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98Fw: The Ramayana Was Meant To Be Heard

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  • Sanjay Rath
    Jan 18, 2002
      Dear SJVC Group Members,
      The latest issue of the Jyotish News is attached. happy New Year.
      Sanjay Rath

      I have really enjoyed listening to this new audio production of the
      Ramayana.  The company that produces it does so as essentially a
      non-profit service.  I thought you would like to hear about it, too. 
      You can contact the producer directly by email at ram@... or
      visit their website at http://www.RamayanAudio.com (and you can hear
      audio samples of the audio Ramayana on the website).
      Here's the information:


      A full dramatic reading in English of the unabridged Ramayana of Valmiki

      Now you and your family can listen to the Ramayana--the embodiment of
      Indian traditions and Sanatana Dharma.  A most precious way to preserve the
      cherished values and wisdom of Indian life.

           "The story of Rama, which touches on the delights of love and expounds
      on the fruits of Dharma, is rich with gems like the ocean and ravishes all
      heart and ears." --Ramayana

           The Ramayana was originally part of the great oral tradition of Indian
      knowledge.   There seems to be greater power, authenticity, and aliveness
      in listening to Rama's epic tale in this original oral form.
           This audio production  also features the unabridged Ramayana
      containing all the beautiful stories-within-the-story often left out of the
      abridged versions, such as the origin of the great river Ganges, the
      secrets of master architect Maya, and the extraordinary battle between the
      great sages Vasishta and Vishwamitra.  You'll gain a glimpse into the
      richness of ancient life in Rama's golden age, so inspiring still today.
           There are many other blessings from hearing the Ramayana...

      *With your children growing up fast in American culture, cherished
      traditional values can be lost in one short generation.  What better way to
      instill awareness of the deepest values of Indian life than by listening to
      the Ramayana with your whole family.
      *To inspire you in your profession or business, listening to the Ramayana
      is also profound.  Rama--the embodiment of the ideal rulership--offers
      great modern insights into true leadership and personal power.
      *Turn your daily commute into an adventure by listening to Rama's great
      adventure as you drive.
      *This production of the Ramayana is beautifully packaged in a custom gold
      case, making it a winning gift.

           Each set also includes an annotated guide outlining the contents of
      each cassette.  This enables you to pick out special chapters for special
      occasions or desires.  For example, to enrich a marriage, listen to the
      marriage of Rama and Sita, or to cultivate important partnerships, listen
      to Rama's devoted partnership with Hanuman.  Many sections of the Ramayana
      are purported to yield various auspicious results such as these.

      I promise you that these Ramayana audio tapes will be a most special gift
      to yourself, your family, or anyone who desires the inspiration of the
      world's most enlightening hero--Rama.


      Michael Sternfeld, Producer
      P.S.  You can listen to excerpts from the Ramayana on audio on our
      Website:  http://www.RamayanAudio.com .
      The unabridged Ramayana of Valmiki on audio cassette in 3 volumes:
      Volume I--Bala & Ayodhya Kandas--14 ninety-minute cassettes--$98.00
      Volume II--Aranya, Kishkindha & Sundara Kandas--16 ninety-minute cassettes
                      --$99.95 (available December 2000)
      Volume III--available in 2002
      Available from Vedic Audio Knowledge (VAK)
      To order:  Call 1-888-867-4396  (International callers: 641-472-8697),
                      Or order at:   www.RamayanAudio.com
                      Fax:  641-472-8697
                      Mail:  306 E. Madison, Fairfield, IA 52556