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Jyotish News - May - 2000

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  • Sarat Chander
    JYOTISH NEWS MAY 2000 ... A monthly news letter from Sri Jagannath Vedic Centre 152-B, Pocket-C, Mayur Vihar Phase-2 Delhi - 110 092 Tel.No.0091 - 11 - 248
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      MAY 2000

      A monthly news letter from

      Sri Jagannath Vedic Centre

      152-B, Pocket-C, Mayur Vihar Phase-2

      Delhi - 110 092

      Tel.No.0091 - 11 - 248 9531

      Email: jyotish-news@egroups.com

      Honorary Editor: Pandit Shri Sanjay Rath

      Hon. Managing Editor: J. Sarat Chander

      Email: saratchander@...






      Unveiling the Lordship of Divisional Charts (Part-III)

      Gauranga Das


      Heart Diseases and Its Causes

      G.K. Goel


      May News






      Gauranga Das

      Lords of the Shodasamsha (D-16)

      In the Shodasamsha each sign is divided into 16 equal parts of 1*52'30". In movable signs they commence from Aries, in fixed signs from Leo, and in dual signs from Sagittarius. In odd signs the lords of the sixteen portions are respectively Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Surya repeating four times. In even signs the order is the opposite.

      Maharishi Parashara says that through the D-16 chart benefits and adversities through conveyances may be known.  Of course we would imply more meanings for this divisional chart which may be linked to the significations of the 4the house of the Rasi chart. So we could say that the D-16 represents our movement, advancement, comforts, and may also describe our house, vehicles, personal equipment etc. Brahma is the creator of the universe, the first and most intelligent living entity. We May refer to the good planets placed in the Amshas ruled by Brahma for creative power and ability to think out and plan something. Vishnu is the Paramatma who maintains the whole universe. He is there in every atom and the space between the atoms (andaantara-stha-paramaanu-chayaantara-stham  - Sri Brahma Samhita). So the planets in Vishnu's amshas will denote our ability to preserve our environment and property. Shiva is the destructive principle of the universe, so the planets in his Amshas may show the periods of troubles, accidents to our car or damage to our houses. And finally Surya is the Sun, the source of light for the whole universe. He will show the things that are perceivable to others as well. So the effect of planets in Surya Amsha will be that people know and appreciate our vehicles and homes. Along these lines the other significations of the D-16 chart may be analysed as well. As this chart is in the second circle of D-charts (from D-13 to D-24), it also lets know much about the individual's mental and intellectual qualities. Some are very proud of their possessions, (perhaps those with strong effects of Surya Amshas in D-16), and some hide them.

      Lords of the Vimshamsha (D-20)

      The D-20 chart is one of the most interesting and most important divisional charts, as it is connected with devotion, or religiosity of the person. Maharishi Parashara says that Vimshamsha commences from Aries in movable signs, from Sagittarius in fixed signs and from Leo in dual signs. Each part covers 1*30' of a Rasi. The following table lists the lords of the 20 parts of an odd and even Rasi:

      No. of Vimsamsa Odd signs Even signs

      1. Kali  Daya

      2. Gauri  Medha

      3. Jaya  Chinna Shirsha

      4. Laxmi  Pishachini

      5. Vijaya  Dhoomavati

      6. Vimala  Matangi

      7. Sati  Bala

      8. Tara  Bhadra

      9. Jwalamukhi Aruna

      10. Savita  Anala

      11. Lalita  Pingala

      12. Bagala  Chucchukka

      13. Pratyangira Ghora

      14. Sachi  Varahi

      15. Raudri  Vaishnavi

      16. Bhavani Sita

      17. Varada  Bhuvaneshi

      18. Jaya  Bhairavi

      19. Tripura  Mangala

      20. Sumukhi   Aparajita

      These are all female goddesses, wives of Lord Vishnu and the demigods. In the Vedic sacrifices, whenever anything is offered to Lord Vishnu, it is first offered to Sri, or Laxmidevi, His female potency. From everyday life we know that the husband is served best by his wife, therefore we offer something ot the Lord's consort, which she will use in His service. So devotion to God or the demigods is possible by the mercy of his female potency. So by having the planets in certain divisions will signify that the person achieves the goodwill of that particular goddess and will develop devotion to her husband.

