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[jyotish-news] Jyotish News - February 2000 - Part III

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  • J Sarat Chander
    ASTROLOGY AND THE VEDIC TRADITION By Gauranga Das Although there is much difference of opinions regarding the origins of Vedic civilization amongst the
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      By Gauranga Das

      Although there is much difference of opinions regarding the origins of Vedic civilization amongst the scientist, we could conclude that according to the tradition Vedic culture is the culture based on the Vedas, the ancient Sanskrit writings. Foremost of all this literature are the four Vedas, viz. Rig, Saama, Yajur and Atharva Veda. Tradition also holds that the Brahmanas, the Vedic priests who were responsible for the proper performance of the yajnas, the religius rituals prescribed by the Vedas, had to learn certain auxuliary sciences facilitating their duty. These were the six Vedangas, or limbs of the Veda, which include Siksha, Kalpa, Nirukti, Vyaakarana, Chanda and finally Jyotisha.


      Branches of Jyotisha

      In his great work Maharishi Parashara explains that there are three divisions (skandhas) to the holy science of Jyotisha. These are Hora, Ganita and Samhita. Hora (or Jataka,as named elsewhere) refers to interpreting the planetary positions at someone's birth in terms of his karma, or past acitivites. Ganita (or Siddhanta) refers to calculations of planetary positions and movement. This branch may be called astronomy and it has a basic role in determining the time units, favourable times for Vedic rituals and serves as a basic for erecting the Janma Kundali, or birth chart as well.  And finally the third one is Samhita, which refers not only to celestial phenomena but to a wide range of other omens (lakshana or shakuna) for predicting the future events. 

      Pandit Harihara in is Prashna Marga mentions six further subdivisions or angas to this great  science. These are Jataka (predicitve astrology), Gola (movements of the Earth), Nimitta (omens), Prashna (queries), Muhurtha (electional astrology) and Ganita (astronomical calculations). Still, on the whole we should consider Jyotisha as an intrinsic art of Vedic tradition and a complex science elaborated upon by the greatest Maharishis of Vedic time, like Parashara, Bhrigu, Jaimini, Garga, Vyaasa and others. All these sages had learned this science in the disciplic succession (sampradaya or guru-parampara) from their predecessors and taught it to their disciples. Maharishi Parashara says thus (BPHS translated by G.C.Sharma, vol. 1. pg. 4.):

       " . . . I shall relate to you the science of astrology as it was heard by me from Brahma. The teachings of this science of astrology are to be given only to the students who are good and peacefully disposed, who honour the perceptors and elders, who speak only truth and who are God-fearing. It is only in this way that good will follow. The teachings of this science,
      again, should not be given to an unwilling student, to an atheist or to a crafty person."

      The Qualifications of an Astrologer:

      In the above quotation we have seen that this science should be received through the parampara or disciplic succession. So the first qualification of a Jyotishi is to become accepted as a disciple of a learned and pure brahmana, who have received this science in the disciplic succession and mastered it. The further qualifications are listed by Maharishi Parashara and other sages in their works as follows:

      " O vipra! The shastra expounded by Lord Brahma for Mahatma Narada and he (Narada) with all humbleness narrated the same to Rishis Shaunaka etc. and I have unfolded the same shastra as it is, before you. This knowledge should never be imparted to a person who is jealous, backbiter, dull, arrogant and unknown. This supreme and pious shastra amongst all Vedangas should be taught well to the humble, devoted, truthful, intelligent, submissive and known persons. (. . .) A person knowing the subjec matter of Hora Shastra should be truthful and able to exercise control over his senses. The auspicious and inauspicious predictions of such a person will come true." (BPHS, vol. 2., pg. 794-795., transl. by G.C. Sharma)

      Acharya Varaha Mihira amongst others lists the following qualifications for an astrologer:

      "Now the following are the virtues of an astrologer: He must be clean, efficient, bold, eloquent, possessed of genius or ready wit, knower of the time and place, sincere, not timid in assemblies, not to be overpowered by his fellow students, expert, free from vices, well-versed in the art of performing rituals of both curative and preventive types, as well as in that of magic and bathing, engaged in the worship of Gods, observances of austerities and fast, possessed of great power generated by the wonderful achievements of his scientific knowledge and capable of answering queries made by others and suggesting remedial measures for troubles other than the visitations of God." (Brihat Samhita, transl. M. Ramakrishna Bhat, vol.1, pg. 8.)

      And finally, Pandit Harihara also elaborates on this subject as follows:

      " The exalted and recondite science of astrology is to be studied only by Brahmins. A proper study of the subject leads one to the acquisition of wealth, merit, salvation, respect and fame. (. . )

      That person, who has mastery of this science, who has a good knowledge of mathematics, who leads a religious life, who is truthful, who is free from conceit and who is well versed in the Vedas, mantras and tantras, he alone can be called a Daivajna or seer.

      All the predictions made by such a person will come true and will never be false. The learned support this statement. (. . .)

