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  • Sanjay Rath
    Om Gurave Namah Dear Jyotisha, Gurus & all, The events following the recent announcement made my myself have been quite a learning experience and only confirm
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2002
      Om Gurave Namah
      Dear Jyotisha, Gurus & all,

      The events following the recent announcement made my myself have
      been quite a learning experience and only confirm the teachings of
      our Param Guru Sri Achyuta Dasa (please read some of the articles on
      the Janaka shadakshara mantra, Vrindavati sadhana etc if you have not
      read them). As Narasimha has correctly pointed out, the Parampara
      and the Organisation are separate like the Satya Peetha (Lagna) and
      the Maya (Arudha). The Satya or the Parampara exists all the time and
      cannot be destroyed. What is 'created or destroyed' is the Arudha.
      Eversince we started teaching, we have had the desire to have a new
      Arudha (Vehicle or body) for carrying forward the teachings in an
      organised manner and for which purpose we have spoken to different
      persons, requested help and have also given certain responsibilities.
      The Arudha is the Sri Jagannath Vedic Center which was created in
      India in 1998 and finally came into being in 2001 in the form of a
      Trust registered with the Government of India at Delhi. Being the
      vehicle (Rath) or Jagannath, this is large enough to carry all in it.
      It is important to understand that ages back Sri Achyuta Dasa had
      also created such centers called Gaddi (in oriya meaning
      seats/centers of learning). The Guru being the representive head of
      the Satya Peetha (Lagna) was not allowed to have anything to do with
      the Maya Peetha (AL) which was normally looked after/headed by one of
      the senior Sisya. The Guru would concern himself with the Major
      activity of the propagation of knowledge and the admission and exit
      of people into the Center. The entire management of the Center rested
      with the other head. In similar lines, we have nothing to do with the
      creation or running of these Centers and have given the
      responsibility to others. One such responsibility was given to
      Dinanath Das who with the help of Kusa Devi was to form SJVC in the

      It was but natural that when the formation of this was taking an
      inordinately long time, we decided to request Sri Brendan Feeley to
      organise this. Being a very able organiser, Brendan immediately
      organised the East Coast & West Coast conferences with the help of
      Lakshmi Devi (Lynn Kary). They have proved their abilities beyond an
      iota of doubt and the correct thing is to allow them to be the
      President & Secretary of the Arudha (Vehicle) i.e. SJVC or SJC or
      whatever name that you wish to name the vehicle, my only request
      being to retain 'Sri Jagannath..in the begining'. On the other hand,
      with the blessings of Sri Jagannath, Kusa Devi has become the head of
      the Hawaii temple and that is a full time responsibility. She is
      working hard to spread the Mahamantra, a task which befits her
      spiritual development and sincerity. It would not be in the best
      interests of either ISKCON or us that we request her to look after
      SJVC. Her husband, Sruta Kirti Maharaj has served Srila Prabhupada
      for many many years and was kind enough to be the President of SJVC
      when the organisation was being set up. He is not knowledgable in
      Jyotish but is very spiritually evolved. Dinanath is the secretary of
      SJVC. Thus, there are two issues - One of the Administrative
      structure and the second of the Teaching structure.

      SJVC has also been growing by the day and it was not possible for
      us to screen, examine and decide about the Jyotish Gurus throughout
      the world. So, we delegated these tasks to (a) Sri Robert Koch
      (a.k.a. Patraka Das) for the western region comprising North & South
      America and (b) Pearl Finn for Europe. The Guru is responsible for
      ensuring that the learning of Jyotish proceeds without hindrance,
      that a decent atmosphere prevails in all the forum where this is
      taught, and that there are competent Jyotisha, designated as Jyotish
      guru, who shall teach the subject. Mere knowledge of te subject mater
      is sufficient for a person to qualify to teach the subject and when
      this is done, he is normally given the mantra and becomes a Jyotish
      guru. The Jyotish Guru is expected to recite the (specific Gayatri)
      mantra every day and there are other conditions that will enable them
      to be good teachers. However, the Guru nominated by us for the
      regions are expected to guide the Jyotish Guru's in matters of
      conflict, differing opinions on the subject and maintain a healthy
      atmosphere for learning. Although they have no role to play in the
      administration of SJVC, they have to be a part of the 'legal' setup
      which is necessary as per prevailing laws in each region. SJVC can
      only be a non-profit organisation and is secular in the positive
      sense of the word i.e. belief in God and encourages spirituality.