      Lords of the Siddhamsha (D-24)

      According to Maharishi Parashara, the D-24 sheds light on one's learning and intellectual abilities. One portion
      of the Siddhamsha extends to 1*15', and in odd signs they commence from Leo, while in even signs from Cancer. In odd signs the presiding deities are Skanda, Parashudhara, Anala, Vishvakarma, Bhaga, Mitra, Maya, Antaka, Vrishadhwaja, Govinda, Madana, and Bhima repeated twice, while in even signs the order is reverse.

      As this divisional chart represents the native's knowledge, the different lords of the portions will represent different fields of knowledge. Skanda is the knower fo the military science, as he is the commander-in-chief f the Devas, the son f Lord Siva. Parasudhara, or Parasurama is also the warrior incarnation od Vishnu. While the former is good in strategy, the latter incomparable in personal combat. Anala means "fire", and this division could give expertise in any knowledge connected with fire like electronic equipment, firearms, explosives etc. Vishvakarma is the architect of the demigonds, so planets here could give knowledge of house construction or Vaastu Shastra. Bhaga means "opulence" of "fortune", so the native may be good in gambling or catching opportunities for getting rich. Mitra is the controlling deity of death, so he can give knowledge of birth and death (reincarnation), Maya was an asura (demon), who knew perfectly how to create different machines including aircrafts. So he can give knowledge of the mechanical sciences. Antaka is Yamaraja, who punishes the souls of the dead for their sins. So those blessed by him may know the karmic reactions for different sinful activities. Vrishadhvaja may refer to Siva, who rides on his bull, Nandi. He is the lord of the spirits and the mystic perfections. So planets in his divisions may make one a talented magician or Tantrik. Govinda is Krishna, who is expert at herding the cows. Madana is Cupid, the demigod of love, so he can give abilities in romantic love. Bhima is one of the five Pandavas, and is very strong. So planets in his Amshas may give extraordinary physical power and prowess.

      Lordship of the Bhamsha (D-27)

      Bhamsha is also called Nakshatramsha, as each sign is divided into 27 equal parts of 1*6'40", which is 1/12th of a Nakshatra.    The Nakshatramshas of fiery signs begin from Aries, of earthly signs from Cancer, of airy signs from Libra, and of watery signs from Capricorn. The presiding deities of the 27 divisions of a sign are those of the 27 Nakshatras:

      1. Asvini Kumaras (the physicians of the demigods)

      2. Yamaraja (punisher of the dead)

      3. Agni (demigod of fire)

      4. Brahma (creator of the universe)

      5. Chandra (Moon, deity of the mind)

      6. Rudra (Siva, the lord of destruction and anger)

      7. Aditi (mother of the demigods)

      8. Brihaspati (Jupiter, the teacher of the demigods)

      9. Naga (the serpent demigods)

      10. Pitara (the forefathers)

      11. Bhaga (the demigod of opulences)

      12. Aryama (lord of the manes)

      13. Aditya (the Sun, demigod of light)

      14. Thvasta (Visvakarma, architect of the demigods)

      15. Vayu (demigod of the wind)

      16. Sakragni (combination of Indra and Agni, the life air and tejas, the heat of life)

      17. Mitra (the demigod of brain tissue)

      18. Indra (Vasava, the king of the demigods)

      19. Nirriti (Rakshasa, the king of the demons and ghosts)

      20. Varuna (demigod of water)

      21. Visvadevas (demigods of the stars)

      22. Govinda (Lord Visnu, the Ultimate Reality)

      23. Vasu (eight deities resembling the sun)

      24. Varuna (lord of the rains)

      25. Ajaekapat (a form of Siva)

      26. Ahirbudhnya (the snake that holds the universe)

      27. Pusan (the demigod who maintains the crops)

      According to Maharishi Parashara Bhamsha shows the strengths and weaknesses of the person. These demigods may either bless or curse the native and according to this he will exhibit strengths and weaknesses in different fields of life. This can be seen from the placement of the planet in the Nakshatramsha. While scrutinizing the lordship of the Nakshatramsha occupied by a planet one may judge the particular field where the effect will appear, and finding out where the lord of that Nakshatra is he may judge whether it will be a strength or a weakness.

      (to be concluded)




      The heart is a four- chambered Electro-muscular pump designed to circulate the blood around the whole body continuously, without even a pause, till the end of life. Infect, it is a pair of pumps placed side by side. The heart is positioned in the chest just over the lower side of the left loave of the lungs.

      The first pump situated on the right side of the heart. This pump recovers blood from the body through the veins and fills right ventricle of the heart and then pumps the blood to lungs. The second pump on the left recovers purified blood back from the lungs and fills the left ventricle of the heart and then pumps the blood to the body. Four valves control these functions.

