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  • Sanjay Rath
    Due to some requests, the old issues of the Jyotish News will be mailed starting with this issue. Hope you all enjoy it. With Best Wishes, Sanjay Rath.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 1999
      Due to some requests, the old issues of the Jyotish News will be mailed  starting with this issue.
      Hope you all enjoy it.
      With Best Wishes,
      Sanjay Rath.


      FEBRUARY 1999





      The Beginning

      Dinanath Das


      Personality of Month

      Sanjay Rath


      The Tenth house

      Sanjay Rath


      Remedial Measures



      Question Page

      Sanjay Rath


      Astrology News

      K B Tikoo


      Book Review

      K B Tikoo

      Personality of the month

      (By Sanjay Rath)

      Sri Jayendra Saraswati (Sankaracharya)

      DOB: 18th July 1935 TOB: 07:00 PM IST POB: Irul Nekki (10 N 42)(79 E 26)

      Above is the chart of His Holiness the Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti peetham. Capricorn rises with a powerful Saturn & Moon conjunction in the second house. This combination in the 4th, 10th & 11th house gives Rajyog and in the 1st/10th house in Cancer can give Maharaj yog. In other trines it produces Kali Yoga (i.e. the person has to face a lot of strife & hardship and by worshipping Maha Kali Rajyog results). In other house this can cause Pravrajya yoga. Saturn is not only the dispositor of the moon, it is also the strongest influence on the moon in the house of wealth. This is the pravrajya yoga that will make the native (Saturn is the Lagna lord: self) to renounce wealth and all possessions. Since this placement of Lagna and 7th lords causing Sani- chandra yoga is also in the 12th house from Arudha Lagna, it will destroy all attachments to personal wealth. The 8th lord from Lagna (Sun) is in the seventh house showing poverty (personal). The 8th lord from Lagna / Arudha Lagna aspecting the Lagna/ AL or conjoining the 7th house from it gives poverty. Venus the naisargika karak for happiness and the worldly comforts is in the 8th house- a combination seen in the charts of many renunciates, monks (sanyasis). The Darapada (A7) is in the 9th house but its lord Mercury is in the 6th house (denial) with Ketu (renunciation / Moksh). Thus, the native renounces physical contact with opposite sex in any form or manner. The Upapada (UL) is in Leo in the 8th house, and in the 6th house from Arudha Lagna. The Upapada has Yogakaraka Venus, but its lord Sun is placed in the 12th house from it. Thus any question of marriage in whatsoever form is ruled out. The 2nd lord from Upapada (Mercury) is placed in the 6th house with mokshkarak Ketu. This denies marriage bonds altogether.

      The deity to whom the native shall have personal attainment is seen from the trines in Vimsamsa (D-20 chart). Sun (Surya / Siva) and Jupiter (Guru/Siva) are in the trines to Vimsamsa Lagna showing personal attachment only to Shiva. This will make the native service oriented and he will do a lot of work for moral upliftment of masses (Shiva worship makes a person open hearted and Sani Chandra yoga in Rasi chart makes a social worker). The Atmakaraka is Jupiter and it shall dominate the affairs of the native. In the Rasi Chart, the darakarak Rahu is very inimical to the Atmakaraka and is placed in the 3rd house from AK and 12th house from Lagna, thus denying marriage. Being in Bhagyarudha Rahu destroys any desire for personal fortune as well. However as the lord of bhagyapada (A9) Jupiter gives fortune through renunciation.

      It may be noted that the Navamsa lagna rising is in the 12th house (place of worship) from the Atmakarak

      Jupiter . Thus , the native himself is revered and worshipped. This combination will be seen in the charts of big Saints who will be worshipped during their lifetime and even after their nirvana (e.g. Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekananda etc). Secondly, the lord of Navamsa Lagna itself is the Atmakaraka. However, it is not placed in Navamsa Lagna. Thus the native shall not be born in a Royal family but will attain a very high status. The moon is in the 9th house in debility in Navamsa (Rajbhang Neecha Yoga - Renunciation) and aspects the Karakamsa and lord of Navamsa Lagna Jupiter. This gives a lot of popularity and many people will love Sri Jayendra Saraswati.