      The President and Secretary are to be the real executives of
      SJVC, and perhaps, as Narasimha had pointed out, there should be a
      treasurer who shall be responsible for audit and financial
      management. Thus, for the (a) USA, the President & Secretary shall be
      Dr.Brendan Feeley & Lakshmi Devi respectively, and for (b) Ireland,
      the President & Secretary(s) shall be John and Fiona & Helen

      The Problem definition:
      Problem ariese out of the perception of what the Jyotish Guru
      should be doing. The Jyotish Guru is supposed to teach Jyotish and
      not involve in administrative matters unless he is explicitly
      directed by the Guru to do so. In thi9s context, long back we had
      asked Dinanath to setup the organisation. Having done so, and on my
      request, he should step down and hand this over to the ones who have
      been chosen for the purpose so that we all benefit from their
      administrative abilities. Problem arises when the perception changes
      and the realisation is lost that the SJVC is the vehicle for the
      Parampara and not vice versa just like ISKCON being the vehicle for
      the Mahamantra and not vice versa. The Mahamantra does not depend on
      ISKCON and this should be realised. The mantra continues to exist in
      perpetuity as it is an integral part of Satya Peetha and is the Yuga
      Nivarana Mantra (I shall write about this when translating the works
      of Achyuta Dasa).

      We had been advised that there can be separate organisations
      registered for each state just as it was done for ISKCON, so that if
      one is sued, the others do not have to pay. See how much the church
      has to pay for lack of this legal foresight. Srila Prabhupada had
      also agreed to this. Based on the name of Prabhupada, I had agreed
      initially, but then this is grossly wrong. If a person representing
      the organisation is getting sued for misdeed, then th organisation
      should ake the responsibility of not having handled this properly or
      not having had strict rules about its functioning. Just because there
      is a loophole in the law does not mean that we should exploit it. I
      have been a lawmaker in India for many years working with major
      structural reforms in the economy and cannot agree to this any
      further. If someone representing the organisation has done a misdeed,
      then the organisation has to accept the responsibility. Hence we have
      to be very careful about certification etc, for which the executive
      officers of SJVC shall be responsible. Srila Prabhupada did not
      forsee how some of the temple presidents have 'run away' with the
      temples and would never have agreed to this if he had the time and
      inclination for deep thought into these legalities. Prabhupada was
      immersed in Krishna consciousness and the Arudha had little meaning
      for such a realised soul. Let us learn spirituality from him and not
      administration. Learn Jyotish from us and not other things.

      'Every saint had a past and every sinner has a future' has been
      one of our fundamental teachings. Sri Robert Koch was not convinced
      as to why he should not charge for the services like teaching that he
      renders. It seems most logical from the western viewpoint for money
      for work. However, the teaching, if done in the Parampara implies a
      sacred transmission of knowledge called 'Paraa Vidya' which is
      different from Aparaa Vidya. The purity (Niranjana) is lost if there
      is any touch of rajas or tamas in this transmission and neither can
      the teacher teach properly nor is the sisya going to learn properly.
      Predictions will fail, understanding will be lacking, genuineness and
      compassion will be absent and the most holy relationship of Guru-
      Sisya shall be lost. Parampara is not a group or gang or class in any
      form or manner, nor can there be any time limit to the learning
      process. It has to be a natural pace. Parampara means ONLY THREE -
      Sisya (Student), Guru (Teacher) and Ista (God). Thus, none other is
      there in the picture - no father, mother, brother, friends,
      colleagues..nobody at all. This is a very clear and simple picture to
      visualise and this link alone matters. The rest is all asat or the
      illusion of the Arudha. I will give the detailed writings of Sri
      Achyuta Das on this at a later date.

