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Stress-Free Suggestions

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    Let me introduce myself, My name is Chaitanya Swarup Das, I m new in this forum, I am also a beginer in Jyotish Ved , but I have a valuable Experience in
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      Let me introduce myself, My name is Chaitanya Swarup
      Das, I'm new in this forum, I am also a beginer in Jyotish
      Ved , but I have a valuable Experience in Ayur Vedic Med.
      and is my intention to share with all of you my realization in this
      I have read the thread called ' A bad Year' and important
      topic arise here 'Stress'

      So I decided to post something
      As we all know time pressure is one of the major reasons
      for stress in modern life, according to Dr. John Garrison at the
      Lahey Clinic in Burlington, MA. All that mental pressure of
      making too many decisions, staying up late, and rushing
      around aggravates Prana Vata, which is the aspect of Vata
      that governs mental functions. This is my own personal
      Experience too.!

      "Once Prana Vata is out of balance, that imbalance spills
      over into other subdoshas of Vata, such as Samana Vata,
      (concerned with digestion) and Apana Vata (concerned with
      elimination)," says Vaidya Mishra. "This can cause
      digestive and eliminative problems such as constipation."

      The digestive problems . "People start to accumulate ama, the
      waste-product of incomplete digestion," says Vaidya Mishra.
      "Then they feel even more stress because the ojas level
      gets disturbed and the coordination between mind, body,
      senses and the Self is disrupted."

      The result? Stress sky-rockets and immunity plummets. For
      this situation, Vaidya Mishra and many other Contemporary
      Rishis and Pandit will recommends a Vata-pacifying
      diet, daily routine, and lifestyle. To pacify Vata, it
      helps to eat warm, cooked foods, to avoid overeating or
      skipping meals, and to eat regularly. Eating more of the
      sweet, sour and salty tastes -- and eating less of the
      astringent, bitter and pungent tastes also helps. And
      remember that "sweet" means rice, wheat, and milk, and not
      so much the concentrated, heavy sweets associated with
      festivities and other celebrations. One thing to remember is
      to consider your personal circunstances, who you are , age,
      Ocupation, habitat, Time of the Year, time of the day, Season,
      Clinic History, Digesting capacity ,State of Agnis, habits,
      Varna, Ashram , and so on.


      Going to bed early can go a long way toward soothing Vata,
      as can rising by 6:00 a.m or before ( Brahma Muhurta time)
      and getting light but regular exercise (a brisk walk is ideal).
      Practicing the Chanting of the Maha
      Mantra Hare Krishna , ( my personal choice ) , Focus your 5 senses
      in the transcendental
      Doing Asanas, Tai Chi or Transcendental Meditation program
      regularly. And not to forget to listen your own body , a good point
      to start is NEVER repress 'the non-suppressible physio
      logical demands' , and using the common sense is a good way to
      combat stress in any season.

      There are many Ayur Vedic Products in the market, that can
      help or can harm you, it depends of your expertice and your Good
      Karma in meeting an HONEST Practitioner
      Watch the money oriented !!! and use Herbal products
      that help soothe Vata dosha Rasayanas for example.
      The Idea is to directly target Prana Vata and bring balance to all
      functions. Vata Tea is a delicious and soothing drink for
      the winter holidays, and you can serve it to your whole
      family to help everyone stay calm and settled.
      In General follow the advise of your local Vedic practitioner
      contains all six tastes but higher concentrations of the
      specific tastes that soothe Vata dosha.

      It happens that overemphasize to correct one DOSHA
      brings another unbalances.!

      Finally, treating yourself to a self-massage using the
      Moisturizing Herbal Massage Oil such as Maha Narayana
      if you can cope with the smell good if not , use sesame oil
      with some Essential oil , then take a warmth bath
      is a great way to soothe your whole mind and body
      and balance Vata dosha.

      ONE MORE
      Soothing Emotional Stress

      Emotional trauma , due to painful
      memories or family conflict, usually results in an
      imbalance in Sadhaka Pitta, the aspect of Pitta dosha
      concerned with the emotions and the heart. Once Sadhaka
      Pitta is disturbed, it reflects on Pachaka Pitta (which
      governs digestion) and Ranjaka Pitta (which governs heat in
      the blood). "Emotional trauma can stimulate a person to eat
      more," explains Vaidya Mishra. "That is why depressed
      people tend to overeat, which overloads their digestion,
      and results in weight gain and skin breakouts after the
      holidays ( some times )."

      Even though people eat more sweets and junk food to relieve
      emotional stress, they actually create more digestive
      impurities (ama), intensifying depression. "In this
      situation, the person creates more reactive ama, more
      Pitta-charged ama, which agitates their emotions even
      more," explains Vaidya Mishra. "The heart and mind no
      longer communicate in a friendly way, and then the person
      becomes even more depressed."

      And the last
      All the above advices are proven facts, but in the end
      the will of The Supreme Lord is the last word.

      I wish to have more time to attend every body's personal problems ,
      but I have limitations and needs too.,
      in any case if you really need an advise ,
      I'll share my experience and do my best

      Chaitanya S. Das P.I.A.V.M.

      pd: Apologies for the extention of this text
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