      The Dasamsa (D-10) has a watery sign Scorpio rising, and Jupiter & Mars are in mutual aspect in the 6th - 12th axis. This Guru- Mangla Yoga for a watery sign rising in Dasamsa is a clear-cut combination for headship of the Sri Kanchi Kamakoti peetham (the Sankaracharya math at Kanchi). The conjunction of the luminaries Sun & Moon as the 10th & 9th lords respectively produces the highest Dharmakarmadhipati yoga. This conjunction in the 5th house (of authority, subordinate, followers etc.) gives the divine power to remove the evils and enlighten anybody / everybody. The conjunction of the mokshkarak Ketu with his Rajyoga in the spiritual sign Pisces speaks volumes about spiritual height of Sri Jayendra Saraswati. It is noteworthy that this powerful combination for enlightenment is in the 12th house (worship) from the Atmakaraka.


      The renunciation of Sri Jayendra Saraswati is timed from the Drig dasa and the Arudha Lagna. The Drig dasa always commence from the ninth house (Sloka 2.4.23 of Upadesa Sutra of Maharishi Jaimini). Thus, the renunciation of Sri Jayendra Saraswati should be expected to have occurred during the Drig dasa of the Arudha Lagna (Pisces) during July 1950 to July 1955. The antardasa would be of the eight house / Lord Sun that is Vargottama in trines to AL. The Sun is also the lord of the Mantrarudha (A5) in Leo. The renunciation occurred in March 1954 in Pisces dasa Cancer antardasa. In Vimsottari this occurred just before the advent of Jupiter dasa.


      Since it has been already shown (in the Dasamsa especially) that Sri Jayendra Saraswati was destined to lead the highest seat of Hindu religion i.e. the Sankaracharya Math, the timing of this headship can be done from the Drig Dasa and Lagna. The timing can also be done from the Narayan dasa and Ghatika Lagna. The Drig dasa of Capricorn, which is the Lagna, is from July 1991 to July 2002 and Sri Jayendra Saraswati has become the head (Sankaracharya) of the Math after the nirvana of his Guru, Sri Chandrasekhar Saraswati.

      Drig Dasa of Sri Jayendra Saraswati

      Dasa Period From To Age



      July 1935

      July 1938




      July 1938

      July 1950




      July 1950

      July 1955




      July 1955

      July 1965




      July 1965

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      OM TAT SAT


      Astrological News

      By K.B.Tikoo


      r. B V Raman, one of the great astrologers of this century passed away on 20th Dec. 1998 at 9.45 A.M at Bangalore. His wife, five sons, two daughters and five grandsons survive him. He has also left behind many ardent lovers of Astrology.Dr. Raman received an honorary doctor's degree from Pythagorean University in 1947 for his invaluable contribution to the science of Astrology. He was also awarded doctors' degree in Literature by the Akhila Bharateeya Samskrita Sammelana in 1968 and a honorary doctors' degree of letters by the Kumaon University in 1976. In addition to these he has earned many other titles.

      Dr. Raman was born near Bangalore in 1912, he specialized in homeopathy and worked on Vedic astrology.He edited "The Astrological Magazine" for over 62 years, which alone is a great achievement.


      n unmanned spacecraft on Dec.11, 1998 blasted off the Cape Canaveral headed for Mars on a mission to probe the planet’s frigid atmosphere and rugged landscape for signs of water, a key ingredient of life. Mr. Bruce Buckingham, after tracking station in Perth, Australia says the 629 Kg probe is due to arrive at Mars in September after 669 million Km voyage.


      he international space station became a reality on Dec.7, 1998 as the first two components were brought together in orbit by the crew of the US space shuttle Endeavor. The Russian built Zarya module and the US built Unity module were the first of more than 100 space station components to be coupled together over next five years.


      he Astrology classes taught in the classical Vedic tradition have started at Sri Jagannath Vedic Center. The first batch has started from December 1998. Pt. Sanjay Rath is conducting the classes. This is the first step towards achieving the goals of the center. Sri Jagannath Vedic Center is proud of it.


      (Extracts from ‘The Crux of Vedic Astrology: Timing of Events’ By Sanjay Rath Published by Sagar Publications 72, Ved Mansion, Janpath, New Delhi

      E-mail: sagarpub@...

