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9155Re: [HARC] need help programing the offset

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  • Paul Dobosz
    May 1, 2013
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      In many radios where a standard repeater offset is used you have to program the receive and transmit frequency separately without showing any repeater offset.  If you simply use the + or - offset and then attempt to modify it from the default value it will not be saved.  Most commercial VHF radios don't have a standard offset feature but require you to enter both transmit and receive frequency individually since there is no standard T/R separation like in amateur radio.  

      To enter the odd split you will most likely need to use the programming software since the standard user interfaces rarely allow you to enter different T & R frequencies from the keypad.  You may also want to scour the manual for instructions for non-standard splits but few of the Chinese radios have a manual worth the paper they're printed on.   I'm not familiar with your particular radio but what you are experiencing is fairly common, especially with the current crop of inexpensive Chinese radios.

      If you continue to have problems you might take a look on one of the internet discussion groups for your radio.  Almost all of the Chinese radios have groups and most likely someone has already the information about this issue posted.

      Paul - K8PD

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      Subject: [HARC] need help programing the offset
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      Just wondering if anyone knows how to program the offset on a baofeng uv5r. I am trying to program in the 146.500 with the 1 mhz offset. I tried using the programming disk and Manuel settings but with no luck. I just cannot get the offset to stay. Any ideas or assistance would be appreciated.


      Gilbert Flores

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