      He who has acquired a thorough knowledge of the different Horas, who is an adept in the five Siddhantas, who has inferential ability and who is initiated into a secret mantra by a perceptor, can alone know horoscopy" (Prashna Marga, transl. by B.V. Raman, Vol. 1, pg. 9-13.)

      Here the Pandit points again to the basic qualification of a Jyotishi:

      Accepting an authentic guru and receiving the guru- (or siddha-) mantra from him. This proves that astrology is not a mundane science subject to empiry and logic, but a transcendental science understood by the grace of the Guru. Seeing nowadays the state of Jotish where it is, I aimed at pointing out the importance of this feature and the other qualifications that all aspiring vedic astrologers should develop if they want to be faithful to the tradition and qualified to understand thi great mistery of Jyotish. As Jyotish is a Vedic science, we should adopt the Vedic process of learning enunciated even by Lord Krishna Himself in the Bhagavad-gita:

      tad viddhi pranipaatena     pariprashnena sevayaa  upadekshyaanti te jnaanam   jnaaniinas tattva-darshinah

      " Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. The self-realized souls can impart knowledge unto you because they have seen the truth." (Bg.4.34. transl. by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada).

                                                                      GYANA KSHETRA

      “So long as egoity lasts prayatna (effort) is necessary.  When egoity ceases to be, actions become spontaneous.  The ego acts in the presence of the Self.  He cannot exist without the Self.” Sri Ramana Maharishi

      “If you wish to work properly, you should never lose sight of two great principles; first, a profound respect for the work undertaken, and second, a complete indifference to its fruits.  Thus only can you work with the proper attitude.  This is called the secret of Karma Yoga.  And you can overcome all aversion for a piece of work, if you but consider it as belonging to God.”Swami Brahmananda

      “Good people who have enjoyed the heavens, enter the mortal world on the exhaustion of the punya.  Abiding by the principles of the three Vedas, desiring the objects of desire, they achieve the world of birth and death.”  Bhagavad Gita: 9.21

      “Come, come! These radiant offerings invite the worshipper, conveying him thither on the rays of the sun, addressing him pleasantly with words of praise, “This world of Brahman is yours in its purity, gained by your own good works”. Mundaka Upanishad (in praise of Surya)


      By Punditji

      Question: When will I go to America?

      Answer: Saturn Retrograde in the 11th from Prasna Lagna shows that there is some delay at present. However, Mercury, Sun and Jupiter are very favorable and within 2 months from now you will get your first sure indication. Thereafter, plan your finances and TAKE OFF!!

      Question: Below is the full data about my husband and myself:My husband: Tzvetozar   24th April 1972 8:00 p.m. Sofia, Bulgaria Me: Boriana; 17th June 1975 0:15 a.m.  Sofia, Bulgaria My question is whether we will have kids and a happy marriage. By the way we married on the 24th August 1996.   I'd also like to ask you whether you are an expert in karmic astrology because I'd like to know what the clustering of these planets (Plu, Ura and Moon) in my 7th house means. I look forward to receiving your answer. Best wishes for a Happy Year to you.

      Answer: The Prasna Chart drawn for 7:20 PM Delhi has the nodes in the 1st-7th axis, which is not very harmonious, and Mars in the 8th as the fifth lord also shows delays. Jupiter is also conjoined Saturn in the 10th showing the same thing about Kids. The Moon in the 7th is favorable for married life in your natal chart and the Prasna chart only indicates a temporary setback or delay. You need to start propitiating Jupiter. I think your first child should be a daughter as per the Prasna chart.


      Question: What can you say about my health, finances and marriage. Born June 28th, 8am.  I am a male and also any luck out their for the lottery?

      Answer: At the moment your health is fine, but the conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn shows that some neglect has been occurring out here, which can be bad in the long run. Rahu in Cancer is not good. Finances are good, rather very good and speculation is going to be profitable on all days except on Saturdays. Personal life does not look very bright and the person you are seeing maybe a temporary fad. This is the indication of Prasna and an accurate reading can be obtained from your birth chart alone with the Date, time and PLACE of birth made available.

      Subject: misplaced wedding rings Question: In a fit of rage I have put my wedding rings somewhere please help me find them.

       Answer: The Prasnaroodha is in Aries with an exchange between the lords Mars (Anger) and Saturn (Forgotten/Lost) showing the position of the querist. Since Jupiter conjoins the Saturn, it indicates that the item will be recovered. Since the 11th lord is Venus and is in trines, the objective of return of the rings will occur soon...within 15 days definitely. Mars is in Aquarius showing that this shall not be easily found and shall be near some old things or some storage area. The direction is WEST in your house. Take something SWEET and start searching or say BRIM BRIHASPATAYE NAMAH and start searching. You will surely find it within the time frame indicated.


      Question: I am Anna, born in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria on the 26th March 1975, 8:20 p.m. I'd like to know whether I can cope with this feeling of loneliness and solitude that I feel no matter what I do or where I am.  I'd also like to know why I couldn’t take decisions myself about my future or even think about it.