      Price: Rs 200/- (US $20.00)

      The tenth house deals with prosperity growth (significator Jupiter), karma including all works, actions (significator Saturn), professions & career (significator Mercury), fame (significator Jupiter & Moon), respect (significator Jupiter), status and social rights including power (significator Sun). It represents the mid-heaven and plays a vital role in the chart, second in importance only to the ascendant. Low astakavarga bindu in these houses can considerably weaken a chart. All planets in the tenth house generally give very good results. Even Rahu gives pilgrimages if in the tenth in the natal chart or from the Narayan dasa sign. Houses whose lords are in the tenth house gain considerable strength and the activities ruled by them succeed. The tenth house has argala on the 6th, 7th, 9th and 12th houses thereby directly affecting enemies, servants, fortune and sleep that are ruled by these houses and other matters as well. For example, Chanakya says that a king can never fall if his servants are faithful. If the servants are faithful, the sixth house is favorable and the enemies also ruled by the sixth house cannot win. This automatically affects the status ruled by the tenth house. Similarly, success automatically brings more business and associates, besides keeping the spouse happy. Ones boss, guru, or lady luckruled by the ninth house does matter in ones career. The 12th house rules final emancipation and meditation. Bad actions in the tenth house will reflect adversely on the 12th house and Moksh will be denied in the long term while sleep could be adversely hampered in the short term. A fine solution to this negative cycle would be to take up transcendental meditation (TM). The 11th, 1st, 2nd, & 8th houses have argala on the 10th house or are capable of affecting the actions and other matters ruled by the tenth house. Thus gains, self, and net profit or loss will influence decisions and actions. If an exalted or strong natural benefic is in the ascendant, the native will be guided by its ideals and this will have a strong impact on his decisions and action. In this manner, the argala’s and their obstruction should be understood.

      The fifth house is the eighth from the tenth house representing birth (beginning) and longevity (time of implementation) of an action (10th house). Thus, the fifth house rules authority and power that one enjoys due to skills & knowledge as well as ones Purva punya. The timing of joining a new job is done from the fifth house. Rajyoga also need to be confirmed in the Panchamamsa (D-5 Chart) and the Dasamsa (D-10 chart). The eleventh house from ascendant is the ‘Hara’ or end of life. Similarly, the eighth house being the eleventh from the tenth house is the place of retirement or end of career. The eighth house, if beneficially disposed, can give huge loans to take large enterprises and its argala on the seventh house and 10th house can give a new boost to ones business. If ill disposed, ones business will run into endless debt and ruin. The following maybe borne in mind while analyzing the Dasamsa: -

      The Dasamsa should be analyzed in detail independently like the Rasi chart. The Artha Trikona is composed of the second 6th & 10th houses. Planets in these houses will have a direct bearing on the functioning of the native. Any planet in the tenth house is independently capable of giving good yoga that could mean power, rise and success in ones career. In addition, the seventh house should also be studied, as it is the Pada to the tenth. If the Sun dominates in these houses, a political career or similar public service is indicated. If the Moon dominates, Government Service or such other professions like hotel business etc are indicated. Mars gives Police; Intelligence related activities, Army etc. Jupiter produces lawyers, Judges, Priests, Astrologers, etc. Mercury gives business, writing & publishing, trade etc. Venus gives entertainment and all works of beauty while Saturn gives heavy burden, menial jobs etc. Rahu can indicate imports while Ketu shows exports etc. The sixth house rules business and the seventh house rules business. If there are more planets in the sixth house, or if it is otherwise stronger, service is indicated. A stronger seventh house gives an independent business. Similarly, the sixth lord promotes service while the seventh lord promotes business. This could mean instability in service during the period of the seventh lord. Similarly, debilitated malefic in the seventh house will encourage service as they will damage the business.

      The boss is seen from the ninth house while the subordinates are seen from the fifth house. During the period of a malefic planet having papargala (malefic obstruction) on the ninth house, one is tormented by the boss (or ex-boss) while a benefic having Subhargala (benefic intervention) shall give a very good and helpful boss. Thus in Charts showing any kind of employment, the concerned houses for the self are the first, 6th & 10th. The third house from these (3rd, 8th & 12th) can cause problems. The eighth house will show retirement; the third house shows short leave while the 12th house shows long leave.

