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  • Sanjay Rath
    JYOTISH NEWS MAY 1999 ISSUE Printed & Published by Sri Jagannath Vedic Astrology Center 152B Pocket C, Mayur Vihar Phase-2, Delhi 110091. Tel: +91-11-2489531
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      MAY 1999 ISSUE

      Printed & Published by Sri Jagannath Vedic Astrology Center 152B Pocket C, Mayur Vihar Phase-2, Delhi 110091. Tel: +91-11-2489531 Fax: +91-11-2713201 e-mail:


      Web site: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Atlantis/3963/

      Note: Readers may note that some of the mantra given in this News Letter are in the Devanagari script using the Susha Font (attached). If you don't have this font, then please add it from the attachment.







      The Future of BJP




      Dinanath Das


      Presidend F.D.Roosevelt

      J.Sarat Chandra


      Guru Nanak Dev

      Manpreet S. Gambhir



      Ashok Kaushik


      Question page



      Astrology News



      By Daivagyna

      The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) was formed on the 6th of April, 1980, at 11.15’ AM at Delhi (28N39 77E13). The Chart is at figure 1.

      Intellectual Gemini is in the ascendant With the Arudha Lagna (AL) in the fifth house in Libra (Business) showing that businessman, industrialists and traders will strongly favor this party. The Janma Rasi is Scorpio and, the leaders of the BJP are advised against forming a Govt. when the Moon is in Scorpio (like the last time). The Parivartan yoga (exchange) between Jupiter and the Sun (planets that signify Dharma) shows that the BJP shall establish a moral code in India – this is its primary objective. The Sun in the tenth house guarantees success and being in the sixth house from AL, it destroys enemies. The Sun (Surya) in Pisces (Vishnu) symbolizes Bhagawan Sri Ram and so long as the BJP had the whole name of Bhagawan Sri Ram as the agenda, their rise occurred. The Moon in debility in the second from AL shows that the BJP shall always be troubled by premature end to its governance i.e. the question of stability crops up. This can be prevented only by Jupiter (signifies Vedas /Vedic Mantra/God ). Thus, if the leaders /supporters of the BJP were to worship Sri Ram with the Vishnu Gayatri, then, there is no doubt that the party will always be in power and realize its objective:

      Mantra :

      ! td\ivaYNau prma\ pdma\ sadapSyantI saUr: . idvaIva: caxaua-ttma\ ..



      The Parivartan yoga aforementioned, shall function during the dasa of the Sun in 2012 AD when the entire political system of India will undergo a radical change. The new order will see a very powerful and rich India.

      The BJP entered its golden phase of the dasa of the most favorable fifth lord Venus in August 1992. Venus is also the lord of Arudha Lagna (power /Status) and is exalted in Navamsa in the Lagna promising a high status and rapid rise for the party. However, Mars is the sixth lord (enemy) and also the maraka (killer) 2nd lord from AL. Thus the present period of Venus – Mars between August 1998, to October 1999, is very difficult. Fortunately for the BJP the Pratyantar dasa during the forthcoming elections will be of the Moon (2nd Lord in 6th house – success in battles) and the party will again become the largest force/group in the Lok Shabha. It will need the support of its coalition partners to from a government.

      The Darapada (A7) in Arise shows the partners. Incidentally, Sri George Fernandes is born in Aries Lagna and co-ordinates this coalition effort. The Darapada (A7) is aspected by seven planets showing seven major partners. Two planets are in Satrupada (A6) in Aquarius and aspect the Darapada (A7 Partner) showing that some partners will become enemies and some enemies will become partners. Thus, with the help of the coalition partners the BJP shall, again from the Govt. after the elections.

      The future (immediate) is the antardasa of Rahu in Venus dasa between October 1999 to October 2002. Rahu is co-lord of 9th house and conjoins a host of planets. It is involved in GRAHA YUDDHA (planetary war with Mars) (6th Lord – enemy) by being within one degree of each other. Rahu with a higher degree is the victor. Thus, during Oct’ 99 to Oct’ 2002 the enemy will be completely vanquished. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn shows that both the enemy and native are killed. Thus, there is danger to one of the leaders of BJP and security arrangements should be augmented. The combination of Rahu & Mars is called Vijaya yoga and the warriors of BJP shall worship MATA BHAVANI (CHAMUNDI) with the Mantra OM AIM HRIM KLIM CHAMUNDAYAI VICHCHAI (

      ! eoM hIM @laIM caamauNDayaO ivaccaO ) and prove to be true patriots.


