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Fw: Information on PA's Tower Legislation

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  • Herb Krumich
    ... From: ARRL EPA Section To: Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2008 9:28 AM Subject: Information on PA s Tower
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      Subject: Information on PA's Tower Legislation

      > To All,
      > On Monday morning Dave Eckman, WA3YVR, President of the
      > Pennsylvania Paid Firefighters Association and representing
      > Pennsylvania Hams on behalf of the Section Managers in both WPA and EPA
      > met with Pa. State Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf and others to discuss
      > the pending tower legislation. Below are Dave's comments and
      > suggestions.
      > 73,
      > Eric D. Olena, WB3FPL
      > -----------------------------
      > Hello all...
      > I had a very productive meeting today with key Senate staffers on our
      > PRB-1 initiative.
      > I must commend the amateur radio fraternity in Pennsylvania as their
      > grassroots efforts on this issue clearly was the cause of the meeting.
      > All of the various staff were really impressed that we were able to
      > mobilize the troops and get letters written on this subject.
      > I am asking all hams in Pennsylvania to contact their respective
      > Senator and ask them to look at SB 884. Our message is very
      > simple....all we are asking is that the General Assembly of
      > Pennsylvania simply codifies the PRB-1 FCC ruling for Pennsylvania.
      > That means that any ordinance or regulation adopted by a municipality
      > shall accommodate amateur service communications.
      > Again, thanks for the efforts and I wil keep you all advised.
      > David N. Eckman, WA3YVR
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