      The ascendant lord in the ninth house makes a person very independent (he likes to be his own boss) and business is best advised in such charts or employment where a lot of scope for independent work. The second house is the eighth from the seventh house and shall play a crucial role in starting any business. In simpler words, the starting of any business is determined by the finance available. The quadrants to the 2nd house are the 5th, 8th & 11th houses showing the money that is put in by the partner, loans from banks etc. & self respectively.

      The rules for judging the sex and nature of the people involved is the same as that for co-born and children.

      Planets in the tenth house generally always give good results .The Sun and Mars that get directional strength in the tenth house can be a great blessing in any chart providing dynamism and success. The sun indicates pride, respect, position, status, responsibility, independent views, and help from politicians and senior officers. The Moon shows fluctuation of fortunes and success in public dealings, water or liquids, emotional views and changeability of work etc. Saturn indicates rapid rise and fall, hard work. Ketu indicates routine job .In this manner; the standard texts provide considerable information on the results of the planets in the tenth house based on the nature of the planet. The second basis is to see the relationship of the planet on the houses it has argala on. If the Sun or Jupiter is in the tenth house, the argala on the ninth house is very favourable and will promote father, guru and good fortune. This will simultaneously, destroy the evil effects of malefic planets in the ninth house. If Rahu or Saturn is in the tenth house, it will have papargala on the ninth house and the father/guru will have to suffer. Saturn will cause many downturns in fortune and life will be a battle of sorts. However, Saturn will have subhargala on the 12th house of which it is a significator and the native could learn spiritual practices like Pranayama that will be very beneficial. Ketu in the 10th house will also have papargala on the ninth house but it will have a subhargala on the 12th house of final emancipation (ketu is mokshkarak). This will lead the native into the spiritual path and teach meditation etc. Malefics in the tenth have papargala on the sixth house and can destroy their significations of the sixth house. For example, if Ketu is in the tenth house it could be very malefic for dogs and such pets while Saturn can create many enemies. Mercury or Venus in the tenth house can be a blessing for business. However, Ketu or Mercury in the tenth will make the native very fickle minded. The third basis is to consider the houses having argala on the planet in the tenth house. The ascendant has sukhargala (intervention for creating happiness) on the tenth house. If the planet in the ascendant is friendly to the planet in the tenth house, then the native has job satisfaction, and if inimical, there will be a lot of dissatisfaction. Thus the argala of the ascendant on the tenth house can promote or damage the prospects of the tenth house because of personal desires and whims. The eleventh house has dhanargala (wealth intervention) on the tenth house. Thus, incentives like bonus can make a dent on the performance. For example, if Rahu is in the eleventh house the results of ones actions will come suddenly while Saturn will delay the fruits. Retrograde planets can even deny the fruits of the actions until they become direct in transit. The eighth house has labhargala on the tenth house. Thus, it determines the end of a work or career. The eleventh house from any bhava has the responsibility of finishing it. This has been aptly stated by Maharishi Jaimini in the stanza Tanou tana danda hara meaning the sixth is the house of punishment and the sixth from the sixth (11th house) is the destroyer (Hara). There are neither real enemies nor any real diseases in this illusionary world. These are only means for the Lord to punish us for our sins. People born on Shasta tithi (the sixth day of the waxing/waning) lunar cycle or during the period of planets in the sixth house from ascendant or the dasa sign, can suffer many problems due to enemies. Fasting on Shasta and worshipping Lord Shiva /Kartikeya is the best means to take the punishment on oneself. This will end the enmity. Similarly, people born on ekadasi (11th day of lunar cycle) or duringthe period of planets in the eleventh house from ascendant or the planetary dasa sign, can suffer due to shad ripu (six forms of weaknesses like non-vegetarian food, alcohol, sex, etc). They should fast on ekadasi days and worship Sri Maha Vishnu to overcome these weaknesses.