      By Dinanath Das

      (continued from previous issue)

      6. Krishna

      The Supreme Lord, Krishna, is perfect and complete and because He is completely perfect, all emanations from Him, such as this phenomenal world, are perfectly equipped as complete wholes. Whatever is produced of the complete whole is also complete by itself. Because He is the complete whole, even though so many complete units emanate from Him, He remains the complete balance (Brhad-aranyaka Upanisad, 5.1)

      Krishna is the original cause of the spiritual world, and He is the covered cause of the material manifestation. He is also the original cause of the marginal potency, the living entities. He is both the leader and maintainer of the living entities, who are called marginal potency because they can act under the protection of the spiritual energy or under the cover of the material energy.

      The Supreme Lord, Krishna is the master of the three worlds. By His spiritual potency, known as svarajyalaksmi, all His desires are fulfilled.

      The brahmajyoti is the glowing rays from the body of Krishna. Just like the sunshine is glowing effulgence from the sun globe, similarly, in the spiritual world, there is spiritual effulgence and within this effulgence there are spiritual planets. They are called Vaikunthalokas. And the topmost of the Vaikunthalokas is Krishnaloka.

      Since the Supreme Lord is absolute, His qualities are nondifferent from Him. His form name, qualities and everything else pertaining to Him are as spiritual as He is. Every qualitative expansion of the absolute Lord is identical with Him. Since the Absolute Truth, the Supreme Person, is the reservoir of all pleasure, all the transcendental qualities that expand from Him are also reservoirs of pleasure. This is confirmed in the scripture known as Brahma-tarka which states that the Supreme Lord Krishna is qualified by Himself and therefore Krishna and His pure devotees and their transcendental qualities cannot be different from their persons (Laghu-bhagavatamrta 97-99)In the Vishnu Purana it is also said that all the qualities attributed to the Supreme Lord, such as knowledge, opulence, beauty, strength and influence, are known to be nondifferent from Him. This is also confirmed in the Padma Purana, which explains that whenever the Supreme Lord is described as having no qualities, this should be understood to indicate that He is devoid of material qualities.

      In the First Chapter of the Padma Purana it is said "AII noble and sublime qualities are eternally manifested in the person of Krishna." It is to be understood that Lord Sri Krishna, the transcendental form of absolute bliss, is the fountainhead of all pleasurable transcendental qualities and inconceivable potencies.

      Krishna has unlimited potencies, out of which three are chief

      1) Willpower;

      2) Power of knowledge and

      3) Creative power.

      The predominator of the willing potency is Lord Krishna, for by His supreme will everything comes into existence

      Srila Rupa Gosvami states in Bhakti-rasamna-sindhu (2.1.221-223) that although Lord Krishna is the reservoir of unlimited pleasure and the greatest leader of all, He is still dependent upon His devotees in three ways. According to the emotional status of the devotee, the Supreme Lord is appreciated in three ways, as:

      1 ) Perfect:

      2) More perfect and

      3) Most perfect.

      When He exhibits Himself in fullness, He is appreciated by great leamed scholars as most perfect. When He exhibits Himself in lesser degrees, He is called very perfect. And when He exhibits still less, He is called perfect. This means that Krishna is appreciated for three degrees of perfection. These three degrees of perfection are especially exhibited as follows:

      1) When He is in Dvaraka He exhibits His qualities as perfect;

      2) When He is in Mathura He exhibits His qualities as more perfect, and

      3) When He is in Gokula His transcendental qualities are exhibited as most perfect;

      Thus Lord Krishna manifests Himself in three ways – perfect, more perfect and most perfect.When the Supreme Lord does not manifest all His transcendental qualities, He is called complete. When all the qualities are manifest, but not fully, He is called more complete. When He manifests all His qualities in fullness. He is called most complete. Lord Krishna is complete in the Vaikunthalokas. He is more complete in Mathura and Dvaraka, and He is most complete in Gokula, due to His manifesting all His opulences.