      The blood supply to the heart muscle (the myocardium) itself is provided by special arteries, called CORONARY arteries.

      The function of the heart is controlled and regulated by electrical impulses, originating in the sinus node, a structure embedded in the heart muscle. Nearly 72 impulses are passed every minute through myocardium, this generates equal number of heartbeats. In this process, heart muscle develops pressure (blood-pressure) which is responsible for the flow of blood in the body.

      The nature has created another mechanical pumps (two in number) which are situated in each of the calf muscles of the legs. These pumping systems is only operative when a person is walking, running or performing some specific exercises and help the heart in accelerating the flow of blood supply in the body. These pumps do not operate when body is in resting mode.

      This is the broad basis on which heart helps to maintain the circulation of blood in the body.


      (1)     Congenital Heart diseases.

           (a) The child may born with some defects in the heart like: abnormality in aortic and

                Pulmonary valves, deformation in both or either of the ventricles (generally both

                 Ventricles are connected by a whole), etc.

           (b) Abnormalities caused during pregnancy like defects arising out during formation of  


                 On account of drugs taken by mother etc.

           (c) On account of infections, German measles, rheumatic fever etc.

          (2)     Diseases of the Valves

      On account of rheumatic fever, Calcification of valves, etc.; the flow of blood becomes restricted.  This results in High blood pressure and related diseases of the heart.

           (3)     Coronary heart Disease.

      On account of several factors, the gradual narrowing of coronary arteries or excessive deposits of fats inside the walls of arteries occur. This results in the reduced supply of blood to heart muscle and myocardial infarction may result, which is called  “Heart Attack”.

      (4)     Cardiac muscle disease

                      On account of infection, high blood pressure, congenital diseases etc., the heart muscle becomes weak and diseased.                        These are called as Cardio-myopathies.

       (5)     Disturbance in Heart’s electrical system

      As healthy car engine cannot run without proper electrical system, similarly a healthy heart can perform properly if its electric system is sending proper and timely impulses. Many problems arise on account of mall functioning of heart’s electrical system.

      This is a broad and layman’s view about the possible causes of heart disease. This may help to identify astrological reasons for specific heart diseases in broader prospective.




      (a) The Fourth House: The fourth house indicates the heart of the native. Mind is also the seat of the fourth house. Heart and mind are very closely associated with each other.

      (b) LORD OF THE FOURTH HOUSE: The second important significator of the heart is the Lord of fourth house. This is in accordance with the basic principal of predictive astrology.

      (c) MOON: The Moon is Natural ruler as well as significator of fourth house. Moon is also significator of mind , thus Moon becomes important significator of the heart.

      (d) Sign Cancer: Moon is the ruler of sign Cancer. This sign plays important

           Role as significator of heart.

      (e) Nakshatra ANURADHA: Anuradha is Heart of the KALAPURUSHA

          (Lord Vishnu). Thus this Nakshatra acts as significator of Heart. 


      a)       The SUN: Sun is the significator of the heart disease. When malefic influences operate on the Sun, heart diseases may be indicated. This also depends on other adverse indications such as malefic Dasas and transits. This is most important factor for the disease of the heart.

       b)      SIGN LEO: Sun being its natural associate, any affliction to this sign may promote heart disease.

       c)     The Fifth house: The fifth house is the natural seat of sign Leo and its Lord Sun.  Affliction to this house becomes a strong factor in promoting heart disease,  further, this is the house of intellect which  has a direct bearing on the well being of the heart muscle as well as its   functioning. On account of this reason, some authorities have even advocated that real seat of heart is fifth house in comparison with fourth house. However, as heart is more akin to watery element (then fire), we feel it is more appropriate that forth house should be considered the prime seat of the heart. The fifth house either help in the growth and well being of the heart or if fifth house is afflicted it promotes the disease of the heart. The fifth house is a Marka house for heart muscle being second house from fourth house.

       d)     The Lord of the Fifth House: -For reasons explained in Sl.no. C above, the Lord of the fifth house acts as a Marka to heart muscle as well as if afflicted promotes heart disease.


       (A) 2nd DREKKANA: In case, ascendant falls in the 2nd Drekkana of the rising sign, the fifth and the ninth houses in rashi chart become the indicator of Right and left sides of the heart muscle respectively. In that case, any affliction to these houses indicates the strong possibility of heart disease depending upon the type of malefic influences operating on these houses.