      The fourth point is to consider the placement of the planet from the various houses. For example, Saturn in the tenth will be in the eighth from the third house and will give a long lived younger co-born. It will also aspect the seventh house to promise a long life to spouse. There is a saying Brahma (Saturn) gives life, Vishnu (Mercury) gives wealth and all means of sustenance, and Shiva (Jupiter) gives marriage, children, Guru and all blessings. Thus if Saturn aspects any house, it gives long life to that house but if it conjoins a house, its longevity is curtailed. Saturn conjoining the lords of the first, 10th & 8th houses can reduce longevity. The Sun or Jupiter in the tenth house will be in the eighth from the third and can destroy the dharma & fortune of the younger brother because they are very inimical to the sixth house from their placement (Sarvartha Chintamani).

      The placement of the tenth lord will tend to carry the effects of the significators (Mercury, Saturn, Sun & Jupiter). Thus if the tenth lord is in the ascendant, due to the effects of Mercury the native will be fickle minded; due to the effects of Saturn the native will have ill-health in childhood (till ten years: Maharishi Parasara); due to the effects of the Sun the native will prefer to pursue an independent profession and due to the effects of Jupiter the native will have fame, Status and honor. The good results of Simhasan Yoga (10th lord in 1st/2nd house) will come after middle age as planets in the 1st, 7th & 9th houses give their results in later life. The second basis is that the tenth lord shows the direction of karma and source of fortunes. If the tenth lord is in the second house or associates with the second lord, family business will be source of livelihood. If the tenth lord is afflicted, then the family business will be disrupted and cause the misfortune of the native. The strength of Jupiter the significator of Family deity is a crucial factor. Since the second house rules food, the tenth lord will also indicate business/ profession related to the hotel industry if the significator Moon also influences the tenth lord. If the tenth lord is in the third house or associates with the third lord, the job may involve constant travelling and short journeys especially if Venus associates with the tenth lord or is in its trines. The co-born (ruled by the third house) will further the career of the native. The third basis is to count the number of signs from the tenth house to the tenth lord and vice-versa. If the tenth lord is in the third house it will be in the sixth from the tenth house and the latter will be in the eighth from it. This implies short-term (eighth house) service (6th house) or contracts (3rd house) that can be executed over a short period (8th house). If the tenth lord is in the fifth house, it will be in the eighth sign from the tenth house that will show research, occult studies and gambling or speculation. From the tenth lord, the tenth house would be the sixth sign (upachaya) showing growth and achievement. It will also show service for the orphans, handicapped and old/sick people (8th house effect). It should be borne in mind that natural benefics like Jupiter and Moon if placed in the eighth from their sign, could cause damage to the same while their involvement in parivartan and other yogas will modify the negative results. The fourth basis is to consider the placement of the tenth lord or tenth house from the Paka & Arudha Lagna. Paka Lagna is the sign occupied by the lord of the ascendant. If the tenth house or tenth lord is in the Badhak or dusthana from the Paka & Arudha lagna, the results are obstruction and destruction respectively.

      Natural strength of houses has been mentioned in books like Laghu Parasari etc. The quadrants, in the rising order of 1st, 4th, 7th & 10th are stronger than the Upachayas in the order 3rd, 6th & 11th (10th has been excluded as it is considered the strongest quadrant). The Upachayas are stronger than the trine fifth & ninth houses (the ascendant is excluded in this as it is placed among the quadrants). The 2nd & 12th houses have no strength of their own and depend on the other house lordship of their owner. The eighth house is always evil and is never stronger than the ascendant. Thus on the basis of lordship the planets can be placed in the following ascending order of natural strength (influence) in the chart: - 2nd, 12th, 5th, 9th, 3rd, 6th, 11th, 8th, 1st, 4th, 7th & 10th house lord. It is evident that the tenth lord is the most influential planet in the chart as the tenth house is the most potent house for any planet to be placed. This fact should be borne in mind while analyzing Rajyoga and Duryoga i.e. combinations for prosperity and penury.