      In the Bhagavatamrta-Kana by Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura Lord Krishna's four residences are given in descending order of potency as follows:

      1) Gokula:

      2) Mathura:

      3) Dvaraka and

      4) Aisvarya Goloka.

      The element of madhurya (loving devotional sentiment) is available in an increasing order respectively in:

      1) Aisvarya Goloka;

      2) Dvaraka;

      3) Mathura and

      4) Gokula.

      The Lord's aisvarya-sakti (opulence mixed with awe and reverence) is veiled in proportion to the manifestation of His madhurya-lila Therefore, as madhurya increases, aisvarya decreases to the same degree. So Aisvarya Goloka has more aisvarya and less madhurya; Dvaraka more madhurya than Aisvarya Goloka and less aisvarya: Mathura more madhurya than Dvaraka and less aisvarya: and Gokula manifests full madhurya.

      In the Maha-Varaha Purana it is confirmed that the transcendental bodies of the Supreme Lord and His expansions are all existing eternally. Such bodies are never material; they are completely spiritual and full of knowledge. They are reservoirs of all transcendental qualities. In the Visnu-Yamala-Tantra there is a statement that because the Lord and His expanded bodies are always full of knowledge, bliss and eternity, they are always free from the eighteen kinds of material contamination - illusion, fatigue, errors, roughness, material lust, restlessness, pride, envy, violence, disgrace, exhaustion, untruth, anger, hankering, dependence, desire to lord over the universe, seeing duality and cheating.

      The Lord Krishna is accustomed to blow His flute. His transcendental form is the most attractive in all the worlds - His eyes are like lotus petals, and the colour of His body is like the colour of clouds. He is so attractive that His beauty excels that of thousands of Cupids. He wears saffron cloth, a garland around His neck and a peacock feather in His hair.

      The transcendental form of Lord Krishna is unlimited and also has unlimited opulence. He possesses:

      1) Internal potency;

      2) External potency and

      3) Marginal potency.

      Both the material and spiritual world are transformations of Krishna's internal and external potencies. Therefore Krishna is the original source of both material and spiritual manifestations.

      Lord Krishna is the original source of everything and the sum total of everything. He appears as the supreme youth, and His whole body is composed of spiritual bliss. He is the shelter of everything and master of everyone. Everything emanates from Him. His body is completely spiritual and is the source of all spiritual being. Although He is the source of everything, He Himself has no source. Although He is supreme source of everyone, He is still always a fresh youth.

      Lord Krishna is the supreme controller. He has an eternal, blissful spiritual body. He is the origin of all. He has no other origin for he is the prime cause of all causes. He is full of all opulences. The supreme Lord Krishna is always like a sixteen-year old boy.

      (to be continued)


      By J. Sarat Chandra


      Following is the chart of President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the USA – born on 30.1.1882 at Hyde Park, USA.

      President Roosevelt was born in Simha Lagna and Mithun Rasi. The ascendant as such is a fiery sign with its lord in the 6th house in Makar – a moveable sign that gives him tremendous energy and drive. Moreover, the Lagnesh is with Venus, the lord of the 3rd indicating tremendous courage (parakrama) and steadfast character being in Makar and thus shows that he would beat up his enemies and would not be afraid of going to the enemies house (6th house placement) to fight him.

