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Korean Scholarship program for Activist.

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  • CHAN Beng Seng
    Master of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO Studies (MAINS)   http://before.skhu.ac.kr/Main/Homepage/Eng/E05_01.aspx The program of Master of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO
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      Master of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO Studies (MAINS)

      The program of Master of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO Studies started in 2007. Its multidisciplinary curriculum, and combination of academic and practical teaching is unique in the field of studies on social changes, non-governmental organizations and civil society. MAINS is offered by SungKongHoe University in collaboration with such institutions as the ARENA. The curriculum covers a wide range of current issues from both regional and global perspectives, placing a special focus on the development of solidarity among civil society participants.

      MAINS is intended for those who have been contributing, or have the potential to contribute, to more equitable social changes in Asia. Benefiting from both academic and practical resources in SungKongHoe University, MAINS offers intense and flexible preparation for those seeking leadership and development skills in civil societies in Asia.

      - Undergraduate degree (preferably in social science, not a must)
      - Experiences generally in the non-profit or non-governmental sectors in Asia.

      Full or partial scholarships may be given to qualified students.
      Those from developing countries in Asia have priority for scholarships

      Course Nature

      MAINS is an alternative international and social studies programme taught in English with professional and practical focus in Asia. The programme particularly encourages applications from international students and Korean citizens with experiences of non-governmental activities in Asia. MAINS offers an advanced and intensive programme, with teaching methods based on individual self-research, mutual learning by students and thematic approaches. Reading and writing as well as debating and interacting with field groups are strongly emphasized.

      Course Structure

      MAINS is a 18-month (including 6months for field work and thesis writing) program consisting of compulsory courses, optional courses, and a thesis, making up a total of 26 credits. Class schedules run from one term to the next with a 10-day break in between. Each term has a varied number of sessions. Some courses may be taught intensively by visiting lecturers.

      Core Courses

      • Tutorials with academic director
      • A Seminar on Asian NGOs
      • Research Methodology and Thesis Writing
      • Understanding / Experiencing in Korean Society
      • Thesis Writing

      Elective Courses
      * Not all elective courses are available each year.

      • Culture, Society and Film
      • Critical Peace Studies and International Relations
      • Social Problems and Social Movements
      • Global poverty
      • NGO Management
      • Politics of Development in Asia
      • Democracy and Democratization in Asia
      • Human Rights, Theory and Practice
      • Conflict and Rebuilding Peace in Asia
      • Korean Society and Its Change
      • Modern Korean History and the Process of Past dealing
      • Global Asia Feminism
      • Internship
      • Regional School

      Special Programmes (non-credit courses)

      • Korean Language


      All students are required to write a thesis or an equivalent research report on a topic related to social changes and non-profit/governmental sectors in Asia. Applicants are strongly encouraged to define their research interests prior to the start of the program. Students are expected to start working on their thesis/report proposal from the first term, under the guidance of academic director and, later, of individual supervisor. In the third term, students should be able to defend their thesis/report proposal. The fourth term is devoted mostly to the thesis/report writing, including field work, data collecting, etc. The thesis is written during the 'thesis writing period' after the completion of fourth term, and then submitted by the end of the thesis writing perid.


      * This schedule is only applied to foreign applicants.
      * Application schedule for Korean students will be noticed by the end of October. 2012 on the main website of Sungkonghoe University. (Korean version)


      ProcedureDeadlinesHow to
      Submission of All Required Application Materials10.17(Mon) – 11.18(Thu)by post mail
      Announcement of Admission12.2(Fri)on website
      Notification of Admission12.5(Mon) - 12.9(Fri)by email
      OrientationFebruaryto be noticed


      * All the application and required documents should be sent by post mail to following address.
      The office of Graduate School, Sungkonghoe University 4F Seoungyeonguan
      1-1 Hang-dong Guro-gu, Seoul Korea. 152-716 

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