      Kendradhipati dosha or the negative effect of the ownership of quadrants by benefics implies reduction in their beneficence. The benefic owner of a quadrant is still a benefic and does not become a malefic. Similarly, a Malefic planet owning a quadrant will not remain a malefic and that does not imply that the malefic becomes a benefic. This loss of beneficence of a benefic lord of quadrant is called Kendradhipati dosha. This flaw is annulled if the planet is also well placed in a quadrant or trine. Similarly, a malefic planet owning a quadrant sheds its maleficence and will give very good results if placed in an evil house. If instead, the planet is placed in a quadrant or trine, the loss of maleficence may not occur fully. For example if Saturn is the lord of the 10th house for Taurus ascendant, its placement in the 12th house in debility will give excellent results like power, position and a good career. If the malefic is also the lord of a trine in addition to its ownership of a quadrant, then it becomes a yogakaraka producing auspicious results.

      Yogakaraka means capability for producing auspicious results. The lord of the ascendant is the natural yogakarak in any chart as it the first house is a quadrant and a trine. The lords of trines (5th & 9th houses) are important for wealth and sustenance while the lords of the 4th, 7th & 10th contribute to the happiness. The 1st, 10th, 7th & 4th houses/ lords represent the four ayana’s (goals of life) called Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha (Readers may refer to the Srimad Bhagavat Gita for a detailed explanation of these goals). Yoga has been loosely interpreted as Union/association and in astrology this implies conjunction, mutual aspect or exchange of signs. A weaker yoga is caused by one planet aspecting the house of the other and vice-versa or by an exchange of constellation called sookshma yoga. The association of the lord of a quadrant with the lord of a trine results in Rajyoga producing auspicious results. Thus if the tenth lord associates with the ninth lord, Dharma-Karmadhipati yoga results. This is the highest Karma Yoga. Another form of this yoga is the association of the lord of the tenth house with the lord of the fifth house. Gyana Yoga (that leads to moksh) is caused by the association of the lord of the fourth house with the lord of a trine. This yoga gives great learning and knowledge. Subha yoga or good results are produced by the placement of the lord of a quadrant in a trine. Dur yoga or inauspicious results are produced by the placement of the lord of a quadrant in a dusthana (evil house). However, the duryoga is modified if it associates with the lord of a trine. Rajabhanga yoga is caused by the association of the lord of a quadrant with the lord of a dusthana in an evil house. If instead, they associate in a quadrant, Vipareeta Rajyoga occurs. Vipareeta Rajyoga is also caused by the association of the lords of two dusthana in an evil house. For example, if Taurus ascendant has Jupiter and Venus in the sixth house, they are the lords of the 8th and 6th houses (dusthana) associating in an evil house (6th house) resulting in destruction of enemies and good prosperity. If Virgo ascendant has Mars (3rd & 8th lord), Mercury(1st & 10th lord) and the Sun (12th lord) in the tenth house in Gemini, Vipareeta Rajyoga results during the period of Mars & the Sun only. Mahapurush yoga is caused by the placement of a planet in its own sign or in exaltation in a quadrant. The strength of the luminaries is very vital for initiating the Rajyoga and sustaining the same.

      Kalyana Verma emphasizes the importance of planets in the tenth from the Moon sign and Hora Lagna. The mind is the controller of all actions and activity. The planets in the tenth house from the Moon sign or the lord of the tenth house from the Moon sign will give considerable information about the Career and fortunes of the native. Similarly, the tenth house from Hora Lagna should also be seen after studying the tenth from the ascendant. For example, if Mars strongly influences the tenth house from the Moon by placement or lordship, the native may travel to a distant land for his livelihood.



      Question No 1:

      Dear PanditJi,

      "I would like to know if I am going to be successful in my business. I feel like there is something wrong and do not get very positive feedback from the company manager. The birth data is as follows:

      DOB: 29th April 1950

      TOB: 05:00

      37 E 20 & 03 S 21"

      Reply By Panditji

      The birth chart of the native is given as under:

      The chart shows that you have a very suspicious boss. He will also be a scheming type. This is inspite of your sincere efforts in the job. you are better suited for business, but the time is not ripe for the same as the Dasa of Jupiter shows service. Financial help / sudden gains are indicated after October 1999 to July 2000. Following this, you will have some very good time in life from July 2000 till November 2002. This will be very good for your career and business.

      Business related to areas of communication, publishing etc would be good for you.

      Question No 2:

      The birth data given by a native is as under:

      DOB: 22nd March 1962

      TOB: 11.05 AM IST

      POB: Eluru., West Godavari Distt. A.P India

      Query: Could you please look into my chart regarding my profession and send me few lines.