      The Arudha Lagna is in Mithuna with Moon and Mars (Yogakaraka for Simha Lagna) forming a very strong Sasi-Mangala Yoga which indicates that he is brave and successful in whatever he undertakes as the AL also happens to be the 11th from Lagna. These Graha also aspect the Rajyapada (A10) as its lord (Mercury) is placed in a Kendra (7th) from the Lagna, indicating a strong administrative career. As the Lagnesh (Sun) also aspects Lagna from the 6th house (also A4 – desires and passion in the world of Maya), it indicates a strong career as head of government – he was one of the longest serving and successful President of USA. Lagnesh is with Venus and Mars, the lord of 4th is with Moon indicating he was a very charming personality with a passionate desire for the opposite sex and all things that are beautiful. However, Rahu placed in the 4th from Lagna and aspecting (Rasi Drishti) the lagnesh and the lord of 10th (Venus) in 6th also gives scope for attraction of the opposite sex and secret enemies from the opposite sex or using the opposite sex for espionage and counter espionage activities – Rahu – Ketu placements in Scorpio and Taurus – Rahu aspecting the 6th (rasi Drishti) and 12th houses, Ketu in the 10th from Lagna.

      Mars, which forms a very strong yoga in conjunction with Moon in AL, also aspects the 5th house – the house of planning and policy – which indicates that he will be good at planning war, but due to the presence of Moon he will be quite cool and peace loving. This initial reluctance to be aggressive is also due to the presence of the 6th lord – Saturn – in the 9th with Jupiter, the Atmakaraka, and its 3rd house aspect on Moon and Mars in AL (11th house – opposite or the 7th from the 5th house). Jupiter, the Atmakaraka will also make him think (due to conjunction with Saturn) very deeply before taking a decision (the effect of Martian aspect on 5th) on war and like volatile activity.

      Rahu’s presence in 4th is not too good. It aspects the following houses – 5th (Sagittarius), 8th (Pisces) and 12th (Cancer) by way of Graha Drishti and the 6th (Capricorn – housing Sun and Venus), 9th (Aries – housing Saturn and Jupiter) and again the 12th (Cancer) by way of Rasi Drishti. This Rahu destroys general peace, robs of the affection of mother and casts a very bad aspect on the 5th house – damaging the prospects of good children, but at the same time it also makes him very good in planning and scheming. But its aspect on the 6th house, on the 12th house (which is also the Arudha Pada for the 2nd and 6th houses) and also the Atmakaraka and Saturn in the 9th house, strongly indicates sudden attacks by enemies and heavy loss – loss of name and fame etc. Saturn (airy Graha) conjunct Jupiter (AK and lord of 5th – Sagittarius; fiery sign – explosives, military etc., and 8th Pisces watery sign indicating oceans etc.,) aspected by Mercury lord of AL (airy sign) indicates aerial attacks on harbour's (Jupiter lord of Pisces being conjunct with Saturn lord of 6th and 7th) and heavy loss due to fire (bombing – Sun being in the 6th aspected by Rahu). But the presence of Venus along with Sun (lagnesh) in the 6th indicates strong recovery from the setbacks. President Roosevelt had very reluctantly been dragged into war at a late stage after the sudden bombardment of Pearl Harbour by the Japanese army and inflicting heavy damages and losses. Many ships and other crafts (vehicles – Venus) were lost in that surprise air raid leading US to get involved in the World War.

      A strong Arudha Lagna with Sasi-Mangala yoga indicates a very strong personality and a very strong and long career as head of government as the Moon in AL promises undying fame. Saturn’s 3rd house aspect on Moon and 10th house aspect on Sun and Venus in the 6th indicates some instability or loss of fame though. However, he had a very long career as head of State as Sun conjunct 10th lord (Venus) aspects the Lagna as also the 10th. He was one of the longest serving President of US and he died in office.



      Re-establishment of the Guru-Sisya Parampara

      By Manpreet Singh Gambhir

      Ek-Onkar (OM is the only truth) was preached to the world by the saint born in Talwandi (Pakistan) on the midnight of 8th Nov 1470. Guru Nanak Dev ji spent His life preaching the message of Dharma. This is indicated in his horoscope as Dharma (9th house) lord Mars and Karma (10th house) lord conjoin in fruitful sign Libra. This results in Dharma-Karmadipati yoga that aspects Dharma (9th) house. Thus preaching Dharma would be the Karma of the native.