       (B) SIGN AQUARIUS: In chapter I, sloka 8 of BrihatJatak, Varah Mihira identified Aquarius as “HIRDYAROGA”. The placement of SUN in this sign does not augur well for heart.

       (C) The Eleventh House: Eleventh House is the natural seat of sign Aquarius. This is the house of fulfilment of desire, which has a strong bearing both on mind and Intellect. The two Calf-muscles of both legs are also signified by eleventh house and sign Aquarius. Thus, this house becomes one of the strong significator for heart disease. This house is eighth from the forth house. Any affliction to the Fifth and eleventh house axis may cause heart disease.

       (D) Nakshatra MAGHA (Leo 0 degree - 13 degree 20’) (Yavan jatak)

             An afflicted planet in this Nakshatra may cause sudden shock and pollution to the heart. Kept is the ruler of this Nakshatra and triggers accidents and sudden events.

       (E) Nakshatra Purva Phalguni (Leo 13 degree 20’ to 26 degree 40’) (Yavan jatak)

          This star has a strong signification over heart and generates swelling of heart Muscles.

       (F) DHANISTA - Last two charan (Aquarius 0 degree - 6 degree 40’)

          This star may trigger sudden failure of heart and carries the influence of sign Aquarius and Mars.

       (G) SHATAVHISHA (AQUARIUS 6 degree 40’ - 20 degree)

             This star rules over Electricity, which is vital for proper and regular functioning of the heart. Both Rahu and Hershel rule over Electricity and are the co-rulers of sign Aquarius. This star rules Rheumatic heart disease, high blood pressure, palpitation and other mall-functioning in the heart on account of  its electrical system. Both Rahu and Hershel play vital Role for such problems in the heart.

       (H) Poorva-Bhadarpad-First three Quarters: (Aquarius 20 degree to 30 degree) This rules over      the irregularities in function, swelling and dilation of heart muscle. The Jupiter is the Ruler of this star and represents expansion, swelling, dilation etc when afflicted.

       Indication for prevention of heart disease

       1.        In case Fourth house, its Lord, its Karka Moon, sign Cancer and Nakshatra Anuradha are in auspicious influence, the heart would be strong and would resist any indications and yoga (s) which may exist in the birth chart for the disease of heart. These are summarised as under:

       (A)    If Moon and Lord of the fourth house are:

      i.         In their Exaltation, Mooltrikona and own rashi(s),

      ii.        Conjunct, hammed or/and aspected by benefic planets.

      iii.      Placed in good bhavas -kendra and trikona (it would be better if both from Ascendant and fourth house)

      iv.       Moving towards their exaltation sign.

      v.        Vargottama, exaltation or own Navmasas.

      vi.       With six or more bindus in their own Astak Vargas and more than 32 bindus in Sarva - Astakvarga.

      vii.     Dispositor of these planets are similarly in auspicious influence

      viii.    These planets have acquired requisite Shad-Bala and Vimshopak strength.

      ix.       Placed in auspicious Shashtiyamsa (60th part of the rashi).

      x.        Simultaneously, fourth Bhava and Cancer Rashi are occupied or aspected by benefics or by their own Lords. These Bhava and rashi should be hemmed by benefics.

       These are indications for strong and healthy heart.

       (B)    On the contrary, the following factors will promote illness ,if Moon and lord of forth house are:

      (1) In their debilitation or enemy sign

      (2) Placement in 6th, 8th or/and 12th house from Ascendant and fourth house.

      (3) Hemmed by Malefics.

      (4) Conjunction or aspect of melefics (Mars, Saturn,Rahu,Ketu and lords of 6th 8th and 

            12th house)

      (5) Relationship (Sambandh) with the Lords of 6th, 8th and 12th Lords from forth as

      Well as ascendant.

       (6) Melefics in 6,8 and 12, or 5 or 9th houses from fourth house.

      (7) Relationship with significators of diseases of heart

      (8) Placement of planets in debilitation, Enemy and malefic Navmasa or in the

             Navmasa of rashis falling in trik Bhavas.

      (9) Planets with 3 or less Bindus in their own respective Astakvarga and 22 or less Bindus sarvastak -Vargas.

      (12) Bhavas, their Lords and Karka do not have requisite Shad- Bala and Vimshopak Strength.

      (13) Placed in inauspicious Shashtiyamsa

      (14) Fourth house and Cancer Rashi are occupied, Aspected or hemmed by Malefics.

       Indication of Cardiac Illness.

       The following points are to be examined:

         I.         Af

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