      Currently I am in Australia. Do I get permanent residence here? Am I going to settle down here in my profession (Medical doctor)? When would be a steady progress in my career. Currently I am not able to do what I wanted to do.

      Reply By Panditji

      The birth chart of the native is given as under:

      1.Australia is good for you, but the USA is better. Perhaps you will get to do what you want to do out there.

      2. A lot of travelling is indicated after May 1999.

      3. Some professional success and financial gains are assured after May this year for good many years. You are about to start the antardasa of Venus in Jupiter.

      4. The present period of Aries (Narayan dasa) from 30-40 years is not very good for settling down as Rahu in the fourth shows change of residence, living away from your house, Saturn & Ketu in the tenth house give sudden reversals. This is also the 12th house and Moon in the 6th, happiness is not guaranteed at all times.

      5. After 40 years of age, there will be excellent Yoga. New house, properties, success in all undertakings and a very good phase.

      6. Use a diamond and better days will be seen from this May.

      Letters to the Editor:

      Letter from Shri. Chander P.Verma


      NIBSTC, F-35A, South Extension parts I, New Delhi - 110049: " I am an amateur in Astrology. Kindly send me free copy of News letter."


      : Dear Shri. Chander: We have noted your request and you will start receiving your copy shortly.

      Letter from Dr. Prasad Murala



      I just visited your WebPages and it was excellent. I hope in future you will include many research articles.

      The Beginning

      (By Dina Nath Das)


      The main point of time in astrology is the beginning or birth of the individual. For every other action beginning is very important too. In the following passages we will be able to find out how everything begun on the cosmic scale and how the beginning (birth) of the individual fits there. The following is the compilation from the immortal classic of Krishna-dvaipayana Vyasa (Srila Vyasadeva) called Srimad Bhagavatam or Bhagavat Purana.

      1. Creation

      There is no possibility of creation without these five items:

      l . Feeling;

      2 . Willing;

      3 . Thinking;

      4 . Knowing;

      5 . Acting.

      These five items are absolutely necessary for creation because dull matter by itself cannot create anything. Creation needs control and guidance. By itself, matter can only become destroyed. For example, if you build a building, in due course of time the building will be destroyed and it can never create another building. If we

      want to get another building then we need someone who firstly, has the feeling that this building is necessary, then secondly, he wills to build, then thirdly he undergoes the thinking how to build, then fourthly, he must know how to build and finally he must act to build. Thus even for creating an insignificant building, these five items are compulsory, what to speak of creating the universe. Therefore, the combination of the spiritual feeling, supreme will, perfect thinking, absolute knowledge and faultless action brings about the cosmic manifestation.

      When we say "cosmic manifestation" we mean two worlds:

      1. Spiritual and

      2. Material.

      There is no creation in the spiritual world for there the planets are eternal. Eternal means no beginning and no end. The spiritual planets were not created at any particular point of time therefore they cannot be destroyed. They are indestructible, eternal, inexhaustible, unlimited and ever existing, without beginning and end; they are not subject to the limitations of material time and space. The spiritual planets are invisible to us because of two reasons:

      1. They belong to the super dimensional world;

      2. They are beyond the limits of our universe.

      By our present eyes we cannot see objects which are belong to super dimension and of course, we cannot see things which are beyond our universe.

      In contrast, there is creation in the material world. The material planets are created in particular point of time and are destroyed in particular point of time. The material planets are temporary and are subject to the influence of time and space.

      In either case, both the spiritual and material worlds are manifestation of the energy of acting. Both of them have the same origin. From this supreme origin of all cosmic manifestation, a spiritual light is constantly emanating which is called brahmajyoti. Part of the brahmajyoti, the shining effulgence, is covered by the mahat-tattva, the material energy. Other than this, the major portion of that shining spiritual sky is full of spiritual planets.

      The inconceivable energies of the Supreme are spread throughout the creation. He is all pervading, and by His energy He sustains all planetary systems. The Lord’s energy are divided into three component parts, namely sandhini, samvit and hladini; in other words, He is the full manifestation of existence, knowledge and bliss. Out of the total manifestation of the sandhini energy of the Lord, three fourths are displayed in the spiritual word and onefourth is displayed in the material world.