      Arudha Lagna of Guru Nanak Dev's horoscope is in Scorpio with malefic Mars in 12th from it and malefic Rahu in 2nd from it. This results in Papakartari yoga for Arudha Lagna. Papakartari yoga destroys the house enclosed between malefics. This resulted in Guru Nanak Dev renouncing Maya (Arudha Lagna signifies Maya) and focusing on Dharma marga.

      Guru Nanak Dev's Rajya Pada (Arudha of 10th) is in Pisces and is aspected by its lord Jupiter. Pisces being the 8th house in this horoscope signifies moving away form family (7th from 2nd and 2nd signifies family) or renunciation. At the start of Jupiter dasa Guru Nanak Dev ji traveled away from home/family to preach the message of Dharma. The purpose of travel being preaching Dharma is indicated in the chart by Dharma (9th house) lord placed in the 3rd (is signifying short journey).

      The Mantra Pada (A5) and Rajya Pada (A10) for this horoscope conjoin in Pisces and are aspected by its lord Jupiter. Fifth house signifies sishyas, thus conjoining of Arudha of Karma (10th) with Arudha of 5th indicates that Guru Nanak Dev's karma would be focused on reviving Guru-Sishya parmampara. Mantra Pada being in Pisces and being aspected by Jupiter (also its lord) resulted in Guru Nanak Dev blessing the world with Guru Mantra WaheGuru (praise be of the Guru).

      The Mantra Pada is also aspected by debilitated Rahu from 5th house. This indicates that Guru Nanak Dev would be obstructed by Rahu in preaching the Mantra. Guru Nanak Dev ji was imprisoned by a ruthless rule (indicated by Rahu) Babar. Dharma Karmadipati yoga being in 3rd house provided Guru with the Parakrama Bala (strength) to convert Babar from ruthless to a kind rule. The courage to fight forces against Dharma is indicated by malefic Mars in the 3rd.

      As discussed above, at the start of Jupiter dasa (lord of 8th and aspecting it too) Guru Nanak Dev ji renounced his family to preach. At the start of Saturn dasa he returned back to his family. Saturn in his horoscope is the lord of 7th and lord of Arudha of 2nd (signifying family). During the Saturn dasa he showed the people (signified by Moon) how to practice the religion (Dharma) he preached in Jupiter's dasa. This is indicated by Shani-Chandra yoga in the 10th house.

      Rahu in the 5th house made Guru's children misfit to inherit the legacy. Guru Nanak Devji thus choose his sishya (signified by lord of 5th - Jupiter) as his heir during Jupiter antardasa of Saturn dasa.

      Astrology News


      A series of articles on Narayana Dasa and the other Rasi Dasa will appear in the Express Starteller Magazine from June'1999 Issue onwards. Interested readers can get their copy from


      The Shoola Dasa of Capricorn ended the Vajpayee Govt. in India after 13 months in office. While Jyotish News (JN) had anticipated a terrible political storm and advised Mahamrutunjaya mantra, the inevitable happened. This only goes on to show the importance of Vedic remedies that should be undertaken seriously. Had this been done, perhaps the premature end could have been avoided and the Govt. would have survived 40 months.

      Readers are most welcome to send information about Courses, seminars or any other matter they want advertised, but related to Jyotish.

      Question Page

      KalaSarpa Yoga Questions

      By Punditji

      LW Writes:

      My questions are:

      1. Does KSY exist even when the nodes are not confined within the 1st and 12th house? Say that R is in the 8th, then follow all the planets in different places and then K is in the 2nd - can one count like this from the 8th ACROSS the Ascendant to the 2nd? Or should KSY always be confined between 1 and 12 somehow?

        Punditji: Yes this is KSY. ". Agre Rahu adhou Ketu Sarve Madhya Graha." Dictum fits into this.

      2. Is KSY on the whole a good or bad thing - I couldn't make out from De Fouww who said it could be either. What are the other factors that one needs to look at to determine the nature of the KSY?

        Punditji: Depends on the position of the other planets. KSY indicates a strong struggle or desire from the past birth, which will require a lot of struggle before fructification. Now, if any planet conjoins the nodes or if a planet conjoins the first or seventh houses (from Lagna), then at a later age, say 40-43 Years, the KSY breaks up to unfold fantastic Rajyoga. A lot also depends on the planet in the lead. It could be either the diabolic Rahu or the mokshkarak Ketu, both showing extremes of life paths', one for Bhoga (enjoyment of all materialism) whereas the other for Tyaga (renunciation of all desires).

