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  • Herb Krumich
    Feb 27, 2014
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      I was nice to see some folks agreeing about my comments from two days ago
      I did want to add a few ideas when we introduce each other at a meeting. Like  I had mentioned giving our name and call sign plus perhaps another small amount of info
      Each month pick a different topic, such as
      My name is Herb and my call is K2LNS my favorite contest is CQ WPX
      Very simple comments, and pass it to the guy next to you
      Next month the favorite band.
      Then favorite radio.
      How about your favorite mode
      Emergency work such as nets or field day.
      How about future antenna work.
      Who does digital work?
      Who does RTTY
      I can go on and on. This will get us more familiar with our fellow hams, and bring on more discussions with each other.
      It's not my club - It's Our Club
      73's all