      When we visited the USA and discussed this and so many things
      with Sri Robert Koch and others, they all agreed to teach free of
      cost, so where is the question of charging fees etc? There is
      unanimity in this issue and there is no need to throw brickbats at
      anyone. In any case, learned people in a democratic nation will never
      agree to your view point if you throw brick bats at them. This has to
      be reasoned calmly and gradually accepted. Dinanath was not the first
      one to raise this issue, and Narasimha had done so earlier. On my
      advise, he had decided to wait. People need time to think over the
      new knowledge, advise etc, and this seeps in gradually. It cannot
      happen overnight, especially for older people. I believe that simple
      because someone like Dinanath was not kept informed does not mean
      that Robert is wrong. He does not have to give an explanation to

      To respect elders and not to humilate a lady (especially in
      public) is a sign of a gentleman. There was no need for Dinanath to
      do this and hence, he was expelled from SJVC, whether this has been
      carried out or not is to be checked from Kusa Devi. There are other
      things that have been done which are quite shocking to say the least.
      The reasons for this can be traced to his chart and the curse of
      maternal uncle therein (Chart attached). Those who attended my
      lectures at the West Coast will be able to easily see this. Mercury
      is in debility ans is afflicted by Saturn & Rahu (Graha dristi).
      curse is complete. Neecha bhanga and redemption from curse comes due
      to Guru in Lagna. Parasara teaches that the ONLY waay out is to
      worship Sri Vishnu, which I believe he is doing. He is runing Rahu
      dasa Mercury antardasa (Moon Vimsottari) and in the Moola Dasa, the
      dasa is of Rahu. Please get the tapes/CDs on my lectures on Curses,
      remedial measures and Moola dasa to understand the implications

      Many people were wondering as to why the Guru's are all quiet.
      Well, this was done on our request that a tit-for-tat is not called
      for and this is our opportunity to actually show that we deserve to
      be called Guru's. We must exercise constraint realising that here is
      a troubled soul, who just like us has taken rebirth due to a curse,
      and has to face terrible hostility from his colleagues (Mercruy -
      relations, colleagues etc) due to a curse from the last incarnation.
      If we cannot understand this, who else will? In fact Narasimha & I
      have had a very detailed discussion on his chart, the present Tithi
      pravesh etc. You can examine this and exchange views if you wish, but
      please remember that this is and shall continue to be an ASHRAM.

      What is not-at-all surprising is that Dinanath threatened legal
      action if the CDs or tapes of our teachings are sold! Please note
      that the one person who shall benefit the most from this knowledge is
      he himself, and he is stopping it or rather Buddha Mahagraha is
      stopping the remedy from reaching him. In any case, the teachings
      cannot be stopped even if the CDs are. I hope Kusa Devi is able to
      set things right as administration is a painful task and hate to
      trouble her when she already has a much better work of handling the
      Hawaii temple. Nobod is running away with any funds or donations.
      These funds will be accounted for and such accounts will be
      submitted, after audit to the government regulatory authority in the
      country, be it India, USA or Ireland for the present. The accounts
      will also be circulated among the Jyotish Guru's in the Vyasa E-list
      for Jyotish Gurus. Donaors will have the privilege of seeing the
      accounts. We have nothing to hide, at least being Jyotisha's, we know
      that nothing is hidden from Him. So, what is the point in trying to

      We have clearly stated our views and have also given the clear
      reasons for the same. If someone thinks that they can run away with
      the Arudha and the Lagna shall follow, sorry this does not happen.
      Another Arudha starts. One Arudha follows another just like we
      discard an old car and buy another, but Satya never changes. We have
      left it to Kusa Devi to do the needful and hope that this is done
      failing which another Arudha can be registered and the good work can
      continue. Sri Brendan Feeley shall keep you informed about the
      developments in this regard. We hope the Cds and other reading
      material can be made available at an early date for the benefit of

      Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
      Sanjay Rath
      71 Vasant Apartments, Mayur Vihar Ph-1, New Delhi 110091, India
      Tel:+91-11-2713201, Web: http://srath.com
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