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Need a Quality, Reliable VHF/UHF portable radio, or scanner?

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  • WA3LWR@epix.net
    Dear Fellow SKYWARN Spotters, A few years ago the local hospitals got a $5,000 grant, for amateur radio equipment, thanks to Homeland Security. It may still
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2013

      Dear Fellow SKYWARN Spotters,

      A few years ago the local hospitals got a $5,000 grant, for amateur radio equipment, thanks to Homeland Security.   It may still be available, so encourage your hospitals to check this grant out. 

       One hospital asked for my help, as I have been in ham radio for 40+ years and served as Radio Officer, EC, Skywarn, etc., and been an EMT and Firefighter

      I met with the hospital staff to go over their needs.  It became obvious that VHF and UHF was the key radio frequencies needed.  I immediately thought, just getting radios cable of communicating on the ham frequencies would be a waste, in anything but a major disaster.  Consequently, I figured I would have to modify some ham radios, but then found that some inexpensive radios, covering all the VHF and UHF frequencies, were available from China.

      I ordered a few of the Chinese radios and checked them out.  I also went to Eham.net and found the product reviews, made by ordinary hams.  After checking the radios out, I found that one stood out as, while not my favorite appearance, had the best transmit audio, best battery life and great reviews.  I also found out from the local ICOM dealer, that the same city in China made many Motorola’s, Icoms, Kenwood’s, etc. 

      The radio that proved very strong, and reliable and could do both narrow and wide transmissions, 199 channels, 5 watts, etc. Was the Quansheng TG-UV2.   Consequently, I contacted the company and in order to get the price I wanted, ordered 100 radios.  These worked well for the hospital and even provided them with good, back-up radios for security.  Other radios went to fire companies, and even the Assistant warden at a prison.  I ordered a second hundred and they were selling well too, but my health, at age 60, has deteriorated and I have not been able to attend the various events where they sell.  Consequently, I will not be reordering any and have 15 radios left.

      These are great radios, have a one year guarantee, and cover these frequencies: receive 88 to 108 MHz, receive and transmit : 136 to 174 MHz , 350 to 390 MHz, 400 to 470Mhz, 470 to 520 (RX).  It does CTCSS or DCS, Li-ion battery, priority scan and much more.  The accessories are very inexpensive and range from $10 to $15 dollars.

      So, if you are looking for a great, inexpensive, commercial radio that covers all of VHF and Unfloor just desire a good scanner, this would be perfect

      They were selling for $89.99 to $99.99, but since they are the last of the group, I am offering them for $85.  I will even pay shipping. So, if you have an interest, please let me know

      Thank you


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