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important announcement about Robert Koch

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  • sjvcguru
    This is an important announcement about Robert Koch: Mr. Robert Koch on a number of occasions has been accessing www.sjvcusa.org web site without authorization
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2002
      This is an important announcement about
      Robert Koch:

      Mr. Robert Koch on a number of occasions has been accessing
      www.sjvcusa.org web site without authorization of the SJVC-USA and
      posting false and misleading information about himself on this
      He is in no way connected to SJVC-USA as he claims and does not
      represent SJVC-USA in any way. Recently he formed his own
      organization called "Sri Jagannath Center" where he is proclaiming
      himself to be some kind of Guru.
      Just to remind everyone that Mr. Robert Koch has been initiated by
      Srila Prabhupada and many years back he has broken sacred lifetime
      vows that he has given to his Guru and yet even today he claims to be
      a Vedic Brahmin and initiated disciple of Srila Prabhupada and
      demands a respect for that.
      There has been quite a few people complaining to us about Robert
      Koch's practices and just to illustrate experience one of them with
      Robert Koch here is one email about Robert Koch that we received
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      Sent: Sunday, September 29, 2002 7:16 PM
      Subject: Robert Koch

      Hi, my name is Paul Manouvrier. Your letter was forwarded to me by
      XXXX (name omitted for security reasons) in that I'd had a somewhat
      similar encounters with Robert Koch. Although it has been awhile
      back, let me see if I can briefly sketch what happened.

      I've been doing vedic astrology on my own w/varying amounts of
      attention and inattention since the early 80's. Obviously, I could've
      used a mentor and this is how I found Robert Koch through the SJVC
      web site. At first, we had a pleasant conversation where he agreed
      w/me that most of the American vedic astrologers that I'd met through
      the ACVA were not very good although they all seem to claim that
      they'd spent time in India and had some credentialthat testified to
      this. The fact that they weren't any better than I was led me away
      from them and to a Hindu astrologer living in Oakland Ca., Pandit
      Pravanji, who claimed to be the Father of some female Saint or Guru.
      In short, he essentially claimed to channel his in-laws and spent a
      lot of my girl friend's reading telling her not to perform oral sex.

      Robert Koch informed me that unlike the other mentors, he charged
      $100 dollars an hour for his consulting or mentoring services. I was
      going to think about it.

      Scrolling down his web site, I discovered an advertisement for Pandit
      Pravanji on his web site. I emailed him back and said that I did not
      want to be associated with that fraud and was irrate in that
      suddenly, he seemed no better than the David Frawley crowd, et. al.
      He emailed me back that I was wrong. I emailed him back and said that
      I knew what I saw. We then entered into a progressively heated
      arguement via email where he referred to my chart, which I'd given
      him, and said that this was exactly my problem, that I'd done this to
      Guru's in a past life. I truly didn't know whether to laugh or
      explode. One, I didn't want Robert for a Guru or a teacher of any
      kind. All I wanted was for him to tutor me in the Dasa system that
      Rath had advocated in his book. Second, even if I'd wanted a mentor,
      then it wouldn't be a guy that via email angrily insisted on being my
      Guru and that I obey him to the point that I'd said that I'd more
      likely kick his ass if I were ever in Oregon. Third, his astrological
      analysis was designed to manipulate me and not necessarily true. What
      he based it on was taking an astrological molehill and turning it
      into a mountain. He motive was to control me which is what would get
      a pschologist sued for malpractice. This made me mad(that he would be
      willing to do this to the uninformed) so I forwarded the email to
      Sanjay Rath. He asked why I was so angry? I enquired that since he
      didn't know me, why wouldn't he ask Koch that, first? And, also, into
      his faulty astrology. He said that he dis-agreed with Koch about
      charging and agreed to mentor me; but then responded 6 weeks later to
      my enquiries about Koch's astrological points and said that he was
      too busy.

      Understand, other than being interested in learning Vedic astrology,
      I make no grand spirtual claims other than that i loosely follow
      Swami Sachichidannanda of Mysore, i meditate, and worship God. I eat
      chicken & fish, have a bad temper, & even shoot hanguns although only
      at paper targets and not at animals. However, I do know a fair amount
      of Vedic astrology and know enough to know that Koch is limited and
      his behavior is manipulative, mercenary, and rancerous. He is not
      anybody's Guru but a complete fraud.After reading above email you can
      decide if you need a "Guru" like this.
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