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88Reposting August Supplementary issue

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  • sarat chander
    Aug 22, 2001
      Dear friends,

      I have received some mails informing that many have
      not been able to print the issue, or other problems.
      I had not embeded the fonts earlier while converting
      it to pdf. Nevertheless, the same has been done to
      facilitate a clear image and proper printing.
      Besides, I have also taken time to refine my article
      and also add a little more to it as the earlier one
      was just done in a very short duration while handling
      other important jobs in office. While admitting that
      it can be written endlessly on Sri Ganesh, whatever
      little has been written will open the minds of all
      towards focussed prayers and pursuits in life. To
      this end, I pray to Lord Sri Ganesha to bestow his
      blessings on one and all for a hindrance free and
      enlightening path on this Ganesh Chaturthi day.

      I have, now uploaded the file on the jyotish news site
      of yahoogroups which can be accessed with the
      following url:

      you can downloaed the file from here now.

      Hare Rama Krishna!
      In the service of Sri Jagannatha!

      With regards,
      Sarat Chander
      Honorary Mng. Editor

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