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[jyotish-news] JYOTISH NEWS - APRIL 2000 - PART - III

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  • Sarat Chander
    HAYAGREEVA STOTRAM - 3 C.S. Ramanujam (continued from January issue) (You will need Susha or Sanskrit 1.2 fonts to read some portions of this article. These
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2000

      C.S. Ramanujam

       (continued from January issue)

      (You will need Susha or Sanskrit 1.2 fonts to read some portions of this article.  These fonts may be downloaded from SJVC's web site at: sjvc.net.in )

                                                       mndae-iv:yiNntm!  ivir|cae vaca<inxe ,

      va|ict -agxey>

       dETyaptItat!  dyyEv -Umae=ip

      AXyapiy:yae ingman! Na yet! Tvm!


      Mandobhavishyabhanniyatam Virincho Vachaannidhe

      Vaanchita Bhagadheyaha

                                                        Daityaapateetaat Dayayaiyva Bhoomoapi

      Adhyaapayishyo Nigamaann na Yet Tvam

      Oh Lord!  Who is the veritable source of variegated knowledge?  What would have happened to Brahma if you had not mercifully restored to him the Vedas stolen away from him by the asuras?  He would have merely sat as a simpleton having been deprived of all halo and fortune.

      ivtkRfaelam! VyvxUy sTve

      b&hSpitm! vtRyse -tSTvm!

      tenEvdev ib+dze:vra[am!

      Asp&:q faelaiytmaixraJym!

      Vitarkadolaam Vyavadhooya Satve

      Brihaspatim Vartayase Bhatastvam

      Tenaivadeva Bridaseshvaraanaam

      Asprsta Dolaayitamaadhirajyam

      Oh Lord!  You conferred on Brihaspati a stead fastness in wisdom, devoid of doubt and delusion.  Only because of this help of Yours the holity of devas proceeds on even keels without dislocation.

      AGnaE simd!xaiwRi; sPttNtae>

      AatiS-van! mNt+mym! zrIrm!

      Ao{fsarE> hiv;am! p+danE>

      AaTyaynm! Vyaemsdam! ivxTse

      Agnou samiddharthishi saptatantouha

      Aatasbhivaan mantramayam shariram

      Akhandasaaraiha havaisham pradaanai

      Aatyaayanam vyomasadaam vidhatse

      When havis is consigned into fire which burns with flame You remain the very soul to the Mantras.  The taste of havis is pleasing to devas.  It is all because of You.

      yNmUlmI”k p+it-ait tTvm!

      Yaa mUlmaMnay mhad!ma[am!

      tTven |aniNt ivzud!x sTva>

      Tvam]ram]rmat&kam! te

      Yanmoolamittaka prtibhaati tatvam

      Ya moolmaamnaaya mahaadmaanaam

      Tatvena gyaananti vishuddha satvaah

      Tvaamksharaamaksharamaatrukaam Te

      Sathrikas (Sadhus) rightly recognize You as the essential truth of pranava which is indeed the mother of alphabets which is root of the large trees that the Vedas are and these Vedas are the basic book of creation.  You thus remain the cause of all.

      (to be continued)


      "Misery is caused on account of the desire to acquire an object rather than its shortage." - Swami Ramsukhdas

      "Gandharva music is universal.  It is at home with every land, with every man, with every society.  It is the language of bliss, the science and art of bliss, the song of Nature." - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

      "It is said that the child is busy with play, the youth is busy with sex, and the adult is busy with worries.  How few think of the eternal bliss of the spirit.  But he who seeks God, and who seeks with all the depth and fervour of his soul until he finds Him, is wisest of all men." -  Paramahansa Yogananda

      "All by Thee is accomplished, Thine is the might, Thou watcheth Thy handiwork, with chess pieces raw and ripe.  All that into the world have come, must depart hence; And shall by turns go, Why put out of mind the Lord, master of life and death?  By one's own hands is one's affairs set straight."  -  Adi Granth, Asa-ki-Var (M1p473-74)

      "Begin to change your attitude, and your vision of the world will change.  Everything will be peaceful and good.  This is the nondualism of Vedantic vision.  This is the highest knowledge."  -  Swami Tejomayananda

      "Everyone of may not be able to once to achieve the infinite expansion of universal oneness, but all of us are trying.  Religion's original task was to help us in gradually achieving this elevated vision.  To lift the limited and selfish human being from his passion, greed, and hatred to this loftier vision of the world was the essential ideal of religion." - Swami Chinmayananda

       OM TAT SAT


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