Hello All,

      Below is a list of requirements for the Muskegon County Air Fair which will have positions throughout the day July 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you can comply with these requirements and would like to help with the show, I will need the following information (if I don't already have it. I would rather have double e-mails than miss somebody, though):

      Name - Call Sign - Dates and time you can commit for (see below) - If you are able to work movable (walking) or fixed (sitting) positions for your shift, and if both, your preference - Phone number.

      Something that may surprise some people is the requirement for the reference from their County's EC or Event Coordinator. The nature of the communications require training and previous experience in multiple channel net operations. We will be fortunate enough to work with people from various locations; the EC's or Event Coordinator's reference will assure us that the operator has that experience.

      You may or may not be required to work the entire duration of the times you have committed for. Comp passes will be available for those that would like to attend the show on their 'off days'. Some people, like me, prefer to work the entire show. Most, understandably, are not that hardy. For those that are, I would like to say that that type of duration is appreciated, and may be used more than usual this year due to the size of the show.

      OK, here is the list

      Air Fair requirements:

      1) Must be licensed ham.

      2) Must be at least 18 years of age.

      3) Must be referred either by county of residence's EC or Event Coordinator. Approval from Muskegon County's EC or Event Coordinator based upon previous event experience will also be accepted.

      4) Must comply with the following dress code:

      ARES / RACES Uniforms preferred but not required

      No jean shorts

      No torn or ragged clothes

      Shirts must be worn at all times

      No sleeveless shirts

      Shirts must have collars

      No slogans, advertisements, etc, other than amateur radio related, and must be appropriate for the event

      No open toe shoes

      Must agree to wear required and provided vests and / or hats

      5) Must agree to follow direction from Air Fair command.

      6) Must be able to endure shifts of 7 hours or more.

      7) Must have handheld 2m rig, dual band preferred, and be able to operate multiple frequencies, change and enter frequencies and have a manual on site.

      8) Must have battery power to operate shifts of up to 19 hours. Alkaline refillable and extra re-chargeable batteries are highly recommended.

      9) Must have earphones.

      10) Must be able to interact cheerfully with the public, present a good image for amateur radio and Muskegon County, be able to be flexible, self-sufficient, patient, durable and willing to be a part of the best air show in Michigan, perhaps the Universe.


      Mark Derby, KB8UFF

      Event Coordinator

      Muskegon County Amateur
      Radio Emergency Service


      Visit the website at www.mcares.org

      Join our net on the 146.94 repeater, PL 94.8 every Sunday night at 7:30PM
      Anyone with a license and an interest in Amateur Radio Emergency Service is invited to join.

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