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Using the software

I built the hamradio 360 version of the analyzer, and am using the K6BEZ software. In the software window, I don't have any frequencies showing on the top
Nov 10

Re: K6BEZ Antenna Analizer

I really couldn’t tell you for sure. It wasn’t too long ago that I heard that there were other versions of this board. That was news to me. I really
Oct 4

Re: K6BEZ Antenna Analizer

Thank you for answering. Do you think the unit I build will work with the firmware you used? Or are there too many differences in the circuit? David Arata
David Arata
Oct 4

Re: K6BEZ Antenna Analizer

I bought my boards from hamradio360.com. They made a few runs of maybe 100 or so and stopped producing them. It was nice because they had a button that you
Oct 4

Re: K6BEZ Antenna Analizer

I would buy the fox delta version. I have one and it works pretty well. On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 4:39 PM, cmccormick@...
Garry Foster
Oct 4

Re: K6BEZ Antenna Analizer

I built two of these, one for myself and one for a friend. They both work very well, within a few 10th's of each other on most bands. I installed them in the
Oct 2

Re: K6BEZ Antenna Analizer

A while ago I purchased a pc board and kit and I built one of these and so far I am unable to get it to provide any useful antenna analyzeing. And I have not
David Arata
Oct 2

Re: K6BEZ Antenna Analizer

I thought I could help you with : http://www.360workbench.com/ But it's not one stop shopping. My suggestion would be to find someone to buy it all (from each
Kevin Timm
Oct 2

K6BEZ Antenna Analizer

Hello to all, I am a Retired US Marine and Licensed Ham in the Philippines and shipping from the US to the Philippines is expensive so my Question is,"Is there
Bob Lathim
Oct 1

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    Sep 30
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    Re: [k6bez_projects] Re: [k6bez_projects] The “$50 HF Antenna Anal

    Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your response. This is just what I needed. ka9wmi 73 ... On Fri, 8/18/17, Marion Rood k9zzp@... [k6bez_projects]
    David Arata
    Aug 21

    Re: [k6bez_projects] Re: [k6bez_projects] The “$50 HF Antenna Anal

    I have built K6BEZ. I haven’t got it in a box yet. I played with software a little. Check the pin out between the uno and the micro. You tube as a few
    Marion Rood
    Aug 18


    I have built several small versions with fairly good success I have used a small graphic display and did not connect to a PC. You might want to look at
    DuWayne Schmidlkofer
    Aug 18

    Re: [k6bez_projects] The “$50 HF Antenna Analyser” with Arduino

    K6bez antenna analizer project ......is an expirament at best. The circuit board has too many mistakes on it if you find somebody that has any. The yahoo
    David Arata
    Aug 18

    The “$50 HF Antenna Analyser” with Arduino UNO

    Hi ¿Can you help me to build The “$50 HF Antenna Analyser” with Arduino UNO instead of Arduino Micro ? Does it show Impedance, Resistance, Reactance and
    Aug 17
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