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[jyotish-news] JYOTISH NEWS - MARCH 2000 ISSUE - PART - I

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  • Sarat Chander
    Om Sri Ganeshaya Namah Jai Jai Sri Jagannath SRI JAGANNATH VEDIC CENTRE 152-B, Pocket - C, Mayur Vihar Phase-2, Delhi 110 092. Tel.No.0091 - 11 - 248 9531
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      Om Sri Ganeshaya Namah      Jai Jai Sri Jagannath


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      SJVC Monthly News Letter

      MARCH 2000

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      Madhuri Dixit

      Sanjay Rath




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      March 2000 New





      Madhuri Dixit

      By Sanjay Rath

       Madhuri Dixit was born on the 15th of May 1967 at Mumbai (Bombay) India when Libra was rising (Lagna). It was the Vedic month of Visakha (representing the Pure Lady) and Vedic date of Sukla Paksha Shasti (sixth day of the bright fortnight). As such, Shasti (6th Tithi) is ruled by Venus the planet for arts. Venus is also the Lord of the ascendant and is placed in the ninth house showing that her good fortune will come between her 25/ 26th Year (Age). Her chart is given below: -

      The tenth house ruling fame and reputation has the powerful Gajakesari Yoga formed by the placement of Jupiter in a quadrant from the Moon. This Jupiterian placement in a quadrant from the Lagna also generates a powerful Hamsa Mahapurush Yoga. As such the planets Moon & Jupiter guarantee fame and great reputation.

      The conjunction of the ninth lord Mercury, with the Sun generates a Yoga for good fortune as the Sun is the significator of the ninth house. The father shall be spiritual and his blessings shall bring great wealth and good fortune. She entered the career as a film star in the Dasa of Mercury and during its period rose to the peak. Mercury gives her the flexibility and acting acumen while being in a Venusian sign makes her very attractive.

      The source of earnings is also seen from the strongest planet aspecting the eleventh house from Arudha Lagna as the level of earnings from the lord of that sign. The Arudha Lagna of Madhuri is in Aquarius with Sagittarius in the 11th house. Sagittarius is aspected by Venus showing that the main source of income is the acting/dancing/fine arts. Mars also aspects Sagittarius showing that she will also earn from industries, fire etc. where she will make such investments. Jupiter, the lord of Sagittarius is exalted showing that the level of earnings will also be very high.

      Saturn is capable of giving Rajyoga suo-moto as it owns a quadrant (4th house) and a trine (5th house) and, being a natural malefic, is placed in the sixth house. Saturn is also the lord of the Arudha Lagna. She rose to the peak in Mercury Dasa-Saturn Antardasa.

      The seventh lord placed in the 12th house of loss/ foreign affairs either does not give marriage or may give marriage in foreign lands. The Upapada (Arudha Pada of 12th house) is in Capricorn without any planets. Its lord Saturn aspects the 12th house of foreign affairs. Rahu ruling foreign elements and foreign cultures is also placed in the seventh house (marriage). Thus marriage in a foreign land is clearly indicated. This is to be finally confirmed from the lord of the seventh house from Venus which brings the husband. Venus is in Gemini and the seventh house from it is Sagittarius. The lord of Sagittarius (Jupiter) is placed in a movable sign showing that Jupiter shall bring the spouse from a distant land/foreign country. Thus, during Ketu Dasa Jupiter Antardasa she got married to a doctor in the USA.

      Her peak period of rise to fame & beauty was from 15 to 27 years and thereafter till 38 years (2005 A.D.) she will continue in the film industry. The 39th year shall be very difficult emotionally and for five years thereafter it will be a painstaking journey in life. Her Ista Devata is Bhagavan Sri Ram as Mercury aspects the 12th house from Karakamsa and is placed in the first Drekkana of Taurus. Every movie in which she has taken the Holy name of Sri Ram has been a box office hit. She should worship her Ista Devata to tide over all difficulties.

      Jai Sri Ram

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