      Answer: Dear Anna, you have a balanced Libra ascendant with the Venus in the 7th house of partners thereby making you intelligent, but very unstable. You love travel and change and are very adaptable. The Moon in the 12th house gives a weak mind and hence susceptibility to what others say i.e. influenced. You can strengthen your will power and become more decisive by FASTING on Fridays. This is also good for health and a diet of fruits/juices shall be good for you.
      The depression/melancholia comes from the Saturn in your house of fortune i.e. Luck comes late. I will suggest that you wear an EMERALD ring in the little finger of your right hand. Try using this ring constantly and you will see that gradually your inner beauty will start glowing.


       Asked By: dbeeding@...Question: I am wondering when I feel finally feel happy and that my life has went on.

       Answer: The pressure has been on you for a few years now, but the dawn of happiness is not far away, say June 2000. Real happiness can come only from detachment as all forms of attachment ultimately lead to sorrow when the object of attachment ceases to exist. A good way to develop a sense of detachment is to meditate on some "Sound syllable" called Beejakshara Mantra. You can choose "KLEEM" and later develop this to "Kleem Krishnaya Namah".

      Question: I am a 34 year old female born September 2,1965 about 1am in the Bronx, New York. I would like to know if I am going to get the opportunity to get be with the man that I am in love with this year he is a cancer born 6-22-56.Or is it going to take a little longer. He is from the UK. Thank You, Stephanie Sanders.

      Answer: Dear Stephanie, You have the seventh lord in the 12th house showing that your spouse shall be from a far away place. Jupiter and the Moon in the seventh give very good looks and fair complexion besides an excellent character and nature. You are indeed blessed. This is a good man and a relationship will develop which will become very strong after June 2000. Thereafter within 2 years you could decide to tie the knot of marriage. Best of Luck. Go ahead.

       P.S. Do wear a diamond ring or some jewelry whenever you are going to meet him.

      Asked By: mahesh.r@...Subject: Books consultation Question: What books do you consult in determining the future of a person?

       Answer: Dear Mahesh, read the traditional texts like Brihat Parasara hora Shastra, Brihat Jataka, Jataka Parijatha, Prasna Marga etc. and also Upadesa Sutra of Maharishi Jaimini and CRUX OF VEDIC ASTROLOGY-TIMING OF EVENTS - the last two being for fairly advanced astrologers.  Nevertheless, you can keep them as a standard text. For further details on the books please visit our website at: www.sjvc.net/books

      Asked By: landon@...Question: What does this year hold for my family as far as financial, health and happiness?

      Answer: There are too many obstacles coming the way at present and this has been on for some time. Jupiter in the fifth promises a very bright future after August 2000. Please ask them to avoid loans. There will surely be an addition to the family like marriage/child etc. These will the blessing of the Millennium!!

       Asked By: Vadneau Subject: child bearing. Question: Hi, our names are Angie and Tim. We were born on April 10th, 1971 and May 23rd, 1961 respectively. Right now we our undergoing in-vitro fertilization. We would like to know whether it would be successful or not. Could you please let us know? Thank you.

      Answer: The chances are very much in your favor. Start eating sweets and by Jupiter! You will have a fine baby boy this year. P.S. Do a good deed today...make a small donation at your nearest church or temple.

       Asked By: alishagail68@... Subject:  do I really know?? Question: My best friend and I have only known each other for about 3 months, we met in boot camp, but we have so much in common, and quite often we'll be sitting in our room and not saying anything and I 'll say something out loud and she'll tell me that she was thinking the exact same thing. What does that mean? Does that mean I know something or is it coincidence? We always say the same things at the exact same time, like we practiced it or something. Could you explain this to me?

      Answer: Dear Alisha, You have a powerful sixth sense and this is seen only with very sensitive people. At the present time and age it is fine or rather fortunate to have someone who is almost like a soul mate, an excellent friend. However, at later ages this can be very stressful. By using a Jade Stone you can learn to meditate which will give you excellent powers of clairvoyance and the rare gift of being able to see the future. You have the stuff what most astrologers would give their right hand for. So, nourish it and develop it. Greens are always good for you.

      Question: I have a friend who thinks he has a curse, but when a fortuneteller offered to remove it, he didn't do it. Can someone tell me why?

       Answer: I will need the Birth Date, time and place to try to pinpoint the problem. What I see is that 'behind every cloud there is a silver lining". I also see some sorrow pertaining to some woman or lady, perhaps mother or sister or girlfriend. 


       Asked By:-stacey_juza@...Subject:-year in general Question: -how do you see the year in general for my family and me?? My dob is 5/26/59 my husband's dob is 6/2/59

      Answer: Till June the going is pretty tough for your husband and I can see that some worries are gradually coming to an end. The wheel turns and it is time for him to smile this summer. All's well that ends well, so in a nutshell this year is going to be a memorable one due to some very significant developments in the second half. As regards you...time to think about kids in the second half..about new investments and securities and something that is lost or long forgotten shall come back. Best wishes for the Millennium.


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