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38Balloon Cut-away system

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  • Pete Hoffswell
    Feb 4 2:10 PM
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      Hi everyone -

      I've been reading the FAA rules on balloons and stuff:


      While balloon launches do require dual, independent cut-away systems,
      section 100.1 states that this is is only applicable for larger
      payloads. It is only applicable if:

      (i) Carries a payload package that weighs more than four pounds
      and has a
      weight/size ratio of more than three ounces per square inch on any
      surface of
      the package, determined by dividing the total weight in ounces of
      the payload
      package by the area in square inches of its smallest surface;
      (ii) Carries a payload package that weighs more than six pounds;
      (iii) Carries a payload, of two or more packages, that weighs
      more than 12
      pounds; or
      (iv) Uses a rope or other device for suspension of the payload
      requires an impact force of more than 50 pounds to separate the
      payload from the balloon.

      SO, if I read this correctly, we can fly a balloon without a cut-away
      system if the balloon payload weighs less than 6 pounds in one or two
      payload boxes.

      Can anyone confirm this? This legaleese is tough to read!

      - Pete