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  • Sanjay Rath
    JYOTISH NEWSJYOTISH NEWS OCTOBER 1999 A Monthly Newsletter from SJVC Printed & Published by Sri Jagannath Vedic Center 152B Pocket C, Mayur Vihar Phase-2,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 1999


      OCTOBER 1999

      A Monthly Newsletter from SJVC

      Printed & Published by

      Sri Jagannath Vedic Center

      152B Pocket C, Mayur Vihar Phase-2, Delhi 110091.

      Tel: +91-11-2489531 Fax: +91-11-2713201

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      Inside this issue



      World Affairs in 2000 AD


      Sunrise & Day



      Dina-nath Das

      The Stars and George Washington

      J. Sarat Chander



      Your Questions

      News & Announcements



      It maybe noted that the Panchang is not included in the E-mail version.

      Acknowledgement: Shri Nabarun Patnaik sponsors this issue. May Lord Jagannath bless him with success and prosperity. E-mail:relapollo@...

      Ó Sri Jagannath Vedic Center (SJVC)

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      WORLD AFFAIRS IN 2000 A.D.



      There was a brilliant Jyotish who has used Makar Sankranti (Solar ingress of Capricorn) very successfully. This is the New Year in Tamil Nadu and many other parts of India like Orissa during Kali Yuga which is ruled by Capricorn. So, we can attempt an analysis of the chart drawn for 14th January 2000; 11 PM IST; Ujjain India.




      1.             Virgo rises with the Sun and Ketu in the fifth house showing that Computers will come to rule the day. This is a hard fact as the dispositor of Ketu, viz. saturn is in the 8th house in debility. The conjunction of the Sun (12th lord) shows many millionaires going the Bill Gates way in donating their funds for the benefit of mankind. The debility of saturn and its conjunction with a Gajakesari yoga shows that another computer company which was on the verge of sickness will become very strong and a market leader.
      2.              As regards nations, Virgo (India etc.) will redefine their ideals and principles by amending the constitution. Mercury in the fourth in Sagittarius shows a great period for Astrology. Moon in the 8th spells doom for Rahu in Cancer. Improvised methods at crime handling will be very effective.
      3.             Gemini (USA) is in the tenth and continues its leadership of World politics. Mercury in the 4th clearly shows new                 alliances and very successful strategies for the USA. Its communication network is its key to success.Jupiter the tenth Lord   is in the 8th house showing a change in the US leadership as the Moon takes control. I think some Lady (Moon) or a Male  with Cancer Lagna or Moon in Lagna could win the next election to the US Presidency.
      4. Rapid economic growth in Europe (Aries) and some major political changes are expected as the tenth lord from Aries continues in debility showing the fall of a King/Leader who is replaced by a Jupiter (Peace loving person)!!
      5. Rahu is heading for sure doom. Some of the Desert regions will see a fresh outbreak of violence in the month of February to July 2000. God forbid.



      By Sri G K Goel


      All our activities in human life are related with time (KALA) and direction. It is not possible to take even one smallest step without correct idea of these two essential elements around which, all activities of life revolves. In SHRI-MAD-BHAGVAT GITA, Lord Krishna says, “KALA (Time) is all pervading and powerful”.


      The occurrence of SUNRISE and SUNSET every day are very important phenomenon in life of all living being on the Planet Earth. All our activities are related with break of the day on SUNRISE. This provides us specific idea about the direction simultaneously. The main constituents of any Calendar - year, Month, Fortnight, Week, are based on the Day. Thus SUNRISE and Calendar are dependent on each other and, in fact, are the two sides of the same coin.


      Since ancient times, our Vedic Rishis, including the present day astronomers, had given lot of attention to all organs of Time (KALANGA).


      In view of the importance of SUNRISE, SUNSET and the DAY, it is natural to give a thought on following questions:


      1.                    What are “SUNRISE AND SUNSET”?

      2.                    How are these measured and defined?

      3.                    What is a Day?

      4.                    Have these got different meaning and purpose, in the parlance of Astrology?

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