        Examples are the MahaPadma Yoga in the chart of Pundit Nehru the ex-PM of India, where till 43 years there was a lot of suffering and incarceration due to the freedom struggle and then Jupiter conjoining the node, destroyed the KSY to give the highest position in the country. Thus, other less knowing astrologers can interpret this as the Guru-Chandala Yoga, which is very negative.

      3. I also found this yoga in the charts of my brother and his wife and wondered - if a couple has this together what is the result (IN GENERAL - I realize that it depends also on the nativity's). Both have Rahu at the head one on the 6/12 axis and the other on the 2/8.The data are: DW Male; DOB 11/13/61; TOB 09:36; POB Vellore; (12N56; 79E8) LR Fem; DOB 12/28/59; TOB 03:15; POB Madras (13N5; 80E18)

        Punditji: The moon breaks the KSY to give Maha Sankha yoga. Ask your brother to keep a Sankha (Conch-preferably right handed one) for good luck. Jupiter also conjoins Ketu to give Maha Padma Yoga. Besides, in this case, Mokshkarak Ketu is on the lead and not Rahu-more spiritual and less material. This is also true for the second Female chart as again Ketu is leading the planets. However, the KSY is unbroken and spiritual quest increases after 43. Best wishes for these nice charts.

      4. Re Rah and Ketu per se: does their position in trika houses ameliorates their negative effect in any cases or is it always bad? In my family, it turns out that both my brothers and I have Rahu in 8t/Kt in 2nd: is that to be expected from the family ties or is that strange? I don't find that the three of us have any disasters in common but I know the 8th house has an enormous number of meanings.

        Punditji: Yes, it is not correct to comment loosely on the chart. A lot depends on the lordships, Chara karakatwa, AL etc.

      5. Would KSY along with a heavy 2nd house Scorpio emphasis - Moon Jupiter Mer Mars and Venus - be especially bad for a marital relationship since 2nd pertains to family? Or should that refer only to the childhood family? With that kind of 2nd house, the aspects on 8th are also increased: so, can it lead to an especial emphasis on 8th house matters especially along with the KSY?

      Punditji: See the Upapada first for marriage. If the Upapada is strong and 2nd lord from UL is strong in Rasi & Amsa, then the marriage will last long.

      Peter Writes:

      1. What information do you have to exchange on a KalaSarpa YOG? I have one in my own chart as does Deepak Chopra i.e. all planets hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu.

      Punditji: Can you confirm whether both you and Deepak Chopra got success/ direction in things/places related to foreign lands?

      Peter Confirms: The answer would have to be yes for both of us. Chopra is world renown as his books have been published in many languages and has had great success in Australia. In my own case my life received enormous direction after spending a year in Vietnam in 1966 having been conscripted at age 20.

      Vedic Remedies

      Pt. Ashok kaushik


      "Hari" means one who steals the hearts of yogis (Harafi yogichetansinits Hari) or and " to take away. Vishnu takes away the consequences of offences, errors and follies. When there is repentance there are the impurities that bring about grief and sickness.

      Hari is a name of for Vishnu (Mercury) the preserving aspect of divine lord. Sri Krishna (Moon) is an aspect of sustaining force and so Hari may be thought of as the healing aspect of Sri Krishna.

      The cosmic sound Aum or its condensed from Om is the origin of all sounds. It is called the "Pranava" as it generates within us of that which is pure, sacred and noble and gives birth to rays of light bring illumination to the mind.

      This mantra removes all kind of negative and even the worst effects of Mars. Because Hari is Krishna (Moon) and it is only Krishna who can debilitate Mars (Mars debilitates in Cancer owned by Moon which is Krishna. By chanting of this mantra one can control or can stay away from all kind of enemies and Tantra, it gives peace in all manlike (Mars dasa) related problems and it cures dental problems which are also caused by Mars afflictions.

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