      The spiritual world is considered to be three fourths of the energy of the Supreme, whereas this material world is only one fourth of that energy. Because the spiritual world consists of three fourths of the Lord’s energy, it is called tri-pada-vibhuti. Being a manifestation of one fourth of the Lord’s energy, the material world is called eka-pada-vibhuti. Tri-pada-vibhuti include two realms of existence:

      1. Goloka-dhama and

      2. Hari-dhama.

      Eka-pada-vibhuti include one realms of existence:

      1. Devi-dhama.

      Goloka-dhama also called Goloka Vrndavana, is the highest planet of all cosmic manifestation. Below Goloka-dhama there is Hari-dhama which includes innumerable spiritual planets called Vaikunthalokas. Below Hari-dhama there is Mahesa-dhama which is also called Sadasivaloka. Mahesa-dhama is the marginal realm between Hari-dhama and Devi-dhama. Finally below Mahesa-dhama there is Devi-dhama which includes countless material universes containing millions of billions of material planets. Thus these four realms of existence are located in the following order:

      1. Goloka-dhama;

      2. Hari-dhama;

      3. Mahesa-dhama;

      4. Devi-dhama.

      The Lord is holding and maintaining entire cosmic manifestation by His extraordinary potency. By His pleasure potency, He maintains the supreme spiritual planet known as Goloka Vrndavana. Through His opulence potency, He maintains unlimited Vaikunthaloka planets. By His external potency, He maintains innumerable material universes with innumerable material planets within them.

      The system of bhaki-yoga makes one eligible to enter Goloka-dhama or Hari-dhama, the system of Jnana-yoga makes one eligible to enter Mahesa-dhama, and the system of karma-yoga obliges one to remain in Devi-dhama and repeatedly be born and die.

      2. Paravyoma - Spiritual Sky

      Vyoma means sky, and para means spiritual. Thus paravyoma means spiritual sky.

      In the highest region of that spiritual sky is the spiritual planet called Goloka.

      The shape of the spiritual sky is compared to a lotus flower. The topmost region of that flower is called the whorl, and within that whorl is Goloka planet. The pet

      als of the spiritual lotus flower consist of many Vaikuntha planets.

      In the spiritual sky there is no need of sunshine, moonshine, fire or electricity, because all the planets are self-luminous. The shining effulgence of all those planets (called Vaikunthalokas) constitutes the spiritual light known as the brahmajyoti.. In those effulgent rays innumerable spiritual planets are floating. The brahmajyoti, or spiritual light mainly emanates from the supreme abode, Goloka, and the ananda-maya and cin-maya planets, which are not material, float in those rays.

      So far the spiritual sky is concerned, there are innumerable Vaikuntha planets, and nobody can measure how great those Vaikuntha planets are. Therefore how great that space of spiritual sky is nobody can calculate.

      The spiritual sky is the manifested internal potency of the Lord; it is distinct from the material sky manifested by His external potency.

      Thus the spiritual sky is include two realms of existence:

      1. Unlimited and all-pervading spiritual effulgence and

      2. Innumerable spiritual planets.

      3. Vaikuntha - Spiritual World

      The Vaikuntha region is all-pervading, infinite and supreme. Surrounding Vaikuntha is a mass of water that is endless, unfathomed and unlimited. The earth water, fire, air and ether of Vaikuntha are all spiritual. Material elements are not found there.

      Although there is no question of creation as far as the spiritual world is concerned, the spiritual world is nonetheless manifest by supreme will of the Lord. The spiritual world is the abode of the pastimes of the eternal spiritual energy.

      The spiritual world of the Vaikuntha planets and Goloka, the supreme planet, is situated in the Lord’s internal potency, which is called cit-sakti (energy of thinking) or antaranga-sakti. Through this potency the Supreme Lord exhibits variegatedness in the transcendental Vaikuntha cosmos. Although there is no creation in the spiritual world, which is eternal, it is still to be understood that the Vaikuntha planets depend on the thinking energy of the Supreme Lord.

      The spiritual world is divided into two portions:

      1. Goloka and

      2. Vaikunthalokas. …..(to be continued)

      ________________________________Om tat sat_____________






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